Fall for you

His hot breath tickled down my neck giving me shivers, as we sat on the edge of the doc, looking out at the sea. "We can stay like this forever." Harry said in his husky tone of voice, "I wish I could but, god said my time is expired." I said shearing a few tears, as I stared at my feet, dangle into the water. "I won't let that happen." He said pulling me in under his big warm coat. Read to find out this tragic love story, that was ended when god said 'times up.'


2. Meeting us

Harrys POV: My eyes shot open at the piercing sound, of someone repeatedly knocking at my door, "mmm" I grumbled, "Morning Bub, its time to get up i've made some french toast for you." Mom chimed in her cheery, happiness. "Okay, thanks Mom." I said in my husky tone, smirking at her, as she quietly shut the door, in order so I could get ready. I sat on the edge of my bed, and ruffled my hair up, letting my curls fall freely where ever they pleased. I calmly, casually walked over to my wardrobe picking out black baggy jeans, a white tee shirt and converses. I looked in the mirror admiring my curls, when I came back to my senses, "Oh, right..." "Breakfast." I said calmly jogging down stairs, fetching a plate of, french toast. I sat down at the bench and effortly started eating, before long I had finished, "Thanks Mom." I said before planting a kiss on her cheek. I jogged back up stairs to clean my teeth. "See ya Mom!" I said before pulling her into a nice hug. "wait!!!" Gemma called running into my arms. I chuckled, "see you Gemma."  I climbed into my audi and pulled out of the drive way. next stop, college. Argh.


 I pulled up in a carspace, before turning off the ignition. Another year of college, how fun? Do you sense my  sarcasm? "Are you getting out mate?" My mate Louis said tapping on the window. "Yeah...." I groaned dragging the word on. "Hows your summer brake been?" He asked tossing me a can of deodorant. "Boring." I replied simply tossing the can back to him. "Girls?" He asked teasingly, slightly punching me in my muscular bicep. I blush, "Actually no." I said truthfully. "I wish there was." I thought to myself. I push my locker door open shoving my bag into the cramped box, and forcing The door closed. "Hey Lads! Hows the brake been?" Liam said patting Lou and I's backs. "Boring." I said answering the same question. Let me help you out here, me and my mates are the most popular guys at this school. So all the girls fall for us. I guess you could say, i've had my fare share of girlfriends. There is Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn and myself. "see you guys." I said walking towards, my homeroom. "Have fun with Miss Harris!" Niall shouted teasingly. "Oh I will." I mumbled lying.


Miss Harris was the most annoying person on earth. "Late again Mr Styles?" She said looking up from her floral pink clipboard. She always used my last name, it made me cringe when she said it. She raised her eyebrow. "mmm" I mumbled, "Pardon?" She asked in a smart ass voice, "Yes sorry Miss. Harris." I said lying again. "Its not a good way to start the year is it, Mr Styles?" She asked in an annoyed tone. Great first muck up of the day. 


Lunch time came around really quickly. "How was Homeroom?" Zayn said wrapping his arm around my shoulder smirking. "She used my Last name again." I grumbled Rolling my eyes. "Lol, Mr. Styles!" Zayn said laughing. We met up with rest of the boys in the cafeteria. I sat down at our table before starting to enjoy my lunch. "How was the embarrassment this morning?!" Ethan asked. Ethan was up there with one of the worst human beings EVER! He was as bad as Miss Harris. I will tell you why I hate Ethan. He bashed up my old girlfriend, then she left the school scared of him, and didn't bother telling me 'goodbye or what happened.' I still haven't got my revenge on him yet, I planning on doing it when he least expects it. He hangs out with us because his a loner and has no friends. Its a wonder why. If I had a dollar every time I wanted to punch him, i'd be a millionaire, i'd be more richer than the queen herself. Lets just say they are the two people I don't get along with. 


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