The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


5. This Is Why I Love You

Sapphires P.o.v
After last night at Kats house I was beat. I looked at the clock it was 11. I was awfully bored I hate not living with someone. So I grabbed my
 phone and call the one person who was probably having the same feeling I was.  "Yes Ms.Rivera how can I help you? " " Well  I'm awfully bored and I know you are too so come over!" "You know me all to well I'll be over in 10 minutes." "Ok bye love!" "Bye" " Wait Kat?" "Yes ?" " ?Bring Advil and our ice cream?" " Ok is it the time of the month? Do you want chocolate too?" No... My body hurts and thanks." " No problem be there in no time."
After talking to Kat I got up and put on a pair of tights with a sweater shirt that was to big and slide off my right shoulder and wrap my hair in a messy bun. I looked around and decide to clean up after my myself. When I was done I sat on my newly made bed and watch Sponge Bob. Half way threw the show my phone buzzed telling me I had a text. I thought it was Kat because she wasn't here yet. Nope it was Harry. I was confused with my self and what was happening between us. I mean the kid was cute! But was he looking for a relationship or another one night stand. I read the text . Hey Sapphire what you doing? I tapped out the words on my I phone. Well I'm kinda waiting for Kat to come over and help me over come the pain my body's in Hbu? After that I put my phone done. As soon as I dropped it my phone buzzed once more. It was a text from Harry. I'm with the boys hanging out and I didn't know I was that powerful ;) jk. I smiled and was relief he was playing around. I put Haha Styles very funny and your not that powerful ;) and tell the boys I say Hey . Before I send the text I heard my door opening. I knew it was Kat she was the only one with a key to my apartment my parent dumped me in. SAPPHIRE WHERE YOU AT? Kat yelled . I yelled in response to her . My room I'll be right down. I clicked send and went down stairs . Hey girlie now what's wrong with you? Kat asked raising one of her eye brows . My body hurts really bad I'm surprise I'm even moving. I told her. Well here's the Advil and I'll go make our ice cream. She said walking to my connect kitchen from the living room. I sat on my island between both rooms and took the Advil Kat kindly bought me. I watched Kat make our ice cream that was only Mint chocolate chip ice cream with crushed up Oreos in it. Here you go Kat said handed me my bowl she said next to me and we started eating our ice cream. When I was finished I put my bowl in the dish washer and check my phone that had another text from Harry. They said Hey and I must have some affect on you with my charm? . I smiled at how Harry try to say he left a affect on me . I mean he did but I wasn't gonna let him win. I replied Nope none but maybe if there a next time I'll let you know if you affect me with your "charm".  Sending the text.Who's that your texting ? Kat  asked . Well um Harry. I said looking down. Ohhh do someone have a crush? Kat said poking my arm I looked up and gave her the death stare. I'm not the only Mrs.Horan !  I spat at her. As I finished her smile turn to a frown. About that. She said looking me in the eyes. What about little Niall? I asked confused . When you guys left me and Louis alone he kinda asked me out on a date. She said looking confused. Well what did you tell him? I asked. I said yes because I didn't want to hurt his feeling. I mean his a nice boy well from what I known from meeting him I couldn't say no I would feel so bad. Kat said with tears falling down her face. I grab her and pulled her in a hug even thought my body hurted more then anything. Don't cry sweetie . I said trying to calm her down. I really like Niall from the time we meet and talking to him every night when I go to sleep he made me feel loved. I don't honestly feel the same with Louis. I don't wanna break his heart. I'm a bad person. She said crying into my shirt. Girl your not a bad person just tell Louis what you told me. He'll seem like to understand.Then you can be with Niall. I said hating she said she was a bad person. Sapphire your different I'm not as strong as you. She said. Only if she knew how weak I was all the bad stuff from the past between my parents and my past with my darkess secret even Kat didn't know about. I mean she knew about my parents but not that. I got pulled out of my thinking session when Kat pulled away and said my phone was ringing. I ignored it seeing it was my mother. Kat your plenty strong you can do at the end of the date by the way when is the date. Tomorrow night. she told me. Ok then you can stay here tonight want me to drive to your house and pick up clothes then come back and hang out? I asked trying to brighten her day. Yea sounds good what time is it? She asked. I looked my phone It's 2. I told her. Wow we spent an hour talking it didn't feel like it at all. She said smiling lightly. When doesn't it Kat? it always seem longer then it was talking with you. But I'm going to put my shoes on and well go . I told her.As I walked away Kat said something that I will always cherish from our relationship. That's Why I Love You Sapphire.I turned and and her a quick hug and went upstairs. When I was in my room putting on my Uggs. Harry replied  A next time ...You know there gonna be a next time ;). I laughed at his text. I wrote There better be a next time Styles! ;).  I sent it then got a instant respond. Yea maybe soon like this weekend soon? I smiled widely maybe he did want more then a one night stand. I texted him Sounds great :). After that I went downstairs got my keys and drove Kat to her house. It was empty  just like mines. I help pick out clothes for the next days events and grab some movies and left. The rest of the day we watch movies and talk about the most random stuff. Then around 12 we both went to our room. (Kat basically having my guest room) As I drift to sleep I hear Kat talking to obvious Niall. She really likes him and I was happy for her. Then finally I feel asleep with a smile on my face from Harry text messages to me and my happiness for Kat .

(A/n so tell me how you like the story so far. Comment it what ever works for you :) Plus kinda left a cliff hanger with Louis and Kat .Will she tell him or give a chance ????? Guess you keep on reading huh? )

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