The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


17. Wish You Were Here

Sapphires P.o.v

So today is my first doctor appointment for the baby. I have come more around of being a mom but I will always think I will never be ready. Who really is? But nobody is coming with me I'm going alone like the loner I am. I decide not too ask Kat because she told me what happen when she left my house that day.So I decide to let her have alone time.I was pissed when she told me. I want to go over to that boys house and beat him up like he did Kat. But Kat talked me out of it.Anyhow I been feel weird lately I don't know if it's my pregnancy or something else. Like the smell of certain food make me sick .Also I been craving weird food like yesterday I woke up and was dying for some pineapples and that whole day that was all I ate. That would happen all the time. But today it was one of those nasty craving . It was raisins I hate raisins but today they were so appealing. I went threw one jar already and it was only 12:00! Once I notice the time I had to start getting ready. I jumped into the shower. After a good five minutes of letting the hot water run down my body I heard my name from the hallway. I didn't panic because the only person with a key was Kat. I'm in the shower I yelled. I heard a bounce on my bed then the t.v being turn on. I finish in the bathroom and went to my room to get my clothes.Hey Kat. I said walking in my room. Hey you going somewhere today? She asked not breaking her attention from the t.v. Yea I have a doctor appointment at 3
I flinched at the cold water drips from my newly wash curly hair fell on me. Oh can I come I have nothing else to do. She asked. Well I was gonna go alone but I will never turn down company. Yea but you gotta do my hair. I'm to lazy to do it my self. I told her grabbing my outfit [polyvore] I came out to Kat getting the hair accessories ready. As I sat down on my vanity chair to my make- up . Kat asks me if I was ready. I finish what I had to do and told her ok. As she walked over to me I notice her bright outfit.[polyvore] . Feeling bright we see. I said as Kat parted my hair. Yes and I see someone feeling professional She said . We both laughed at our stupidness. After an hour of hair blow drying then straightening my hair I finally styled it. But after that I was hungry again for raisins. Ew but yum at the same time. Sapphire it's 2:30 shouldn't we get going? Kat asked.Yea we should because were stopping somewhere for raisins. I said putting my phone and wallet in my little purse thingy. I thought you hate raisins. Kat asked confused. I do but these cravings are killing me. I told her walking out the front door and locking the door. We hopped in the car and Kat asked me a question that hurt alittle bit. Are we going to meet Harry at the doctors? Kat ask without meaning anything. No they had a thing to do today . I said pulling out of the drive way. Oh Ok. She said before turning on the radio to Where Have You Been By- Rihanna. We sang along to the songs on the radio.

At the doctors.

I was sitting on the bench/bed thing. Eating the raisins I bought making us late. Me and Kat was waiting for the doctor to come in. We were both quiet I was quiet because I was kinda scared if anything was wrong. But Kat was just on her phone texting away. Knock! Knock!. We heard before a lady that look in her mid 40's came in. Hi is this Sapphire? She asked looking at my chart. Yes . I said answering her. Ok Hi I'm Dr.Dove. And here what were going to do today. She said to me . Were going to take a pee test to see how far you are. Then were going to do a ultrasound. She said smiling at me. I nodded . Ok so here the cup the bathroom to the left down the hall.When your done give it to me at the desk.She told me. I grab the cup from her did as she wanted and I'm pretty glad because I really had to go to the bathroom.I hand her the cup and she told me the test will be done in 15 minutes. I went back to the room and told Kat.
*15 minutes later*
The doctor knock once more before coming in. Ok Sapphire I was looking at test results and your 9 weeks along. Now were going to do ultrasound. Can you lay back and pull your shirt up. She smiled. I guess my face expression change because Kat grab my hand .It going to ok. She said reassuring me. I hope . I said tightening my grip on Kat's hand alittle bit. I lean back pulled my shirt up and let the doctor put the cold jelly on my stomach. I closed my eyes expect the worst. Then as she put the put the little wand thing on my stomach I heard my babys heartbeat. There your baby little heart. Dr.Dove said. I smiled and looked at Kat her eyes were glued on the screen so was the doctor. I turn my attention to the screen also. As she got to the right side lower part of my stomach she told me the baby was right there. I smiled know my little boy or girl was. Then the smile on Dr.dove turn into a complete serious face. Ok Sapphire the test says your 9 weeks but your baby seem to be growing faster then normal. She said looking at me with concern. I-Is that bad? I asked scared of her respond. In some case it can lead to death of the fetus but in other the baby ends u being ok.She said looking back at the screen. Death what does she mean death. I just can't believe this is happening my little baby not making it I could think of not being able to see my little baby face or hear it's cry.Or just see him or her grow up! I couldn't speak it felt like my throat was close shut. Thank god Kat was thinking what I was. What can we do to make the worst out come not be possible? Kat asked. Well there nothing you can do but wait you must come back next week and well keep an eye on it. Dr.Dove said examining the baby still. It was quiet nobody dared to speak. Dr.dove took the picture and handed us the picture and video of the ultra sound. After we made the appointment we left. I was still in shock I couldn't drive I asked Kat and she did. As we got in the car I had to tell Harry . So I send him a quick text

Harry we need to talk about the appointment I just had.- Sapphire

As soon as I put the my phone down it began to buzz. I grab it to see Harry replied.

Ok we can meet up after the signing? -Harry

Ok see you then.-Sapphire

I sat in the passenger seat and did what I been dying to do since the ultrasound.Cry.I let the tear fall. Kat notice and parked the car. She took her seat belt on and hugged me. Sapphire the baby Is going to be fine It's strong just like it's momma. She said rubbing soothing circles in my back. I hope Kat I really do because if it didn't make it threw I would lose it.I told her. After 5 minutes of crying and telling Kat my fears she began to drive again and we made it to my house. We went to my room I cried some more and Kat stood there hugging me. After awhile I feel asleep and so did Kat. God I love that girl. She would always be there for me and I would for her. She a true friend.

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