Don't Let Me Sink (( Narry Fanfic)) [On Hold]

Paring: Narry (( with a bit Ziall, Larry,Lilo, and Zerrie too )) -Not Famous-

Ever since a horrid moment that happened to Zayn it caused him to abuse his boyfriend Niall endlessly. No matter how much Niall loves Zayn he can't help but want to die. So one night when Zayn leaves, Niall goes to the bridge about to jump off but what happens when a boy with curly hair and emerald green eyes comes to his rescue?


26. Twenty-One.

In the eyes of Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis, and Zayn; Everything was going perfect as problems subsided for them.    Liam and Louis had finally started dating after Liam surprised him with a visit to the beach one night and it had begun to rain. When Liam kissed Louis, they both realized they had strong feelings for the other. It made it even more spacial because it was their first kiss in the rain.   Zayn and Perrie finally got over their fears. Perrie finally comforted her girlfriend, now ex, after talking about moving things with Zayn. It wasn’t surprising to find Leigh-Anna with someone else, but they both were happy for the other. Zayn got control of his abusive past and actually gotten a job to take care of Perrie and himself.    Liam and Louis were happy with their now relationship. Liam had finally admitted his feelings for Louis after one night at the beach when it begun to rain and he kissed him. They already made two months. Louis stopped getting drunk and actually went to rehab for his problems. He moved in with Liam, and needless to say, they both were happy.   Eleanor moved back to America after cheating on her boyfriend, Josh, with Louis. Before she moved though; she visited Harry one night and told him she was sorry. She knew it wouldn’t do anything to break the ice that came between the two, but she still tried. Harry surprisingly didn’t yell or scream at her like she had hoped. He just said that he was grateful for her coming over and seeing him one last time before she moved, and possibly, he would be able to trust her again in the near future.    As for Niall and Harry, Niall stayed by Harry’s side just like he’d promised. They weren’t  excetly dating, but still showed their love for each other in different ways. Harry once bought Niall over to his house and introduced him to his mother and sister. ‘He’s adorable’, Gemma told him. It was the perfect night, because Harry gave Niall a promised ring, despite them not being a couple.    It was how each of the couple’s dream life had been planned out. Them finding someone that actually loved and cared for them.    Even though they were all happy, they still wished that they could see their old partner. Just to see how things were going, and explain to them why they did what they did.   They just didn’t know that day was coming sooner then they expected.        ~ 
  “When do you think he’ll get here?” Liam asked his coworker Niall. “I don’t know really," he said coolly. “He did mention that he might be late today considering their having a free book sale at the bookstore.”    “I hope I’ll be able to meet him this time.” Liam admitted.    “I think you’ll be able to this time. Let’s just hope he gets here before the party starts.”    Liam and Niall worked at the local coffee shop that’s a street away from the zoo.The zoo always held an annual party every year when summer is about to end. The crowd always loved going to it because it was a free chance to see all the animals instead of paying to enter. Thanks to this, the coffee shop always got customers due to the blazing sun and the drinks cost at least 5 pounds.
“Oy! If you two don’t start working, I’m going to take someone’s paycheck!” Their friend  Josh shouted.   The two boys laughed at the comment. Once Niall and Liam met, they had bounded quicker then most of the other workers. They would always be caught chatting with each other. From someone’s else point of view it almost looked like they were dating - but Liam already had a boyfriend that worked at the zoo.    “Yes captain.” Niall said, making them both laugh.    Niall rushed off to the kitchen, while Liam headed towards table 14 to get the orders. It was a group of college girls that giggled when they saw Liam. He tried his best not to roll his eyes. This always happened to him when he was working. It was the main reason why Louis dreaded him working there in the first place. Just the fact of horny girls flirting with him made him feel like Liam would break up with him, and spend time with a girl.    “What can I get you?” Liam asked, hopping his voice didn’t show how much he hated to be in this position.    “Uh, can I get a tall glass of some water?” One of the girls asked, licking her lips as she said water. Liam sighed. Was he really that hot because it sure didn’t feel like it.    “Alright. Anything else?” He asked, writing down in his notebook. The girl who ordered the water  looked at her friends and titled her head. “Girls?” She asked snapping them from their gaze one Liam. “Water will do.” A blond said. The rest just nodded their head.   “Okay. Five cups of water. Got it.” he rushed.   Liam went to the back and pressed his hands onto his eyes. This was the third time this week someone had flirted with him. "Another group?" Niall asked already knowing the answer. "The one who ordered fist gave me a 'look' when asking for water. Now do you see why I just stick to guys?" Niall laughed.

"Do you want me to give them the order?" He asked, seeing the dreaded look on Liam's face. "Please. I'll do the dishes for a week."

"Don't worry about it mate! Just tell me if Harry calls will ya?" And with that he walked out to give the girls their order.

Niall knew he wasn't anything special, but he'd wished that the girls Liam were talking about were a bit kinder. When he approached the table shocked crossed through their faces. "Um. Where's the other guy? Ya know the one who took our orders?" a girl snap. "He had to go take care of something." Niall lied easily, setting their drinks down. "Is that it?" 

"No. Actually it is." 

The girls soon started to list out what they all wanted, making sure Niall had what to have on it and what not to have on it. His hand felt like it might fall off as soon as he was done. He looked up from his order and caught the brunette looking at him with close eyes. It took him a moment to realize that he was staring back at her with the same force and emotion. He felt his face flush and looked down at his shoes. A faint laughter came into the air when he looked down.

"I'll uh, be right back." Turning around, Niall almost dashed to the kitchen eager to get away from the girls. He walked back into the kitchen and look thankful that it was Liam standing there by the table. Liam looked up from his phone and creased his forehead. "Is everything alright?" he asked. "Yea, I'm fine. The brunette just made me think of Harry... that's all." He heard Liam sighed in the background, understanding what he meant. 

Liam walked over and squeeze Niall's shoulder. "Don't worry. He'll be here. I know how important this night is to you." 

Right when Niall was about to ask Liam what he was talking about - a thought clicked into him.

He knew?! 

"Wait... How do you know that?!" he was going to ask before Josh came into the room and yelled, "Niall! Go to table 23 and get their order!" 
Niall rolled his eyes. Of course this would happen to him.

"Might wanna go catch that!" Liam smirked. Niall gave him a questioning look, and walked out the kitchen. That was weird.

On his way over to table 23, he couldn't help but feel butterflies all over his stomach. He knew something was bound to happen today - but he just didn't know  what. The  fact of him not knowing what was going on was making him want to kill someone.

He left his thoughts to wonder alone as he saw table 23 coming into view. Automatically, he put on his best smile and walked up to the table and put on his 100 million dollar smile.

"Hi! I'm Niall and what-  bloody fuck."
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