The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


23. Were Home With News!

Sapphire P.o.v

The next day our family maid woke me and Kat up. When I look at my phone for the time I had one miss call a voice mail and a 2 texts. I check the time first it was only 7 in the morning. I groaned and look for and outfit in my already packed suitcase. As I looked our my shoulder Kat was doing the same. If I wanted to get in the shower before Kat and not wait half of my life I should hurry up.I found my pants almost as soon as I open my suitcase. But I was looking for something to match my jeans.Then I heard the bathroom door close.I looked over to see Kat walk in the bathroom. Great she beat me. Only if I could find a shirt! Kat don't take all day in there!  I yelled still looking for my top. Ok take all day no problem! Kat yelled before I heard the water run.While Kat was taking forever! I finally found my top and looked up a hairstyle to try out on my phone. I bookmarked the page so I could see who called and text me. I looked at the texts first one was from Harry then Louis.

Harry<3- Can't wait to see you when you come back .Text me when you get on the plane.Be careful. Love ya! ;)

Aww Harry being over protective again. It's cute when his like that.

Sapphire <3- I can't wait to see you either. Ok I will text you and I'll try to be careful ;)

I exited out our text messages and looked at Louis text.

Your best friend Eva!- I miss you! :( See ya when everybody comes picks you guys up.

I laughed at the names we assign for each other. I miss my prank buddy and not having someone to take my mind off of everything.

Your prank buddy!:) - I miss you to and ok I was gonna tell the boys about you know ..

I clicked send and when I went to seen who called Kat came out the bathroom.Ground breaking time Kat out f the bathroom in 10 minutes! Wow. I said shocked. Haha go before I go back in.Kat said . I drop my phone grabbed my clothes and got a shower before Kat would go back in the bathroom. After I was done I came out in this [polyvore] . After I put my dirty clothes away I looked at Kat to see her finishing her hair. I likey the outfit [polyvore] I told Kat. She smiled and thanked me before we got called to down stairs for breakfast. Me and Kat grabbed our phones and went downstairs. As we walked in the kitchen I seen my mother with tears in her eyes. Me and Kat grabbed our food and coffee and sat next to my mother. I pulled her in to a hug and told her everything is going to be fine. Sapphire stay down here for the funeral at least? My mother begged. I would say yes but I already feel bad enough I didn't cry at all yesterday.The funeral would just kill me. Sorry mother but I can't. I told her while still hugging her. Sapphire please it your father! My mother said and stopped cry. Mother if I go it will kill me and I think it's best if I go. I told her I know I'm being a selfish at a time in where my mother needed me but I couldn't  stay any longer. My mother sighed then wiped the tear off her face. When does you flight leave. She asked. I don't know. I said. Kat being the responsible one said 12. You hang around Liam lately? I asked joking around. Oh no am I turning into him ? She asked worried . Yes Kat.Yes you are. I said putting my hand on my heart. We both laughed and ate our food. My mother left when she got a call. Oh that reminds me your phone went crazy when you were in the shower. Kat said sipping her coffee. I looked at my phone to see both boys replied.

Your best friend Eva!- Good luck ! But the first thing were gonna do when you get here is prank people!

Ah Louis he never changes.But after I tell the boys I plan on staying home and thinking alot threw. How could I tell him no with out giving my self away?

Your prank buddy!:)- Thanks and maybe after a couple of days so I can settle in. :(
After I was finished with Louis . I pulled up Harry.

Harry<3-Yea I'm bringing everyone so we can tell them. How's everything down there?

Great at least we were on the same page about telling the boys because I know they can't wait to hear there gonna be uncles.But should I tell him about my father? I don't wanna put more stress on him. He already stress from the baby.Maybe It's best if I don't tell him.

Sapphire<3- Ok I was planning on telling them when I got back and everything's going peachy :)

I closed my phone to a whole new set of buzzing. I check Louis and he said ok and he'll see us later. Then Harry said that was wonderful. So I decide not to text back.I took my final bites of my food and asked Kat if she was done her food and she said yes. I started to stand up from my seat and when I did I became dizzy and I almost feel but Kat grabbed me . Sapphire you okay? Kat asked worry in her eyes. I shook it off . Yea I must of gotten up to fast. I told her grabbing my plate and putting in the sink. As me and Kat went upstairs to relax before our plane I felt dizzy again and a little queasy. I walked to my room it seem like forever and laid down. I got a huge head ache and my stomach started to hurt. I just laid there and try to let it pass but it didn't . I felt uneasy in my stomach and ran to the bathroom and threw up. Nasty I know. I did this for a couple of minutes. Kat held my hair back and rubbed circles in my back.Sapphire you alright? Kat asked again. Yea just get me some Advil from the cabinet. I asked her . While she looked for it I wash my mouth out and brushed my teeth to get the smell away. Kat handed me the Advil and I took it with water and laid and fell asleep in my bed.

*The airport in London*.

I sat because standing for to long made me dizzy again.The throwing up didn't stop at all . I probably looked a mess. But I played it off like nothing is wrong. I lied and told Kat that trowing up was a morning sickness thing and she understood . I also told her that ,that the throwing up made my head hurt .She believe me and we waited for the boys to come where we were. As I put my head back in pain. I heard a familiar husky voice. Sapphire? I looked up to see Harry .I ran up to him and hugged him because kissing was probably wasn't a good thing. I let go and stumbled alittle. Sapphire you alright? Harry asked. At this time I was tired of people asking me that! Yes I fine! I said trying not to be rude.But I failed. My bad love. Harry said putting his hands up. No it's my fault it's today been a long day. I told him. So we get no hug or kisses like Niall did? Louis asked. I smiled at him and hugged him then Liam , Zayn and Niall. We got our suitcases that the boys got for us and was walking to the car.I was holding hands with Harry. Sapphire we should tell them now. Harry said I smile not being scared because I knew those lovely boys would be happy for us. Um boys there some new I would like to say. I said to them they all looked at me to continued. Well me and Harry are. But before I could say anything Niall said Getting married?! What your getting married! They all asked in confusion. I shook my head and laughed. No before I was  interrupted I was saying me and Harry are pregnant and your gonna be uncles! I told them with excitement in my voice. Really?! Liam asked I shook my head and got tackled into hugs. And Harry got congrats man. We was in the car going to my flat. We were talking about our trip and a little about the baby when I had a uneasy feeling in my stomach. I turn to Louis who was driving. Louis pulled over now! I yelled. Why love? He ask not taking his eyes off the road. Just do it now! I yelled. He pulled over and I yanked the door open and did that nasty dead again. After that my was watery my throat burned and I felt like just laying down. I must of caught something .My morning sickness is never like this. But I didn't need a doctor I just needed the usual sickness treatment. I  walked away alittle bit and sat ground and got myself together. Sapphire you been like this all day .I think you caught a bug. I heard Kat say. She felt my forehead. Sapphire were going to your flat and your going  straight to bed.! Kat said like a mother. She grabbed my hand and help me up. But before I went to the car Kat handed me a water  bottle and a stick of mint gum. I gt back in my seat to worried faces. Are you o-ok? Louis asked. She has a fever I think she has a bug. We need to get her home quick so she can sleep! Kat said. Louis continued to drive I feel asleep and woke up to someone calling me. Sapphire! Someone said in a whisper yell. Huh? Your home come on love. I felt someone tug on my arm. Carry me please. I asked who ever. Fine! the person said. I got picked up. Ok where's the keys? The person asked. In my pocket the left one. I told the person. I felt someone grab the keys and I heard the door open.I was half up and was plop on my bed. I took my pants off and heard the person laugh. They put the blanket over me and kisses my forehead. Good night Sapphire. They said. Wait no don't leave stay with me please. I asked . I gotta go. They said Please! I made a pouted my lip. Ugh fine. I look to see the door close and complete darkness. The figure was I guess getting comfortable and laid next to me. Is this fine? They asked moving the blanket. No ! I protested. What now? they asked ..Cuddle with me please. I asked. After I said that I felt a warm embrace greet me. I smiled because I knew Harry would be the only one to do this for me. Thanks good night. I said cuddling in to the chest around me.After that I closed my eyes once  more and was fast asleep.


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