Don't Let Me Sink (( Narry Fanfic)) [On Hold]

Paring: Narry (( with a bit Ziall, Larry,Lilo, and Zerrie too )) -Not Famous-

Ever since a horrid moment that happened to Zayn it caused him to abuse his boyfriend Niall endlessly. No matter how much Niall loves Zayn he can't help but want to die. So one night when Zayn leaves, Niall goes to the bridge about to jump off but what happens when a boy with curly hair and emerald green eyes comes to his rescue?


29. Note

Okay, I'm going to be quite blunt about this.

I have no motivation to continue this fanfic whatsoever.  And what really sucks is that it's almost over anyways. Or at least I think it is. 

I really feel like this was a very bad fanfiction, but alot of you guys say it's really good but I beg to differ.

So, until I can get some kind of spirit back into me, I'm putting this story on hold until then.


- Rochelle 

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