Head Over Heels

Maya was one of those normal girls just waiting to be noticed. A wallflower of sorts. When the day came that a guy finally noticed her, she jumped to the opportunity of having a friend for once. But what she doesn't know is that she has to face the biggest decision of her life- something that could actually mean just that. What will happen when she finds out that she is being used by Emmett to play the biggest games in her life?


4. Awaken

And right about then was when I just shut off and blacked out. Vampires? I mean, my mom always told me to never take anything for granted or disbelieve, but seriously? Why would this chick randomly ask me about vampires when she's clearly the one that knows all?
As forementioned, I blacked out. I don't know how long I was out for, but waking up in a dark room surrounded by a ton of model-esque yellow eyed people is never good for your health. Especially when the one you thought to be your friend is holding your hand and cracking up. Carlisle walked over with an ice pack, which he handed to Emmett and returned to the empty chair beside Esme. All of them were staring at me as though waiting for me to say something. "Just say it, Maya. No one here will judge you for it," Edward said. I spoke up,"If you guys are vampires, then where are your red eyes? Why haven't you already sucked my blood? Why did he bring me here of all people?" Everyone, every single one of them, even the serious scary one, began laughing uncontrollably. Emmett then immpatiently cleared his throat and spoke. "Maya, we think that you might just have the skills and traits we need to find Rosalie. That is, if you're willing to help. Your choice."
"Why did you tell me all of this?" I asked. "Why would you trust me with your secrets?" More laughing followed. "Dear Maya," Jacob said rather sarcastically,"if we didn't tell you, you would've ended up as someone else's afternoon snack. You are just as appealing to their palettes as Bella was. That where I come in on this plan, with my pack IF you decide to help..."
"Your pack?" I asked rather uncertainly. "Yes, my pack. You've surely guessed by now that I'm no blood sucker. Not at all. No, I'm a werewolf. And fortunately I have a female in my pack, and she's also willing to help if it means she can be involved in action. So if you decide not to help, you'll probably have to answer to her too." I uttered two words before fleeing out the door in panic.
"I'm in."
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