The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


7. This Isn't Happening

Kat P.o.v
I woke up the next morning to the of bacon being cooked. For a second I thought I was home and my mom was the one cooking. But then I opened my eyes and notice I at Sapphires' house. I got up and did everything for my daily needs. I got change into my favorite acid wash jean . With a plain white shirt with a varsity jacket paired with my leather lace up boots. I let my hair fall down with it natural waves at the end. I walked  down stairs to sea of Morning Love. I look up from the floor that I was previously starting at.  To my surprise I seen all the boys there and Sapphire in the kitchen. As I continued to walk down the stairs to the kitchen to see what was going on. I was stop by Niall getting up and hugging me. As I stand there in Niall lovely embrace. I heard Louis get up and leave. As Niall let me go I went to Sapphire. Geez girl I don't know how you woke up early for school seeing you can sleep half the day away. Sapphire said flipping the bacon. When she said that I look at the clock it was 12 going on 1. Haha it's called a alarm clock and if it's past noon why are you making breakfast? I ask her sarcastically.  She turn around and put the bacon that was cooking on a plate. It's called brunch and its done. She said rolling her eyes. I help her set up the plates and announce that the food was done. All the boy came in for there food expect Louis. I felt really bad and was going to go look for him but before I could say anything Sapphire asked where he was and that she was going to look for him.

Sapphires' P.o.v
After Louis left after Niall hugged Kat made me worry on how he was taking the news. So after I situated everyone with there food I went out to look for him. As I was walking out the door to my luck Louis was walking back. I closed the door and walked up to him. He was looking down with sadness in his ocean blue eyes. God how that broke my heart. I stop him in his tracks and hugged him. He looked up. I know what happened last night. Do you wanna talk about it? I asked offering m help. He nodded. I took his hand and drag him to the my favorite place to go when I needed to think. My local park. As I walked him in that direction I decide to let him start express his feeling.

Louis P.o.v
After Sapphire and start walking toward god knows where. She wanted me to start telling her how I felt. This was really tearing me up inside. How could someone you really like not feel the same. I guess that's life right? I said looking to the ground. Sapphire how much do know about last night? I asked. Well all I know that the other day she was over my house crying at how she was confused of what to do.But the actual date I know nothing about. She said as we arrived at a park. We found a bench under a willow tree and I continued talking to her about all the hurt I was felling. After I was done I looked to the side to see tear brimming in her eyes. Oh Louis ! Was all she said before grabbing me into yet another hug. But in some weird way this was actually helping a little. Sapphire thank you this is really helping me alot. I told her while hugging her. Louis anytime if need to talk to someone I'll be here to help. She said pulling away. God the way the sun was hitting her face was making notice the beauty Harry seen in her. But she was Harry I could do that. But yet again who knows what that boys trying to get at with her.I could be feeling this it just me not accepting being reject. Yea! that must be it. Louis? Her voice breaking my train of thought.  Sorry what ? I asked shaking my head. I said 
Louis anytime if need to talk to someone I'll be here to help. She said looking in my eyes. Right before I could thank her her phone rang. She smiled and looked down. It Harry. She said before answering it .
Hello..... Yea I found him.......He's o.k....... Were talking we'll be back soon.......Aww I can't wait to see you to..... O.k bye.
Yes I ease dropped on their conversation I mean how hasn't done that. Once she hung up her smile was bigger then from when she answered it. Well sounds like Harry miss you we could head back. I said slapping my legs before getting up. The next thing that came from her lip took me surprise. We don't have to right now I kinda of like it just me and you. She said looking up at me the sun hitting her brown eyes making them a shade lighter.I felt my cheeks heat up a little bit. Aww thanks love but I'm kinda hungry to. So lets go eat then we come back. I said putting my hand out offering to help her up. She took it . O.k but only cause I'm hungry and I don't want them eating the food I left for us. She said fixing her self. But promise we can do this again but less sad. She said as we started walking. O.k I can do that. I said to her. We walked back to her house and were doing absolute dumb things. That kinda really made forget everything that was going on. We got to her house and as we wallked in she was pulled away from me by Harry. They went to a room and all could hear was giggling. This kinda made me jealous but I don't  know why. I couldn't like her. I grab one of the 2 plates still there. I ate and enjoyed my day with the crazy people I call friends.

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