The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


29. The Slip Up!

Louis P.o.v

As I got ready to go to Sapphire's house. I couldn't be more nervous.What is she doesn't feel the same towards me. Will this things awkward between us? I could wrap my mind around that. I couldn't back down now tho! I already hyped my self in to it. I paced my room just thinking about the reaction he will have. Then I got brought into thought of her lovely personality. Me being one of her best friends she I know all the hardship she went through and with knowing that I don't judge her one bit. It makes want her more. I don't expect her to just drop Harry to jump in my arms but I want her to know my feelings .Plus it would be a bonus if she can tell me hers to. As was checking my outfit. Stripes looking good on me. My pants are just the good bright red and my Toms are just the most comfortable fashionable thing ever! Great I sound like a girl-.- . As I sprayed my cologne. I heard voices talking near my door. I stopped what I was doing any eavesdropped. I know I know it wrong but I can't help it. I have to leave I will see you later? A unknown female voice like she was trying to seduce him. Who was she? Why is she here?Why did she say it like that? These question racked my brain. I moved to my door to hear clearer. Yes I have to pay my girlfriend a visit . Harry said. Why do you stay with her if you always say you wanna leave her? She asked getting annoyed. Well I was going to leave her. But I told you everything that happened so it makes it hard to say good bye. If anything it makes me wanna protect her. Harry said Is he cheating on Sapphire? He must be ! Why would that girl care if he was with Sapphire or not? The paps didn't get to there relationship yet so they were drama free. Not like Niall and Kat the paps were always on them for there relationship. I snapped out of my thought to listen some more. But to my ears I heard kissing noises. Ok I was pissed now. How could Harry chest on Sapphire? The sweetest girl you will ever meet. I needed to let my anger out but not on Harry because he would end hurt. But I needed to talk to someone and tell them how I feel. I grabbed my phone and keys and was about to leave. I couldn't be here with out yelling at Harry. I walked past the living room to see Harry walk in the front door. He must of left after I started to pace my room. Hey Lou! Where you off to? Harry asked. Harry who was that girl and what does she mean you always wanted to leave Sapphire huh? I yelled at him. Lou calm down it's not like that.He said walking towards me. Not like what Harry I heard you kiss her to Harry! Are you an idiot I thought you loved her. I know she loved you! I yelled at him. Lou! I know but it's hard to say goodbye to her. I don't wanna break her heart she's do delicate. Harry yelled at me. To late when she hears about this it's gonna kill her. I told him. By the way where did you just go? I asked I walked Skylar to her car and your not gonna tell Sapphire? Right?. Harry said. You what?! You know the paps are always around! You better hope she doesn't hear this through the telly. I yelled at him. Your gonna tell her not me! I yelled getting more mad he wanted to hide this.There was no paps outside .Chill out. He said patting my shoulder and sitting down. He didn't care that he would most likely hurt Sapphire in the end. I looked at him like he was stupid and started to walk out again. I'm leaving don't let the guilt of cheating get to you. I said sarcastically. I slammed the door and walked to my car and hopped in. I got my phone out and looked through my contacts until I found 'Zayn" . I clicked call and waited for him to pick up. Hey Lou! Zayn picked up after the third ring. Hey can I come over and talk to you? I asked. Yea you sound upset what's wrong? He asked. I'll tell you went I get there. I told him about to hang up. Well boys are over just to let you know. He said. Ok Bye. Bye. We ended the call and I drove to his house. When I got to his house I texted him saying I was outside. He replied with a "Come in then!". I turned my car off and walked in to see Liam,Niall and Zayn sitting on the couch. Hey Lou! Liam and Niall said to me. Hey guys. I said sitting on the arm of the couch they were sitting on. So what's bothering you? Zayn asked. Well to start off you guys can't tell anybody what I'm about to say. Deal? I asked looking at all of them. They nodded and I began to speak.I could tell the boys anything without feeling like I'm being judge. There were like my brothers . So I kinda been having these-. Niall had jumped in my sentence. Craving for some pickles? He asked. No Niall I'm not craving pickles. I told him. Gosh that boy and his food. I been having these feeling for Sapphire for awhile now even before she went out with Harry. I finally spat out with being disrupted. Well Lou she's with Harry and you should be there for her. Liam said Niall and Zayn nodded in agreement. They look happy together don't try anything to stop that so you can be with her. Zayn scold me. I would never! I told him . The thin g is that cheeky bastard has been cheating on her! I yelled. They all looked at me with wide eyes. How do you know? Niall asked breaking the silence that had started after I finished speaking. I heard the girl his with and him talking. I said. Well that doesn't means his cheating Lou.Liam said trying to brushed that idea off the table. Yea Lou he was just talking to her. Zayn said. It does when you kiss her to! I said getting kinda irritated they didn't believe me. Did you talk to Harry about this yet? Zayn asked. Yea I did he said he didn't want to break her heart and dump her. Then he walked the girl to her car in front or flat! God I hope the paps didn't catch a picture of them it would break her. I told them. Before anyone responded. I hear a gasp come from behind me. He did what now?! They female voice said.

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