Love With No Trust

Megan had just transefered schools and has never been a new kid before. With not knowing anybody only a few days after Christmas in 1st grade. Quickly speeding through Elementary, then middle school, then high school almost ready to head off to collage with her best friend Harry Styles, an opportunity for Harry comes that he cannot pass over. They both put off the collage for awhile to help Harry in the X Factor and to become a singer. Megan and Harry have to go threw many tough times to succeed. But, on their way, how is Harry going to admit to Megan that he loves her, even though now Megan loves another boy....


1. New school, New friendship

"Megan, get in the car!" Mum said. I looked in the direction of the house, and back at the car again. I didn't want to go to a new school, this felt like a death trap. I shook my head at her. She glared at me, I slowly walked toward her with my head down low. She opened the door for me as I went in, she slammed it. I knew she was hurt, but was there something else that I didn't know. My dad left my mum and I only 2 weeks ago, the day after Christmas. I don't know why though, she never did tell me. I looked up at the window, "Here we are", she said. I shivered and started to get goose bumps. Then I opened the car door, and followed mum towards the entrance of the school. Some lady was waiting there for us. She had a black poodle's tail at the back of her head and her hair was greased up, it looked disgusting.

"Hi, I'm Mrs. Fellon". She said shaking my mums head and smiling at me. Mrs? I thought, who in there right mind would Mary her, I asked myself. I just rolled my eyes as we all stepped inside the building. Mrs. Fellon led me down a strange hallway, which had a bunch of lockers on both sides, probably from other kids. She stopped in front of a door, and knocked. Another lady came to the door and smiled nicely and said come in come in. This lady seemed a lot nicer then Mrs. Fellon, she was also a lot prettier. She had dark brown long hair, and was fairly tanned, with big brown eyes. I stepped in the class room and all the students started at me as if I was a man with a gun. I looked back at Mrs. Fellon, strangely she was gone. The other lady named Mrs. Gang showed me to a desk near the back. I sat down, and looked at the person in front of me. It was a boy with brown hair and big brown eyes, he smiled at me.

"Hello, I'm Harry". He stuttered in an accent, I giggled.

"Hi Harry, my name's Megan." I replied, he laughed and then asked me if I wanted to play with him at recess. I nodded my head, then for the rest of the day, we were always together. Though at the end of the day the teacher had put us into groups of boys and girls. I was in a group with three other girls named: Shannen, Emily, and Jesse. Shannen seemed a little more hyper then most people that I  knew, but she was always really happy, she had short black hair, and big brown eyes. Emily was really smart, and was great at books and poems, she had light brown hair and really pretty eyes. Jesse had beautiful blonde hair and brown eyes.

"HELLO!!" Shannen said to me as I took a seat next to her.

"Hii". I nervously mumbled to her. She stared at me, smiling.

"Hi, I'm Jesse, that's uhmm...Shannen". Jesse said with a laugh. Shannen kept staring at me..

"I'm Emily". She said also smiling at me. Why did everybody smile so much? I looked behind me, my eyes instantly went to look at Harry. The first person I met today.

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