The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


26. Were A Mess

Sapphire P.o.v

Ever feel so good when you wake up. Like you wake up with a smile on your face and your body feels at ease. I woke up like that. I opened my eyes from my wonderful sleep with a smile on my face.While I was asleep I had a bad dream that me and Harry was fighting then I seen blood on my legs.Then I woke up,the fighting in my dream got pretty heated. As I actually sat up and yawn. I notice I wasn't  home anymore.I looked around I seen a iv in my hand and my heart monitor was beeping . 
Harry was on the side of my bed sitting on a chair with his head on the bed sleeping. I looked past him to see Kat and Niall cuddling on the couch in the room I had to my self. Louis,Liam and Zayn wasn't in my room. I didn't want to wake anybody up so I let them sleep. I got up and used the bathroom. As I was washing my hands I heard Louis yelling he got coffee for everyone. I walked out to all eyes on me. Sapphire! They all said putting me in a group hug. We thought we lose you for good. Niall said. What happened why am I here? I asked as we broke apart. Sit down Sapphire. Liam told me walking me to my bed sitting me on it. We should let Harry tell you in private.We'll come back in alittle bit. Zayn said.Everyone walked out .Kat hugged me one more time tightly. I love you Sapphire. Kat said in the hug. I love you to Kat. I smiled at her. She soon left with everyone else. I couldn't help but notice everybody eyes red and puffy as if they were crying. I really want to know what happened. Ok Sapphire what do you remember. Harry asked his voice cracking a little bit. Um I remember talking to you on the phone and you accusing me of cheating. But don't worry I forgive you. I said grabbing his hand locking our finger together. In the mood I was in I was going to let him slide this once. Well Sapphire I went over your house and we were fighting about what I said and I'm truly sorry about that. Harry said looking me in the eyes. He look like he was going to cry. Harry it's fine don't beat yourself over it I love you Harry. I said squeezing his hand. He smile faintly. Thanks but when we did that you went to yell at me when you start to bleed from your lets say area. Harry said a tear now falling down. This boy is breaking my heart from crying. I kissed his cheeks. To help him a bit. Well Sapphire you passed out from blood lose. When we got here doctor told me when loss it Sapphire we lose it. Harry finally broke down. I pulled him in a hug. Harry what did we lose? I asked.Sapphire our little boy or girl. Harry said crying. I couldn't process we lost our baby. My babies gone! I will never get to see them, hold them,hear them laugh. I couldn't believe it. I let the tears fall down like waterfalls. I hugged Harry tighter. Not breaking our hug. We sat there for a couple a minutes. Just hugging each other crying. I finally looked down at my stomach and put my hand on it and sighed. Harry came down to my stomach and kissed it then me.Sapphire no matter what we go threw I will always love you. Harry saidI sat there and was letting my self get over the tears. I kept on taking quick deep breathes as if I just ran a marathon.Were a mess! I tried to brighten the mood.Wiping the last tears from mine and Harry's face.Everybody came back in and we started to talk about everything. I broke down sometimes but everybody was there to help me go back to trying to be happy. I just wanna go home . I finally sighed. I will ask the doctor . Liam said before he left he gave me a quick hug. I smiled weakly. I put my head back and rested on the pillow. There was side conversations going on but I didn't put myself into one. You can leave tomorrow morning but your have to be watch after for three days . Liam said I thanked him. Why do I have to be watched I'm did nothing to be watch for a couple of day. I wish this week was over.I laid there and let everyone talk. I flicked threw the channels . Nothing was on I didn't leave anything on for more than a second.Want me to get to you a movie? Harry whisper to me. Yes please! I said. Ok which one do you want from your flat.Harry asked. I want Project X and Spongebob Square Pants movie. Oh can you bring me an outfit for tomorrow morning and pajamas? I asked. I always hate the doctor gowns. Sponge Bob really? Harry laughed. Yes he makes me happy. I smiled. And I don't ? Harry asked pretending to be hurt. You do it's just-I got cut off by Harry. I know I'm playing with you and I'll get you some clothes. Harry smiled standing up. Kat can you come with me to grab somethings for Sapphire? Harry asked Kat. Yea I'll go. Kat said standing up. Mind if I go ? Niall asked. Yea come on. Harry said the three soon left. Well I should get going I'll see you tomorrow Love . Zayn said standing up. He hugged me. I'm sorry for your lose.He said with a frown. Thanks Zayn . I stated. After Zayn left so did Liam Danielle called him. I gotta meet that girl one day note to self.Sapphire I love ya but I'm beat.  I'll see you tomorrow?Louis said. Yea you would and maybe we can prank the boys. I said. Yea we can. Louis laughed. Your sure taking this so well. I'm proud of you. Louis said before kissing my head. If I push all the depressing thing out of my head like I did with my fathers death I should be back to normal. I guess I push my emotions to the side. But if I act happy then I will feel happy after so long of acting right? I mean it worked for me with my father. So I will just continued with that. Harry soon came back and brought me my clothes.( Clothes  [polyvore]Kat stood home with Niall ;). He said she will him to get me in the morning. We watched the movies until the nurses made Harry leave. That night I stood up crying about how my life is turning out it seems everything I touch dies. When I seen my dad I touch him he died right after. My unborn child hey were inside me and they died. I'm just a cursed I touch you and you died. When it was 9 the nurses came and gave me the nasty food in the world. I didn't eat it I just took a shower and got ready to leave. Harry and Kat came after I text them that the doctor said I can leave. I sign out and waited to go home. I looked at my phone for the date and I notice in two days is Kat's birthday.

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