The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


6. The Date

Kats P.o.v
Today is my date with Louis and all morning and afternoon I was thinking what should I do. This is probably one of my hardest decision I had to make in a long time. I REALLY like Niall even thought I meet him less then a week and a half ago.
 He was everything I wanted everything I needed. I know that sound kinda creepy but it was true.His eyes took me to another world I could stare at them for hours and never get tried of looking in them. I mean I was falling for him and probably doesn't even feel the same. Right in the middle of me getting lost in my thought my phone went off. I got up quickly and pick up my phone I was hoping it was Niall but when I picked it up I heard a complete different voice.  It was Louis. "Hello." "Ready for tonight love? " "Yea kinda just don't know where were going? Mind telling me by the way." " It's a surprise just wear something nice." " So a surprise it is your lucky I like surprises." "I guess I'm one luck lad well I should start getting ready. I'll pick you up at 8 ok?" Sound great see you then." After that we hung up. I look at my phone it was 6 . I had an half and hour to think of how this night is going to play out.  After awhile of thinking while getting ready in to this [polyvore] . I decide to play it safe but something nice like Louis asked me to. It was about 7 when I heard Sapphire door rang. I walked down stairs and open the door to see a stunning Louis. He was wearing  a button up and a blazer with tan pants with a bow tie. You look beautiful Kat. He said his wide as if he saw a ghost. Thank you come in a sec I gotta write Sapphire a note telling her we left. I told him as he came in. Nice place so you moved in with Sapphire? He asked me. No I just stood the night here. I said looking for a piece of paper and a pen. Oh how I was dreading tell Louis later tonight. I wrote the note and put it the first place Sapphire would go the refrigerator. I walk to the living room to see Louis sitting down doing something with his phone. Shall we go ? I asked waiting next to the door. Yes we shall. He said getting up. I turned off the light locked Sapphires' door and followed Louis to his car.

Louis P.o.v
After picking Kat up from I now know is Sapphire apartment.We was driving to my place for our date. Yes I told her dress nice but that was for our dinner reservation until they got booked all of a sudden. So I decide to make her a home meal Louis style. During the car ride we had small talk like our family, interest,and what we both for a living but her knowing mine . Just small talk. I really liked this girl and I hoped she felt the same about me. She was an angel to me she was perfect and it crazy I would saying this not knowing her for a long time. The whole ride I was so tempted to reach in kiss her lightly glossed lips. But I resist the urge. As I drove into my drive way. I was happy that Harry went somewhere hours ago and was not planning to come over and time soon. Where here! I said unbuckling my seat buckle. Where might we be ? Kat beautiful voice filled the air in confusion. Before responding I walked over and open her door like the gentleman I am. I help her get out and then respond when she was on her feet. Well I planned on taking you to a nice restaurant but they cancel on my last minute. So I made you a home meal . I said like it was nothing but it was something something big. Oh a home cooked meal how romantic. Kat said making me weak in the knees. By this time I didn't even notice we were at the door. Are we gonna go in? Her voice asked. I laughed in embarrassment . Yes we are. I replied I pulled my keys out and unlocked the door. Unavailing a path a rose petals I placed to the kitchen. She looked shocked. She walked slowly to the where the lead her which was . The table that had lighted up candles and rose petals around  the dark room with soft music playing in the background. She smile and I smile back at her . God was her smile beautiful. I pulled her chair out and let her sit down. The food is ready to be severed . I told her in a french accent . She laughed making me smile.  I went and got our plates of mash potatoes and steak and carrots. I place the food in front of her then place my food on my side after that I poured her a glass of red wine. You did all this for me? She asked me . I would do anything for a beautiful girl like you. I replied before taking a bit of my food. Oh by the way that's not the box mashed potatoes those are home made. I told her. Oh really is that why they tasted so good. Kat respond. I blushed a little bit from her answer. This girl makes me wanna do anything in my power to make everything right for her.

Kats P.o.v

You did all this for me? I asked him . I would do anything for a beautiful girl like you. He replied before taking a bit of the food he made for us. Oh by the way that's not the box mashed potatoes those are home made. He told me. Oh really is that why they tasted so good. I respond. Then  Louis blushed a little bit from my respond . I looked down and start eating the food that Louis made. It was actually really good. During dinner we our conversation deepened from the one in the car. On the outside I was happy giggly and happy for what Louis had done for me. But the inside I was a wreck. Louis did all this for me for the end of the night  I would break his heart. Ugh I was truly a bad person . I didn't understand with any other boy when I didn't feel the same I would just say no. But this time it was different I don't even know why. These 5 boys that I just meet have some kind of hold on me. I mean I kinda felt as if there were gonna be really close friends with me and I didn't want to ruin that. By this time it was dessert time. I turn my phone off hours ago not wanting to be distracted from the thoughts I were having. Dessert was lovely. Louis made chocolate cover strawberry s. I mean what girl doesn't love that dessert. Did you enjoy my cooking. Louis asked looking as if my opinion means the world to him. Damn he really like me. Great! This make it a thousand time worst. Yes It was really good I enjoyed it. I told putting a smile on my face. He smile back. Good I thought you would think it was horrible. He said. Well it would be better then me cooking us food. I said trying to make a joke.Louis looked at me laughed. Ok so next I won't you cook. He said between laughs. Louis got up and took my hand and I got up. Care to dance? Louis asked me with a smile. I nodded my head yes. After that we stood quiet dancing my head on his shoulders my hand around his neck. His hands on my waist. It was perfect date but only with the wrong person. I frown a little bit. Whats wrong love? Louis asking me just breaking me more. Louis I gotta tell you something. I said pulling apart for him. He look confused What? Is all he said. I let a puff of sadness. I looked down afraid of what his face would look like when I told him the heart breaking new I had inside me. Louis I wanna start by saying don't hated me for saying this. What you did for me was the nicest thing anyone ever done for me. I was cut off by Louis saying It was nothing I would do anything for you. After he said that it made me finally releasing all the emotion I was having at the moment . With that I look up to his eyes and there was tears brimming in my eyes. Don't cry tell what you need to say . Louis saying wiping my tears from my eyes. Louis I just don't fell the same way you feel about me. And I'm such a horrible person for leading you on. But when you asked me to go on this date at that time I was head over heels to say yes to you. Then me and Niall started to become really close and I have those feeling you have for me for him. I'm so so so sorry Louis . I understand if you never wanna talk to me or even see me again. I finally finished saying that with tears falling down my face. I looked up at Louis he looked like he would start bawling at any minute. It's ok Kat I understand. It was never meant to be and I should have notice from how much Nialler talks about you. Any I wouldn't never hate for that. He told me . At this time I felt completely like a piece of shit for doing that to him. Kat I do want to talk to you again and see you again as a matter a fact we can be friends the best of them. He said trying to lighten the mood. I hugged him once more and look him in the eyes. Louis one more thing. I said getting over my tears. Did Harry dress you? I asked him. He giggled . Yea kinda. We both laughed . After talking and dancing for a little more he took me home and I gave him a kiss on the cheek for his understanding. Before he left I told him to text me and that we should hang out as friends sometimes. He Laughed and agreed. I went into Sapphires' house and drifted to sleep to in her guest room that was basically mines.

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