The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


3. Well That Was Awkward

Sapphire P.o.v
I  woken up the next morning to a somebody laying across from me
. I opened my eyes to see that I wasn't in my room. I sat up real quick. I got up and quickly got dressed. When I was putting my shoes on I heard a voice. Good morning Love. He said with a smile. I looked back I smile and told him I had to do something. He frowned and looked at me .Can I see you again?  He asked. I Smile and told him yes and we exchange numbers. He threw on some boxers and walked me to the door . Thanks for the night I told him . He smiled .Anytime just make sure you text me ! I smiled and gave a kiss on the cheek. Bye I said walking to my car door. I got in and drove home. Once I got home I called Kat to make sure she made it home.
Yes person who leaves me at the club for god knows who?
I'm sorry wanna chill today and talk about last night?
Sure I'm bored here anyways and it better be a good reason to leave.
Ok I'll be there in an hour.
I hopped in the shower washing off everything from last night and change into this [polyvore] I left the makeup natural. I mean I'm only going over Kat's. I called her tell her I was on my way. After 5 minutes I was at Kat's door. She opened it and was in this
[polyvore] Cute where you going? I questioned her . You'll see. She said winking at me.
Kats P.o.v
After teasing Sapphire I let her in.So what happened last night with you? I asked she smile and look down. Well there was this boy and I went to his house and you know. She said making that come on girl YOU KNOW. No you didn't! I said in shock. But I did . She said Who was he? I asked her. He was tall had curly brown hair and I think his name was Harry ...Harold. something to that affect. She said. I look at her . Don't evn know his name shame shame I know your name. I said to her in a kiddy voice. Shut up! But what about you what happened last night? She asked I smiled . Well I meet someone from ONE DIRECTION . I Yelled . Really who? Sapphire asked. I meet Niall and we trade numbers! I said still yelling. Which one is that again? She asked. You'll see he coming over with his friends. I told her . Ohhhh Boys for me to meet. She said. We talked for a little more and then she went to the kitchen and got some food.While see was getting food the door bell rang .I open the door to see all 5 boys there standing there at my door. Hello Kat with a K .Niall said . I smile and invited them in. They all plop on my couch and then Sapphire came in. Kat you really need to go food shopping hun! She looked up and stood there in shock. All eyes were on her. So you didn't text. One voice said we all looked to see who it was it was Harry. She still stood there and laughed I'm sorry. I was busy. She replied to him. How do you know here mate? Liam asked. Well last night um we... Harry said looking at Sapphire.  Awkward! Louis sang. It sure is! Sapphire said

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