Head Over Heels

Maya was one of those normal girls just waiting to be noticed. A wallflower of sorts. When the day came that a guy finally noticed her, she jumped to the opportunity of having a friend for once. But what she doesn't know is that she has to face the biggest decision of her life- something that could actually mean just that. What will happen when she finds out that she is being used by Emmett to play the biggest games in her life?


10. Discoveries

The pain was brutal, worsening by the minute. I couldn't even let out a moan, the pain had my mouth locked. I had faint awareness of motions going on around me, someone hugging me, almost crushing my fragile form, someone laying me on cushions, cool hands brushing my hair off my feverish forehead, someone leaning on me, sobbing. I wanted it all to end. I had lost all will to make it through the excruciating hurts. Why couldn't the angel who tried to save me just have let the other one finish me instead of leaving me in this paralyzed state? After what seemed like eons, the pain lessened, becoming just a dull ache. Was I finally passing on? But I realized, with a stab of horror in my heart, that death wouldn't hurt this much. If I wasn't dead, then what was happening? As soon as I came to that awful thought, a tingling sensation passed up my spine. It spread through my veins, and all of a sudden I was drowning in flashbacks, from memories of the just passed to memories of childhood to, lastly, memories of simple sensations as a toddler. Suddenly, my mind morphed into a blindingly bright white light, and all pain vanished except for a throb in the back of my throat. My senses of smell and hearing came back the extreme, and I heard a voice in my ear,"Come on Maya. You've gotta make it through. You have to. What else do I have if you leave me? Please. Stay with me. Don't let go."
A faint memory stirred inside of me, and I felt my feelings for him magnify to trice what they were as a human. Smiling, I opened my blood red eyes to lock them with Emmett's, the one true thing I needed. I was in such love with him that subconsciously, I gave up my human life for him. I was glad, because now we had eternity to be happy and head over heels in love together.
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