Head Over Heels

Maya was one of those normal girls just waiting to be noticed. A wallflower of sorts. When the day came that a guy finally noticed her, she jumped to the opportunity of having a friend for once. But what she doesn't know is that she has to face the biggest decision of her life- something that could actually mean just that. What will happen when she finds out that she is being used by Emmett to play the biggest games in her life?


1. Blooming

Blooming is the state that begins the opening of all flowers. Daisies, wallflowers, it doesn't matter what type. This is simply the state that I was in when I first met Emmett.
I was a type-A shadow girl. I clung to the walls in the hallways, tried to stay out of everyone's way, and did my school work. As anyone could imagine, I had no friends. I was never invited to hang out after school, go to parties, or even sit at any of the lunch tables. Even the crazy drama kids didn't want me at their table. My mom had me set up in a special tutoring program to try to help me out, but it didn't help much that the other kid never showed up. It all started in January when the other person actually showed up. I was amazed. He was the very one I was afraid of, the tall burly dude in the hallway that looked like he should've been out on the football field. Trembling, I extended a hand and attempted a smile, but my face failed me. The kid began to snort, and before long he was doubled over laughing. "You should see the look on your face! You'd think I had fangs and spat fire or something!" I couldn't help but to laugh helplessly along. I'm not very practiced in these situations, and didn't really know what to say or do. Thankfully, he decided for me. "So," he said with one last laugh, "I'm Emmett." He glanced down at the sheet in his hand. "You must be Maya." I nodded and looked up briefly before returning my gaze again to the floor. "Do you actually know what we're supposed to study this period? I am completely in the dark. Papers can only explain so much." I admitted that I hadn't a clue because no one had ever shown up before. We spent the rest of the time speculating, when he finally looked at his watch. "Gotta dash," he said, and was gone before I could even unlock my jaw to reply.

Soon I began to look forward to these Tuesday lunches. We didn't actually do much Latin or grammar study, which was completely fine by me. We just talked about our families, and I finally learned to open up and trust Emmett. I told him about my horrific social life before him, and he told me many things about his adoptive sister and "soulmate" Rosalie. They were best friends, always studying, reading, dreaming together. One day she claimed that she didn't feel well, and skipped school. When Emmett and his siblings returned that day, she was gone. They searched for her for months before the others decided that something had probably killed her. Emmett refused to believe that, and asked me if I would help him search for her. And me, being the desperate I am, agreed to help.
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