Don't Let Me Sink (( Narry Fanfic)) [On Hold]

Paring: Narry (( with a bit Ziall, Larry,Lilo, and Zerrie too )) -Not Famous-

Ever since a horrid moment that happened to Zayn it caused him to abuse his boyfriend Niall endlessly. No matter how much Niall loves Zayn he can't help but want to die. So one night when Zayn leaves, Niall goes to the bridge about to jump off but what happens when a boy with curly hair and emerald green eyes comes to his rescue?


18. Eighteen.

- Louis P.O.V 


Louis stood in his house staring off into space. Ever since Harry had left him, he had given up on everything  which would explain why the house was in a terrible state. Louis never left the house to get drunk anymore - in fact he never left the house for anything, anymore. The only reason Louis got up was to use the bathroom, take a shower, or go to the supermarket in need of food. 

Louis sighed and turned the telly on trying to distract his mind away from him. He knew he had messed up - big time. What kind of fool with sleep with a girl on their 3 year anniversary?! Look in a dictionary and you'll find Louis smiling up at you. He let a moan escaped from his lips and pushed himself up off the couch, needing something to catch his attention. And he needed it quick. 'Guess I could cook something'  

Louis looked around the kitchen trying to see if anything was good to eat. Sadly, he had nothing to cook with. Louis weighed his options for a bit. He knew if he were to go out in public he would recognize him and he would have to sit there and pretend he missed them to, when in all honesty he didn't. Or he could sit here and wait until the cops came and found his dead body.. 


He picked the first one.


Louis grabbed his jacket off the counter  thankful for taking a shower early and actually washing his clothes, and headed toward the local supermarket down the street. 




Louis watched in amazement how the day he decided to come to the supermarket  every couple that lived in the city wanted to come also. 'Just what I fucking needed' he thought watching how everyone was holding hands with one another  He sighed and felt his heart ache in pain at the thought of how Harry and him used to be like that. "Louis?" A voice whispered snapping his attention from his thoughts. 


He looked up to find Josh standing there. When Louis had faced him he noticed something different about Josh - anger seemed to spill into his eyes. "Hiya Josh." Louis mumbled seeming nervous from some reason. He was never nervous around Josh, after all they were friends, but something told him to stand guard. "How are you?" he asked trying to make conversation. Josh didn't want that one bit. "How am I? I don't know, why don't you explain that to me? After all you did fuck my girlfriend." he snapped. Louis could feel his eyes jump from his eye sockets. Josh and Eleanor were dating? "W-I..  I don't understand." he manged to get out. He took noticed at how everyone that passed by them seem to give them a glance over there shoulder. Ah, so they noticed something was wrong. "Don't play games with me Tomlinson. You fucked my girlfriend." Louis didn't know how to respond. He fucked his girlfriend? Eleanor never mention her dating someone. Let alone that someone being Josh.


"She never mentioned it." Louis admitted feeling guilty at the second. First, he had hurt Harry and now he hurt Josh. Another score on the fucking my love one's live's board for Louis Tomlinson!  "Josh I'm-" Louis begun but was interpreted by a sudden voice that caught both of the boys attention. "Now stop it - both of you! Shouting like that in a family supermarket. If you were real gentlemen you would take the matter outside. Now wouldn't you?" she said eyeing the boys. Louis watched as she turned her heal and walked right into Josh's face before continuing her yelling. "Now as for you! If you really wanted to talk to him about that type of matter you could have called him or at least show up at his house or something. Not in a supermarket where everyone can hear you now? How stupid can you get?" Josh stood there stunned. Who did this girl think she was? "I-I'm sorry. Maybe another time huh Louis?" he muttered eyeing the girl. He gave one last look at Louis, indicating that they weren't finished, and left without another word.


Louis felt himself suddenly relax once Josh was long gone. Without the girl stepping between them, Josh would have surely tried to punch Louis. "Thank you." he said looking at the girl. "No problem. I knew where the yelling was getting at so I thought it would be best to step in ya know? I'm Perrie by the way. " she said holding her hand out. Louis grabbed the hand and let a warm smile reach his lips. "Louis. Louis Tomlinson." 


"Well Louis, I'd best be careful if I were you. Try not to get mix with things that could surely get you in trouble. Trust me." she said, a worried look planted on her face. "Oy! Perrie dear!! Where are you?!" someone shouted. Perrie head went in the direction of the voice, and Louis took noticed how her eyes glow when the voice had said her name. "I'm coming!" she shouted back. She looked at Louis again and gave him another smile, this one filled with love. "Good look Louis." was all she said before taking off.




"Oh, for bloody hell!!" Louis shouted at his car. Right now, he was siting in his car, trying to turn it on when luck decided to be so kind to him, killed his car - which was now filled with smoke. He got out the car and couldn't help but sink down to the floor placing his head into his hands. Today just couldn't get any worse then this. "Need help?" someone asked. Louis groaned and simply nodded his head, not even taking a look over the stranger. Suddenly, he felt someone shake him and pull his head out of his hands. Louis was about to snap at them - telling them that they should not be touching someone they didn't know - when the words were stuck inside his mouth. The man in front of him was so breath taking that Louis had to rubbed his eyes a little to make sure he wasn't dreaming. "You alright there?" he asked seeing Louis mind in a dream state. "Uh... yea, perfect." he said still star struck. The boy smiled and Louis couldn't help but blush as he realized the smile was for him. He look down suddenly finding interest in the pavement. 

"Right then." the boy said standing up. At this moment, Louis took a quick noticed on what the boy looked like. Tall, strong - judging by the muscle showing-   tattoos on his arm, slightly shaved head. Pretty much what a girl would kill for. "Your car not in good shape. If you want I could take you home, and call one of my friends to come back and get your car." he said taking Louis gaze. Louis couldn't mange to figure his words out, so he just nodded again, getting up and starting to get the bags from the car. "I'll help." he heard the boy said and felt a shiver run throw him when he felt the boy stand beside him grabbing some of the bags. 

After getting the bags into his car, and calling his friend asking to pick Louis's car up, they were on their way to his house listening to something similar to Green Day. They both sat in silence, something that Louis hated so so very much, which is why he couldn't help but be the first to speak up. "T-Thank you.. for your help back there." he said looking over. "Ah, it's nothing," he said giving another smile at Louis, "You looked like you needed help so I just gladly walk over and gave it to you. I'm Liam by the way. Liam Payne." Liam Payne, I would have to remember that. "I'm Louis. Louis Tomlinson." Louis said for the second time that day. "Nice to meet you Louis!" Liam said.

The rest of the ride consisted of laughter and talking about their lives with each other. Louis even found out that Liam's girlfriend, Danielle, had cheated on him and they had broken up just a five months ago. "Don't worry," Louis said. A real smile planted onto his lips. "I just got out of a relationship after three years myself." He didn't know what the feeling was catching your love one with someone else - but he knew the pain it bought afterward. The pain of guilt and agony all together in one. 

Liam nodded his head, slightly dismissing the topic, taking a note at the houses along the road. "It's the one with the blue mailbox." Louis said watching Liam trying to figure out which house was which since they all looked alike. Liam pulled the car into the driveway and helped Louis take the bags inside the back way - since the front was so horribly messy Louis didn't want him to see - and unpack everything. "You have a beautiful house Louis." Liam said looking at the kitchen. "Thanks." he said, silently praying he wouldn't ask to go into the living room. "Well. I would love to stay but duty calls." Liam said. "Oh.." was all that came out of Louis's mouth. "Oh, It's fine. I'll walk you out then." 

Louis walked Liam out back to his car and could feel a question rising inside his mouth. No, no it would be rude to suddenly ask for his number...  "Thanks for everything. I really appreciate it." 

"I told you - it was no problem whatsoever. But if you really appreciated it, you would give me your number?" Liam said, adding a wink to the end. Louis could feel his face blush with excitement


"I would love to." 

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