The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


36. Telling you, A Date

Sapphire P.o.v
I been out of my room all day since my and Kat’s talk. Before going to my afternoon classes I hanged out with Kat ,Skylar and even the boys. It was awkward at first but now we decide to put this whole situation behind us. We’re moving forward and going to live while we’re young. Now I’m in English day dreaming away. This is my best subject so I can dream away with no regrets. I sat near Jake and far away from Kat. She sits right next to Skylar. Ms. Kent can you please tell me what I just said? The teacher asked. Um no I’m sorry. Kat said to the teacher. I know your too busy talking to Ms.Ross. He said with an attitude towards her. Then as I watch the teacher go back to talking about the lesson I seen something hit my notebook. I looked around for it owner. I stop then I seen a worried Jake.  I scrolled my eyes on the paper to read what he wrote.” Sapphire where have you been? Everything ok? He asked through his message. Um I’m fine now just was going through break up. Nothing big. I passed the note back to him through my fellow classmates. I waited for the piece of paper to return to with his reply. I remember the days in elementary school passing notes waiting to get them and read them. I finally got it back and opened like if my life depends on it. Do you want to talk about it? Over dinner or something? I blushed a little bit is Jake asking me on a date via note? That’s too cute! He so easy to talk to, funny and not bad looking either. So why not? I wrote “Are you asking me on a date? Then passed it like before but this time I was looking at him to see his expression.  When he got it and open it he blushed I’m guessing from embarrassment . I laughed to myself I made him blush aw! He notice me still looking at him. Then he nodded yes. I mouthed meet me after class. Then I turn around and actually did some type of work. After class I gave him my number while Kat and Skylar talked some more. After a good ten minutes me and Kat were on the drive home. I never broke my attention from road. Me and Kat were talking about how the teachers gave me a packet for each class to get caught up from my days missed. Kat looked down in her to her phone and paused. She looked upset I seen as the tears fell down.

Kat’s P.o.v
I looked down at my phone another text from Eddie. This was the worst one by far. This scared the crap out of me. “Kat it’s final you wont talk to me. Then at 8 I will be at your house. Tonight you will give me what I want. Or you and your little boy toy gets it! Now I wasn’t only scared for myself but for Niall. He had nothing to do with this. Why does Eddie keep bringing him up? What do I do now? I can’t give into him and let him win, but I don’t want Niall to get hurt. Ugh I let out my tears of frustration fall from my green eyes. “Kat are you ok?”No It’s Eddie.” What about him Kat? “He has been sending me horrible text messages and he just sent me the worst one by far.” Let me see the texts” I handed her the phone at a red light. She read them. Her eyes grew wide and filled with anger. Kat tell Niall like now and call the police they will set a restrain order on him. Oh when I see that boy he is toast. She said I couldn’t tell Niall he would be upset. If he acted like Sapphire just did that wouldn’t be fun. Kat you know Eddie sticks to his word. Do it do it now. Sapphire said pulling in the drive way. She was right he does stick to his word. I did need to tell Niall. I text him to come over when he was done his event for the day. This is going to be a hard one. I mumbled. It sure is but I’ll be here for you. Sapphire smiled at me. I believe in her words. In our time of need we might not be. At first but at but at the end you can believe the other one is right there for you. We are the shoulder you can cry on and talk your heart out without any judgment. That’s our friendship. I don’t want to be there when it 8 and Eddie really shows up. Then does what his sick head has made up. Ugh why did I fall for that boy! We walk inside the house and both rummage in the cabinets and refrigerator . I grabbed the Nutella and pretzel rods and walk to my room. I ate did homework and fell asleep. School is tiring when all class every class your talking to Skylar. We are getting so close it’s crazy. I woke up naturally from my nap and jump in the shower and changed. I went down stairs to put the Nutella and pretzels away. I looked at the clock on the stove. 6:30 .I slept for a long time I wish I can sleep life away sometimes. I started to make tacos because they’re delicious. After the meat was cook I call Sapphire down. She came and was dress up in a pretty but simple outfit. Unlike me I was in sweats.(Outfits 
) Hot! Sapphire yelled grabbing a empty taco shell. Oh they just came out the oven. I warned her a little too late. Kat after this I’m leaving so you’re going to be alone. She said. Where are you going? I asked I have a date to attend.” With who? ”Jake from school. She raises her eyebrow before biting in to her taco. I kind of hoped she was going to say with Louis but no matter what I think she is rushing into this. She just came out f her room and just started to come outside for other things expect to go out. Don’t you think it’s early to go out on a date? I asked  Don’t worry I’m not jumping into anything .Yet! She paused before saying yet. I know if I say no she is still going out on that date. No matter how much I don’t think it is right. But if makes her happy I’m not one to fight him for that. We finished our tacos in silence. We both had about 4, man we are some greedy people!  I clean up with help from Sapphire. But then there was a honk outside. Got to go he is here. Love ya! Sapphire said before leaving me alone. I finished everything and sat far away from the door. I hope Niall gets here before Eddie. I hope Eddie doesn’t come at all. I hope Niall won’t get upset and then try to kill Eddie like Sapphire would if she sees him. I guess I’ll just sit here and wait that’s all I can really do right now.

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