The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


1. The club

Katherines P.o.v
Just last week me and best friend ever graduated high school. Since everyone seem to busy nobody did anything for me or even show up to the ceremony. I got used to that kinda stuff
.I'll try sweetheart. Next time for sure I'll be there. My mom and sister always said to me. So when I meet Sapphire she kinda saved me from all the disappointment from my family. I truly love her.I was watching t.v when I heard my phone ring. I picked it up to see a text from Sapphire.
Sapphire-Were going out tonight! It's our graduating party.
I smiled at the text an text her back.
Me- Ok when and where??
Sapphire-Tonight at 8 come to my place.
Me- 8 Ok. See You Soon.
I looked at the time it was 6. Knowing me I would take FOREVER to get ready so I got up and started to. I bathed and Change into this [polyvore] When I finished my make-up it was already 7:30. I rushed and did my hair.. When I was spraying it down with hair spray my phone rang. Girl! It's Already 9 were are you? Sapphire asked. I'm leaving now I told her I'll be there in 20. I told Sapphire. Okay Hurry Up I Wanna DRINK! She Said Stretching the last word. OkOk I'm coming I said once more. Ok bye Love Ya. Sapphire Said. Love ya Too. I said before hanging up. I Loved how we end a phone call just like I would end it one with my mom. I Grabbed my stashed money turn everything off and starting walking to Sapphire house. I only walk because it's 5 blocks away from mines. While walking there boys would whistle at me and "Try" to talk to me I Would smile and continue walking. After 10 minutes I arrived at Sapphire's House. I Knocked on the door. Open the door hoe! I yelled . She opened the and was wearing this [polyvore] YO You Ready? Sapphire said in a thug voice. Yea lets go I told her. waited one sec let me turn off the lights. When she came back out she said . You looking sexy! Who you trying to impress? I Smiled Um like everyone there. I Said like American. And you look sexy who you trying to impress? I asked her. Hey don't make fun of my people and any cutey there. She said winking. We got in her car a drove off by now it was already 9:45. While in the car What Makes You Beautiful came on and we started screaming at the top of our lungs and dancing to the song with the window down. When we stopped at a red light the car next to us looked at us and laughed . When we arrived in the club we had to waited in line for another hour.While we waited we started talking everything that has happened to us that week. But since we talk everyday .we already know everything already. When we finished our talk we were walking in the club. The Bar! Sapphire said pulling to the bar. Can I get four shots. She told the bartender  he looked at her and then gave us the shot.We shot them down 2 each. Sapphire took her shot like they were nothing. This girl really is a party girl. For me it took me a little longer. It burn going down. Whoo! Sapphire yelled she looked at the bartender More! she told him he smile and gave them to us.After a while of drinking Me and Sapphire were on the dance floor grinding and dancing with everyone.While dancing with some guy i had a urge to turn around . When I turned around I Couldn't believe my eyes.

Outta Any Club In The World They Would  Be Here. I Thought To Myself.

(A/n Who Was She Dancing With? )
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