The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


25. What's Happening?!

Harry p.o.v

As me and Sapphire was fighting about how she can't believe I would say she cheating. Not with some random guy but my best mate also her best mate too.I only scared Louis would sweep her off her feet and taking her away from me. I know I'm Harry Styles the one who's  the one taking the girl with no problem but Sapphire is so much like me . I mean she's a flirt, very fit, always the heart breaker. I just can't lose her. That girl just does something to me. Plus our unborn child. It will be the thing that ties us together.
While we were fighting Sapphire was walking towards me after I was done with my sentence to tell me off. Even if I did or didn't deserve it. She then stop half way to me. She looked relieved then a little embarrassed . She look at her leg confused.Then she felt them.She looked at her fingers and did it once more. She showed me her finger that were covered in blood. I was scared for her. Then she drop to the floor. I grab her and scream her name. Her eyes were open but she wasn't looking at me. I called Kat who was there. She ran threw the door. Call 9-1-1! Oh My God what happened? She asked me. We were fighting she felt her leg then there was blood on her fingers.She showed me now where here.Call now Kat! I yelled .I was so scared for her .While Kat was on the phone I was calling sapphire name and shaking her.No respond. As I was in the middle of shaking she had a faint smile. Why was she smiling she is in trouble. They'll be here in 10 minutes. While waiting for the ambulance Sapphire would talk lowly. Maybe she dreaming. The ambulance came put Sapphire in the stretcher and since she was pregnant they didn't look happy with her situation. I couldn't go with her.So me and Kat got in my car and drove over easily going over the speed limit. While on our way there we told the boys and they were on our way there. As we reached the hospital Louis and Zayn was there. Louis looked like me a mess. I know I let a couple tears pass by so did Louis. But Kat poor Kat was crying non stop.Zayn had to help her out the car and to walk. We walked as fast as we could to the nurse sitting at the desk.Where is Sapphire Rivera? I asked trying not to let tear slip over. She in with the doctor wait here. She point to the waiting room. Nobody dared talked.Kat was still crying. Everytime I looked at her more tear fell from my eyes . Louis just had his head in his hands the whole time. We was sitting in the waiting room. For a good an hour when Liam and Niall came. Niall ran to Kat and she cried into him. Liam gave me a hug and told me she going to be fine.He then hugged the rest of the boys. Anyone here for Sapphire Rivera? A male doctor asked. We all ran to him. Were here for her is she ok? Liam asked the doctor. Well son she lost some blood but a blood transfusion can fix that.That caused here to go in shock. The doctor told us. But he didn't saying anything bad about the baby. Thank god our baby is fine. I relieved myself. But who is the father of Mrs.Sapphire child? The doctor asked. I manage to utter out "I am." . Can i speak to you in private. I shook my head and everyone left. Well now. We seen the babies record and it trouble. That was only half the problem. The baby growing so fast made Sapphire sick. I'm guessing she was sick recently? He asked. I nodded. Well she wasn't sick at all the baby was seen as a threat to her body. Making it seem like a threat. He said explaining. So is our child ok? I ask on the verge of tears. Well son the baby didn't her body simply couldn't take it. He said. I tried to stay strong but I failed I feel to my knees. Our little baby gone! Never to see the light. Or smile,laugh,breath,see it's loving family. Nothing just gone! I felt hands on me. I looked to see Liam. I got up to face the doctor. We had to remove it. I'm terribly sorry. He said to Liam. Even Liam had tears in his eyes. Harry I'm so sorry. He said hugging me. What do you mean your sorry? Kat asked confused. Sapphire lose the baby. Kat stood shocked and turn to tell the boys. She was crying but I was crying harder. You can go in a voice said. I walked in to see Sapphire hook to machines . I sat next to her and cried. I let it all out. i soon fell asleep. Our child gone! I just can't see how Sapphire is going to take this.

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