Don't Let Me Sink (( Narry Fanfic)) [On Hold]

Paring: Narry (( with a bit Ziall, Larry,Lilo, and Zerrie too )) -Not Famous-

Ever since a horrid moment that happened to Zayn it caused him to abuse his boyfriend Niall endlessly. No matter how much Niall loves Zayn he can't help but want to die. So one night when Zayn leaves, Niall goes to the bridge about to jump off but what happens when a boy with curly hair and emerald green eyes comes to his rescue?


3. Three.


'C'mon Niall - you can do it. Just jump.' Niall told himself as he stood on the edge between his worst nightmares or the path that would set himself free.On the way to the bridge Niall thought about everything in his life. How he was just a normal lad who loved playing football and some how kicked the wrong person in the head - the person who soon became the love of his life. And also his hell maker. 

 Zayn wasn't the best kid in the school - sure he would always be in the principle office while everyone else was outside playing some kind of sport and would be giving away the ''bad boy'' type of look, but underneath all that hardness was the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. 

From other's peoples eyes, they would say the way how Zayn and Niall met each other it was incredible. How Niall ran to help Zayn when the ball hit him in the face, and how Zayn looked like he was about to punch the Irish lad - before seeing that he was crying despite him not being the one who got hit in the face. 

Ever since that day Niall and Zayn became friends, which lead to best friends, then Zayn finally got the courage to ask Niall on a date. The story goes on and on from there.

'What do you think your doing?! Get it over with before someone finds you! Niall's mind shouted at him 'Don't be afraid Niall. This is your way out - this is your escape from the world that caused you so much pain. Forget everyone and only think about yourself. Just jump.'

"Just jump Niall. Just fucking jump already!" he shouted aloud. "It's not like anyone would miss you..." 

"I would miss you." A voice said all of a sudden. Niall turned around, surprised by the unexpected voice seeing it was night time and almost everyone was inside where it was warm. "What...?" he heard himself say. 

"I said would miss you." The boy said again. Niall, shocked, looked at the boy like he was crazy. "There's no way you could miss someone you haven't even met." 

"Yes there is. I'm about to prove it right now." and with that the curly hair boy took his coat and shoes off before crossing over the edge of the bridge and standing next to the Irish boy. "W-What do you think your doing?! You'll get hurt!!" Niall shouted at him.

"Okay? You saying that isn't going to make me walk away. If you jump, I'll jump after you. 'nough said." he said back without a second thought. 

Niall looked at the boy as if he was crazy - and indeed he was - what kind of stranger would risk their life for someone they never even meet before? 

"Listen. How about we go down to the coffee shop and get something warm to drink, yea? You look like your about to pass out." he heard the boy say. 

Niall looked over to him and got a better look at the boy who was risking his life for his. Curly hair, emerald green eyes along with dimples that show without even smiling. "C'mon lad. Don't do this. Whatever led you to think that killing yourself was wroth it - your wrong. It might seem like hell now but believe me...It'll get better in the end. Trust me." The curly hair boy said without evening knowing that he would be the proof on that fact later in Niall's life. 

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