Don't Let Me Sink (( Narry Fanfic)) [On Hold]

Paring: Narry (( with a bit Ziall, Larry,Lilo, and Zerrie too )) -Not Famous-

Ever since a horrid moment that happened to Zayn it caused him to abuse his boyfriend Niall endlessly. No matter how much Niall loves Zayn he can't help but want to die. So one night when Zayn leaves, Niall goes to the bridge about to jump off but what happens when a boy with curly hair and emerald green eyes comes to his rescue?


20. Zayn.

I never wanted to be the bad guy.

Sure, how I dress, act, and look gave off that expression - but trust me. I never wanted to be the bad guy. In my opinion, I don't think anyone wants to be the bad guy. Just something inside you makes you become the bad guy when you never intend to be one. 

I was always the quiet one in my family. Everyone else would be outside when I rather be inside reading or doing something to keep my mind occupied. It could be from staring at the wall to drawing in seconds. I just never liked going outside to play with the other kids. At first, my mother thought she had done something that made me become like this. She was always the one to blame everything on her part of the story. One of the things my father fell in love with.

When I tried explaining to her that she didn't do anything, she wouldn't believe me. Thanks to me never going out, we ended up moving more then we needed to. Finally, my father but his foot down and said we weren't moving anymore. He said that I was almost 14, and I haven't made a single friend yet thanks to all the moving. 

I loved him for that.

Once I turned 15, we ended up staying in Bradfod. It was close to my grandparents house. I loved my grandfather. More then my own parents. He was the only one who truly understood me. It still upsets me to talk about him - so I won't go into full detail about it. 

My grandfather knew about my sexuality a long time ago. I was surprised when he accepted me. He was religious  in sorts of ways that the mention of 'gay' would probably bring him weak to his knees. Thankful he didn't.

When I told him, he promised he wouldn't tell anyone - and he lived up to that promise till the day he died. I remember when I went to him for advice about Niall. Gosh Niall. He was beautiful. I wished our meeting would have been better instead of a football being kicked at me in the end but fate does..... unexpected things, wouldn't you say?

I wanted to talk to Niall, but of course my shyness got the best of me. Instead of talking to him up front, I watched him from a far. Sounds kind of creepy, but I couldn't help myself; He was just that breathtaking. 


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