Don't Let Me Sink (( Narry Fanfic)) [On Hold]

Paring: Narry (( with a bit Ziall, Larry,Lilo, and Zerrie too )) -Not Famous-

Ever since a horrid moment that happened to Zayn it caused him to abuse his boyfriend Niall endlessly. No matter how much Niall loves Zayn he can't help but want to die. So one night when Zayn leaves, Niall goes to the bridge about to jump off but what happens when a boy with curly hair and emerald green eyes comes to his rescue?


28. Twenty-Three.

Just along the broad walk, you could hear someone humming ‘Isn’t She Lovely.’ quietly to themselves. It was as if that person was in the best state of their entire life - which they were.

  Right now, Harry felt like he was on top of the world. Just earlier, he had sold almost all of the needed books out of the local bookstore he worked at, along with a few extras. Thanks to Hanna, his coeworker, he was able to leave work early.   

While he was walking Harry couldn’t help but have the biggest smile on his face as he walked towards the Little Coffee shop his crush was working at. Of course, it was more then a ‘crush’ considering the other fellow shared metrul feelings with him. It was just the fact that both of the boys weren’t ready for an actual relationship yet considering their past lifestyle.  

As Harry walked by he watched all the little girls dance along the park benches with their family. It was almost a tradition in this city, dancing in the park with your love you despite the age difference. It was pretty adorable to Harry.   

Almost an hour had passed before Harry finally reach the coffee shop Niall worked out. He took a deep breath and walked inside hearing the china bell go off signaling another customer was here.    The rich smells coming from the kitchen bought memories back into Harry‘s mind. He remembered it so clearly, it was like it was yesterday.    




   “So.. what your saying is you l-like me?” Harry stumbled. Right now, Harry and Niall were sitting inside a booth at a Coffee Shop that was close by their house. It was two days since Niall admitted his feelings towards Harry and neither of the boys had said anything about it until Harry suddenly asked if he wanted to go get a drink.   

Niall nodded his head, afraid he would say the wrong thing. He wanted to tell Harry when he first realized his feelings for him but he didn’t want to bring up past memories.   Especially when it consisted Louis cheating on him.    

The two boys soon fell into silence. They didn’t know whither they should sit and wait for the other to begin to talk, or actually bring up what was on their mind.    

Harry sat back and felt his hands grab onto the legs hopping Niall couldn’t tell that he was shaking on the inside. He was shaking for dear life. He wanted to begin a new life with Niall - one that would actually have happiness and laughter for him - but oh was he terrified. He was scared that Niall would turn into Louis. Even if Niall promised that he wouldn’t go that low, somewhere deep inside him he knew it would be best to keep his walls up in case.   

 Just in case. Niall took another bite out of his hamburger. He knew this was a bad idea. What kind of fool would kiss someone when they were still moaning over the fact that their old partner had cheated on them?! ‘Stupid. Stupid!” Niall shouted at himself. He took a peak at Harry and felt a blush creep onto his face. He knew he was wrong for kissing Harry that night, but he couldn’t help but think that he was the reason Harry threw the old razors away.  

  “Uh... you sure you don’t want anything to eat?” Niall said breaking Harry’s trance. “I’m fine.” Harry lied. Actually, he was starving. It was as if his stomach was clawing at him, begging him for something. He carefully wrap his arms around his stomach and smiled at Niall. “I’m not hungry.” Of course Niall knew he was lying, but he didn’t want to force Harry into eating anything. “Alright... but just in case“ Niall said pushing his plate of fries closer to Harry.    

Harry looked at the plate of fries and back up at Niall. ‘He knows...’ Suddenly, Harry hand flew to the plate and grabbed a handful, stuffing his face with joy of having something slide down his throat. He felt himself go bug eyed when he heard Niall chuckle to himself.   

 “What?” Harry said. He couldn‘t help but watch as Niall eyes seem to be brighter as he laughed. In all honestly, to Harry it felt like he was in the ocean watching Niall‘s eyes.   

“Nothing. Your just so cute.” Niall admitted looking down at his hands. Harry couldn’t help but blush at the comment Niall had made. 

   ‘He called me cute...’   

“H-Hey Niall?” Niall looked up a Harry fighting with himself. His face clearly showed if he should ask the question on his mind or ask it another time. “What is it Harry?”    


“Whoa. Whoa. Whoa there Styles. Repeat that a lil more slow, yea?”   

Harry face grew even more red. Why did he have to be so damn afraid? “Well... it’s just.. I was wondering... when did you start to like me?”   

Niall cleared his throat. He knew this was the one question that was bound to be ask. He was just hoping it would be for another time. ‘Well here goes.’    

“Remember the day you walked in on me singing?”    “That Miley Cyrus song?”Niall nodded.    Harry felt his face go into confusion. What did his singing have to do with him falling in love with him?“What does that have to do with anything?”  

 “Hold on. Hold on. Let me finish first.” Niall said in his defense. “After you caught me, you smiled. It wasn’t just a realgular smile either. It was the one where you couldn’t control yourself. Where your eyes light up like it was a firefly... I was just amazed that I’m surprised that I didn’t do anything stupid... I just... I couldn’t help myself. I finally realized that I deeply cared about you Harry... I probably sound stupid right now don’t I?”  Niall looked up to find Harry staring at him in awe.    

Suddenly, Harry got up from the his side of the booth and slid into the one Niall was in. He looked foreword and could feel his heart racing. ‘It’s alright.. It’s alright.” He stopped facing the wall and look directly at Niall. “I’m sorry... but I just couldn’t help myself anymore.” Harry smiled down at Niall and kissed him. 


  *End of Flashback*          

Harry smiled at the memory. He would never forget the look on Niall’s face when he bent down and kissed him. It was a combantion of shocked and happiness combined into one. And only Niall could make that look as adorable as he did.

    Harry then looked around taking in everyone’s present state. With the annual Zoo party happening in about two hours, The Little Coffee Shop was packed. Shockingly, Harry was able to squeeze through to get to the counter. He then took a seat and felt like a little kid again wiggling around in circles. He watched as people look at him funny and how others giggled along with him. What made it even more funnier was that Harry didn’t really care what anyone here had to say. He just wanted to see Niall.   

 ”Oi! Harry, is that you!” A voice shouted. Harry looked up and felt a smile take his lips. The person who had spoken walk towards Harry and let out a whistle. “Damn Styles, you just keep growing on me huh?”  

“You just saw me yesterday!”   

“Still! You need to stop getting taller then me! Your gonna make the girls fun away!”  

“Josh. How am I going to make them run away if I’m not even interested in them?”  

The face Josh gave made Harry almost fall over his chair in fits of laughter. “I worry about you, ya know?” Harry joked. “Ya. Ya. Everyone does.” Josh dismissed. “Anyways, Niall getting an order from a table.” Harry nodded. “It’s fine. I have to use the bathroom anyways. Talking with you made me remembered about the drinks I had earlier.”  

“Oh god, please don’t take a number two! I have bathroom duty tonight.” Harry smirked. “Then I’ll personally desgine the bathroom into something new just my joshy.”  

“I know where you live styles!”   

Harry rolled his eyes as he walked away from Josh towards the bathroom. As he walked, he could feel all the eyes on him. Personally Harry hated himself sometimes. He always gave off such a confident look now a days but actually he really just wants to go home and bury himself in the covers. 

  He finally made it to the bathroom and let a sigh of relief escape his lips. He walked inside a stall and begin to let everything out. God, did it feel good. He was never going to drink that much water again - no matter how hot it is.   

After 10 minutes, Harry walked out the stalls and went to the sink to wash his hands. While washing, he heard the door open and someone walk in. Almost directly led there, the boy went to the sink next to him and started washing his hands as well. Harry couldn’t help but look over to see what he was washing. The boy had mud all over his hands. 

  “God, I hate mud.” the boy mumbled. Harry felt himself chuckle. “Well if you hate mud then don’t go near it. Common sense.”   

“Well aren’t you quite the charmer?” the boy laughed. “It’s kinda hard when the place your at is surrounded by mud.”  

Harry rolled his eyes. “Like that’s an excuse!”   

“Ah, funny.” Suddenly a Coldplay song came from the boys pocket. “Oh shit.. Hey, could you get that for me?”   

“Sure. No problem.” Harry quickly dried his hands on a paper towel and grabbed the boys phone. By accident he clicked the declined button. “Whoops. Sorry there mate.”

  “Oh it’s fine.” The boy dried his hands and took his phone back from Harry. “Anyway your quite funny. We should meet up again! What’s your name?”

  “My name is Harry. And you -” Harry cut his sentence. He felt his hands start to shake and his breath catch inside of him. No... No... It couldn’t be.       Right there in front of him stood Harry’s most hatred enemy.       

    Zayn Malik. 

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