Don't Let Me Sink (( Narry Fanfic)) [On Hold]

Paring: Narry (( with a bit Ziall, Larry,Lilo, and Zerrie too )) -Not Famous-

Ever since a horrid moment that happened to Zayn it caused him to abuse his boyfriend Niall endlessly. No matter how much Niall loves Zayn he can't help but want to die. So one night when Zayn leaves, Niall goes to the bridge about to jump off but what happens when a boy with curly hair and emerald green eyes comes to his rescue?


5. Five.

"Uh, t-thanks for the coffee mate..." Niall said to Harry. Harry smiled thankful that he was able to convince the Irish lad that suicide wasn't the answer to his problems. "No problem. You deserved it." Niall flinch at the word 'deserved it' since Zayn would always say that to him when he was about to get hit. 

"Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to trigger any pass memories if that's what I did...."Harry said catching on to Niall sudden movements. "Don't. It's not your fault..." was all Niall said before taking a sip from the hot mug in his hands. He looked up and studied the stranger, or Harry as he would prefer to be called, that had saved his life. Not even asking him what caused him to consider suicide, he simply got over the edge and was going to risk his life for someone he never knew. Honestly, Niall was thankful, but at the same time he hated it. Now he would have to go home and face Zayn. The reason to why he wanted to leave the earth. 

"I'm not going to ask why you were going to commit suicide but I would like to know does it have anything to do with those bruises on your arm?" Harry said snapping Niall away from his thoughts. Niall was so busy studying the curly haired boy that he didn't noticed Harry was doing to the same thing. He saw that the blonde boy had bruises on both of his arms. In fact they were everywhere that most people would think he was in a car accident and somehow survived. 

"Oh these?" Niall begun looking down at his arms seeing the black/blue spots on him. "Yea. Their part of the reason to why I was going to kill myself." he answered, surprisingly with ease. "Well...Your welcome to stay at my house until we can settle with your problems, if you would like." Harry said looking up to see Niall already looking at him with such a gaze that Harry had to look back down to cover his face that was suddenly red. "Well...If you don't mind me staying there that is. I'm glad to be in your hands then Harry!" Niall said smiling for the first time in years. 

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