Head Over Heels

Maya was one of those normal girls just waiting to be noticed. A wallflower of sorts. When the day came that a guy finally noticed her, she jumped to the opportunity of having a friend for once. But what she doesn't know is that she has to face the biggest decision of her life- something that could actually mean just that. What will happen when she finds out that she is being used by Emmett to play the biggest games in her life?


9. Final Breaths

We walked for what seemed like eternity in the twisting sandstone halls of the building. Finally, we made it to a set of stairs, which we quickly walked down, our pace becoming more and more urgent as we became closer to our destination. When we reached the end of the stair case, another winding passage followed. The air became thinner and cooler as we delved closer to the heart of the building. Finally, we reached a highly polished set of mahogany and rosewood carved doors detailed with golden wisps of intricate flowers. Bella pushed them open and we stepped inside.

The sight was awesome. At least a dozen vampires stood or sat in various poses around the room, as though waiting, waiting for something interesting to happen. I gazed around, not sure if I was more impressed by the beauty and elegance of the surrounding vampires or the fabulous architecture and stone carvings. I think the part that most surprised me when I shifted my gaze to the desk at the end of he room was the two ladies sitting behind the desk. They were both pretty by human standards, but nothing more, washed out by the room of living artwork. That was when it hit me; they were human, both looking at me with gorgeous indigo eyes. Feeling threatened by the whole situation, I reflexively leaned into Emmett and hugged one of his stone-like arms. He glanced at me reassuringly, and led me out of the room to follow the others.

We stumbled down more passages, these ones much more dark and dank than the last. When we arrived at a set of magnificent ivory and jade doors, I knew that this was it, whether I came out alive or dead, with or without Rosalie. The humans pulled open the doors and ushered us inside. We were faced by the backs of three tall, deep green velventine thrones and a tall, slender blond girl. We walked around to face the occupants of the thrones and the girl beside them. She must be Rosalie.

Alice was the first to speak, directing her words to the middle throne, the one with dark hair and the most violently red eyes I had ever seen. "Aro, we have come for Rosalie. Her presence is greatly missed at home." Rosalie didn't even let Aro begin to respond. "Oh yes, I feel so wanted. It takes you months to come look for me, and when you do find me, you bring this little piece of ugly scum with you, clinging to Emmett. I'll bet she'll end up like Bella, married and knocked up within weeks, dying with some vampire child. And with Emmett for a father, I don't think it could ever respect anything, even the people that raised it." This girl must've been psyco. I wasn't dumb enough to marry a vampire, even if I were crazed with love for him. I had an idea of how dangerous that would be- not that any crazy blond vampire would give a scrawny, frizzy haired, red headed mess like me any credit for it. She continued,"I was always outcasted by everyone. No one ever showed me any respect, and that was all that I craved. No amount of blood could mute that ache of rejection that I always felt. That's why I came here. Because everyone here treats me right, with as much respect as they would anyone with a special talent. And you come demanding my return? Not gonna happen. Especially with the presence of that one. I don't have to have Edward's skill to know that she was supposed to be bait, to make me take pity and want to protect her. But I'm not dealing with another pet. Especially if she's Emmett's." That was when everything got messy.

Rosalie launched herself towards me, teeth bared in an awful grin. "Goodbye, sweet pea. Enjoy your final rest." Emmett dived at Rosalie, but it was too late. She had already pinned me to the floor and whipped my head back with an horribly messy sounding crack. She deflected his charge with just the extension of her hand, pushing him flying into the wall. Two of the vampires in the thrones cackled as they enjoyed the enactment, while the third, older looking one buried his face in his hands. Emmett howled as Rose lowered her head and bit into the flesh of my neck. As my vision began to dim, I saw an angel pull the monster off of me, removing the caving feeling in my chest. As I closed my eyes and let myself be pulled into a different realm, the pulses in my body increased and I was pulled into a dimension of pure pain, like ice, fire, and lightning passing through my body all at once. I tried to fight the dark and pain, to find a cool light, but there was nothing. I let myself become consumed with the pain.
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