Head Over Heels

Maya was one of those normal girls just waiting to be noticed. A wallflower of sorts. When the day came that a guy finally noticed her, she jumped to the opportunity of having a friend for once. But what she doesn't know is that she has to face the biggest decision of her life- something that could actually mean just that. What will happen when she finds out that she is being used by Emmett to play the biggest games in her life?


3. Interrogation

As soon as we were well out of earshot of the house, the girl, Nessie, grabbed my hand and started dashing for the woods. Dazed, I let myself be towed along while helplessly looking behind me. Emmett was nowhere to be seen. After what seemed like an eternity of running, we arrived at a small little cottage. Nessie opened the door and pulled me past shelves and tables of books and lamps, Jacob closing the door after us and followed along behind. She led me up to a little bedroom that I assumed was her own. I was again confused. "Why don't you live up at the main house with the others?" I asked, finding my voice for the first time. She turned and smiled. "I live here with my parents, Edward and Bella." Seeing the look of confusion on my face, she smiled again. "Don't worry. You'll understand soon." A harsh voice behind me clipped out,"What do you know about the Cullens? And what do you know about fictional creatures?" I explained to him everything that Emmett had told me about Rosalie and his family; that they were all vegetarians of a sort, that they were all "specially talented", and that Rosalie was missing. "So they didn't even tell you the entire story about their species? This is worse than I thought. At least Bella was somewhat superstitous. You probably wouldn't even believe in vampires if they... oh crap!" And with that, he rushed to the window, seized it open and leaped out, landing without so much as a stagger and ran off while beginning to take his shirt off. I turned to Nessie. "Is this normal behavior for him?" She just laughed and replied," yeah, pretty much. He's just freaking out because my mom, I mean Bella, was in the same sort of situation a year ago. I'm not gonna irrterogate you like him, I just have one thing that I'd ask you answer completely and truthfully. What do you know and believe about vampires?"
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