Big Bro

Hello, I guess I should tell you about myself... I am looking for my brother that is a band-member of a band called 'One Direction'. I've found him, now I live with him, and with the other band-members, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, and Niall Horan. You see... I kind of have a crush on one of them, and I don't know if he likes me back... I mean - he is very cute, but... I'm pretty sure he likes someone else, which hurts me, because he always talks about her... And here I am now, trying to figure out who he likes without getting hurt like before...


2. You Can Trust Us, So Take Off That Mask


Niall's POV:

I wake up to find Alice's head on my chest. I remember last night. She came over to my room, to ask if she could sleep with me because she said she couldn't sleep alone. 

That's what confuses me. Why would she come over asking me to let her sleep here? She was totally different from the time she introduced herself to us. When she introduced herself, she was quiet, and seemed very distant, and mature. But last night, it was like a totally different person. From someone so quiet to an innocent and fragile girl. 

I take a look at the clock, and realize it's 8:30. I was about to move, but remembered that Alice is on me. I didn't want to wake her, so I plopped my head back onto the pillow. 

Her face was so peaceful. She had pale skin, but a tad tanned. Her small plump pink lips that. Her brown hair spread all over my chest, front bangs just above her eyes. 

Alice stirred, then slowly woke up. She sat up rubbing her left eye, looking at me with pure innocence. She was fully awake now, but fell back on my chest. 

"Good morning, Baby. You sleep well?" I ask, looking down at her.

She looked up, her sky blue eyes shining happily, and nodded, "Yes I did, and thank you."

She fell silent again, this time, putting one of her delicate hands on my chest.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

"Listening to your heartbeat." She replied, as she drew circles  on top of where my heart is.  

She then sat up and took my hand in hers and placed it on her chest. I could feel her heartbeat, it was nice and steady.

I looked back at the clock, it was 9:00AM now. 

"Alice..." I say.

"Hm?" She asks.

"C'mon, let's get up and change for breakfast." I reply.

She nodded, then got off the bed and walked off to her room. I threw on a T-Shirt, and pants, then walked off to her room. 

I knocked on her door and I heard a, "Come in."   I opened the door to see Alice, all dressed. (Alice's Outfit:

"Well ready?" I ask.

She nods and skips to me holding her Black Ruched Wedge Ankle Boots. I take her other hand, we walk down stairs. 

Once she sees Louis, she lets go of my hand, and runs to him. 

Louis chuckles, and pats her head, "Good morning, Niall, Alice." 

"Morning." I reply, as she nods her head.

Alice skips into the kitchen, Louis looks straight at me. 

He comes over and asks, "Did Alice come over to your room last night?"

"Yeah, she did. She said she couldn't sleep alone." I reply.

Louis nods, and says, "OK. C'mon, let's go eat now."

I nod my head happily and skip into the eating table.  Liam, Harry, and Alice walk out of the kitchen, holding plates of bacon, eggs, and toast. Talking happily, as they came over. 

"Can someone wake Zayn up?" Liam asks.

"I'll do it." I say. 

I look over at Alice, she looks back at me and nods. She skips to me, taking my hand and starts dragging me up the stairs. 

"Shhh, OK?" I say, as we stop at Zayn's door. She nods, her eyes shining with mischief.  I slowly open the door, and creep in, with Alice trailing behind me. I look back her, and I notice the devilish smile, on her face. 

"What do you have on your mind?" I ask/whisper.

"We're gonna mess up his hair, then I'll scream something to wake him up, then..." She said, rubbing her delicate hands together.   

"Then, BOOM!" I finish.

Alice skips into Zayn's bathroom and comes out with a comb. She runs back into her room and comes back with pink, and green hair spray. She looks like a villain   now, from one of those cartoons. But of course, a gorgeous looking villain . Alice hands me the pink hair spray, as she starts to shake up the green one.

She starts spraying the green stuff onto Zayn's hair, I do the same. She starts giggling, but tries to stop herself. I find myself giggling along with her as well. 

The Brunette takes the comb, and starts messing up his hair. After that she whispers, "Hide all the hair spray, and the comb."

I nod, and put all of the things away, then come back to Zayn's room. She holds up one finger.



Then Alice screams, "OH MY GOD!!!!! ZAYN!!! WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL HAIR?!?!?!?!?" 

With that, all the boys come rushing through Zayn's door, saying all in unison,"What happened?!?!" 

Once they realized what was going on, they started snickering. Zayn shoots out of bed, and zooms to the bathroom.

"Anytime now... 5" I say.

"4..." Harry says.

"3..." Louis follows.

"2..." Liam continues.

"1..." Alice finishes.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" A high pitch voice screams. 

Zayn zooms back into the room, glaring at all of us, pointing his finger between us. 

"WHO DID THIS?!?!?!? HAH?!?!" Zayn roars.

Louis, Liam and Harry are on the floor laughing their heads off, while Alice is... Well, putting on the I-Am-So-Innocent-And-I-Don't-Know-What-Just-Happened face, and me? Well I'm on the floor... Rolling back and forth... Yeah... You get what I mean...

Zayn is huffing, from anger. I mean, you can practically see the steam coming out of his ears.   Priceless.

We all get off the floor, and we cling to Alice, while she stands the completely still, with the Did-Something-Just-Happen?-Because-I-Wasn't-There-To-See-What-Was-Going-On face. Liam and Harry clung to her legs, Louis on her waist. I wrap my arms around her shoulders and rest my chin on her head. 

"You...! You...! You two did it!!" Zayn said angrily. Pointing at me and Alice. 

Liam, Harry, Louis and I let go of Alice, as she walks towards Zayn. She hugs him, which surprises  him.   

"We're sorry, Zayn. Will you forgive us?" Alice said. Using her puppy eyes on Zayn. I swear, that girl has some very big, and cute puppy eyes. I bet that technique works all the time, because I can hear Zayn gulp.

Her puppy eyes gets bigger every second, then, "Fine!" Zayn says, sighing, during the process.  

Alice skips back and takes Louis and my hand, and says, "C'mon, we got yummy breakfast to eat."

She drags Louis and I down the stairs, and makes us sit down, before giving us each a plate of bacon, egg, toast, and milk. She soon  serves Harry, Liam and now calm Zayn, then herself.  

I shove all the food into my mouth then manage to let out, "Morf pweaseeee, ish weally yumfy!!!" (More please, it's really yummy)

"Geez, Nialler, you need to eat slowly." Liam says.  

I swallow and mumble, "Sorry."

Alice puts more food onto my plate, then goes back to her own food. 

"Fanksh, Alish!" I say, while shoving food back into my own mouth. 

After we've eaten, Louis says, "OK Alice, let's play a game to let the guys know more about you, and you know more about the guys."

We all nod, and sit down on the ground in the lounge room, in a circle. 

"OK, me first," Harry said, "Alice, how old are you?"

"17." She replies. We all nod. 

"How old are you? Big Bro, I don't know your age..." Alice asks.

"18." Harry says.

"I'm 19." I say.

"I'm 19, too." Liam said.

"19." Zayn said.

"Well, sister dearest, I - the great Louis the Tomo Tomlinson, am now 21!!" Louis says happily. Alice giggles at his childish antics, then it was Zayn.

"What hair products do you use?" Zayn asks.

She laughs, but doesn't answer.

My turn. 

"Alice do you like food?" I ask enthusiastically .

She nods furiously, causing us to chuckle.

Liam's turn. 

"Alice, why are you the opposite of Louis? I mean he's so loud and childish, and you're so quiet..." He asks. 

Then Alice turns silent. She crawls into Louis' lap, and sits there. 

"She's shy at first when she first meets people. Once she feels she can trust you, she opens up. A lot. And when she does, she can be a handful. She's more hyper than me, believe it or not." Louis answers. 

We all stare at her in disbelief. 

"Unfortunately," Louis continues, "She can't open up to anyone, but me. Because of that incident. She used to be very happy and outgoing, she had the highest marks out of everything she did. And what encouraged her to do her best at all subjects was her best friend. It was a boy, he used to stand up for her, whenever she got picked on, because she got the highest marks, and became a teacher's pet. She realized that she was in love with her best friend, and told me all about it. She told me everything. The day she told me she was going to confess that she had feelings for him, was the worst day of her life. She turned up at his house and knocked the door. No-one answered, so she let herself in."  

Louis took a breath, and kept going, "She heard some strange sounds coming from his bedroom, so she went there and opened the door. When she opened it, her nightmares came true. It was her best friend, having sex-"

Alice cringes at that word, Louis rubs her back soothingly and tells her it's alright. She nods, and gasps as if she was having trouble breathing, clutching her shirt near where her heart was.

"Keep going, Louis." Alice gasps out.

Louis nods, and keeps on going, "With the leader of the bullies. They saw her and stopped, he came up to her and said, he was pretending to stand up for her, and that he only used her to get what he wanted. And what he wanted, was to get the leader of the bullies attention. She looked back at the girl on the bed, and saw her smirking. She ran home and locked herself in her room for months, she wouldn't eat, talk or even go to school. Now you would think that she's over-reacting, but she is very sensitive and emotional. She didn't let mom or dad in, only me, but believe me, she was crying so, much that it took me hours to convince her to eat. Once she got over it, she moved to Japan, to study there, and that was when I took the audition. When she made her decision  to move, I knew that she was not going to be the same anymore..."   

We all stared at Louis and Alice. She was clutching his shirt, and we could hear her soft sobs. She then started to wail, now. She was shaking, and trembling so much that we thought she would break. 

Liam, Harry, Zayn and I were all rubbing her back, whispering soothing words for her, as she kept crying. Louis gently lifted Alice up, and placed her in Zayn's lap. She instantly, wrapped her arms around his neck, and kept crying. It was like that, Zayn lifted her up, into Harry's lap. Harry lifted her up into Liam's lap. Then Liam lifted her up and placed her into my lap. She gripped onto me so much that when I move, she would move with me. 

She later fell asleep in my arms, so I placed myself onto the couch, Alice still clinging onto me. The other lads were settling themselves down on the couch as well. 

"I can't believe that bastard would do that to such a sweet girl!!" Zayn growled .

"He's a lowlife! She deserves better! She's a human for fuck's sake! Humans have feelings!!" Liam snarled.

"...!! He should die, for all I care!!" Harry sneered. 

"I'm the only one she trusts. I have a feeling that she's starting to trust you too, Niall." Louis said.   "

Well how are we gonna let her know that she can trust us? I mean I love her already, as a sister of course, and we've only just met her!" Liam said.

"I love her as a sister too." Zayn nods.

"Me too." Harry says after.

"I think, I love her more than a sister..." I say.

Everyone looks at me and smiles. 

"Niall, if you love her more than a sister. Don't tell her that you love her more than a sister, OK? Give her clues of herself, but don't make the clues too obvious." Louis says.

I nod, then say, "Why?" 

"Because if she has feelings for you too, which is very likely, considering that she takes your hand, and sleeps with you and stuff, she will think that you like someone else and try to figure out who you like. If you keep talking about her, Alice might get jealous and try to get your attention, by sleeping with you every night, always holding your hand, and  other stuff." Liam says. 

Louis, Zayn and Harry all nod their heads, agreeing with Liam.

"So Louis, I like Alice, and she might like me back... You don't mind?" I ask.

"Nope," Louis answered, popping the 'p', "As long as you don't break her heart, and hurt her, like that bastard did."

"I won't." I reply.

"Good." Zayn, Harry, Liam and Louis said in unison.

Alice stirs, then wakes up. She sits up and rubs her eye with one arm. (Like this: Alice always wake up like this~ >x< Cute way to wake up huh?)

"Alice..." Liam starts off.

"When will you trust us?" Harry finishes.

"..." Alice looks down, then plants herself onto my lap.

"I guess you want me to trust you, huh?" Alice whispers.

Everyone, but Louis nods. 

"On one condition." She says.

"OK." We all say, but Louis.

"Keep him away from me, no make sure he doesn't come near me at all, or see me, OK? I heard that he's coming over here to do something." She asks.

We all nod in agreement.  

She sighs then looks at Louis and he nods.

"OK, I trust you..." She says. 

Liam, Zayn and Harry all hugs her, then Louis screams, "GROUP HUG!!!" 

OK, the group hug was around me and Alice on my lap. Yup. 

After that Louis announces  that Alice will be moving into my room. Yup. MY room.   

After I finish moving her stuff to my room, I said, "Alice, do you want to go shopping?"

She nods, and says, "I won't be a burden?" 

"No! Of course not!" I say.

"OK, then." She replies. 

"C'mon! Put on your shoes, I'll go tell the lads. Be right back 'kay?" I ask.

She nods, and I go tell the lads to get ready. 

"Oi, Liam!" I say.


"Tell Harry, Louis and Zayn to get ready. We're taking Alice shopping."

"OK." Liam replied.

I walked back into our room to see Alice all dress and ready to go. She looked gorgeous, although she tends to wear black clothing, not that I'm judging her. But I think wearing black clothing for her - calms her down. (Alice's Outfit: Yes, I know, Alice tends to wear a lot thigh socks, because I wear them too, so I hope you don't mind)

I hold out my hand, and say, "Ready?" 

"Ready." Alice replies, taking my hand, and we walk down stairs to see the lads already there, waiting for us. 

We get into the car, Louis driving. Alice on my lap, because not enough room. Even though she's on my lap, she doesn't let go of my hand. She just sits there and stares out the window.    Once we get there, we all, except for Alice, puts on shades, and our hoodies. Alice still won't let go of my hand, but hey, it's not like I'm complaining. I kind of like it. We go into a few shops, and each buys her something, and now, we're at a cafe, ordering drinks. I feel Alice tense up, and I ask, "What's wrong?"

She doesn't answer. I look at Louis, he's glaring at someone. A boy to be exact.

 He approaches us.

She squeezes my hand. I squeeze back, to let her know that I'm here for her.


Tightens grip.




Shaking, and tightens grip even further.

"Why hello, Alice..." A cocky voice greets us. 

Alice clutches my sleeve, Louis stands in front of her.

Covering her from the sight of him. 

"Hello, Louis..." He says, again, with a sick cocky tone.

She's trembling, grips my hand and shirt harder. Tears start forming in the corner of her eyes.   "Derek/D-D-Derek." Louis and Alice said in unison, pure disgust filled their voices.   "

Now, now that's not how you talk to your best friend, Alice... That kind of tone you're using is hurting my feelings..." Derek said, faking the pained expression.

"Why are you here?" Louis spat in disgust.

"I'm here for Alice..." Derek replied.        

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