The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


13. Taking Care Of Bussiness

Harry's P.o.v
I just hung up with Sapphire. She said she was pregnant and I couldn't believe it. I mean were so young to have kids. Were not even going out. That makes it look 10 times worst. I can't think clear. I gotta go over there and talk to her face to face about it. After I hung up the phone I grab my keys off the kitchen table and walked out without saying goodbye to anybody. I hopped in my car and drove as fast as I could to get to her house. As I was walking up to the door Kat was heading out.Kat says Oh Hey Harry. Where is Sapphire? I asked Kat. On the couch. Kat responded. I walked  in and closed the door .As I looked over I seen Sapphire on the couch dazed out. Sapphire? I said waving my hand in her face. She snapped out of her daze. Harry I'm sorry . Sapphire said. For what Sapphire you did nothing wrong. I said trying to make the situation a little lighter. Oh but I did ! I ruined both our life's  and your career. She said with tears in the brim of  her eyes. I grabbed her in a hug and let her cry for a little bit. Sapphire you didn't ruin our life and my career. Sapphire we both did these together. I told her she just stood quiet. Are you planing to keep it. I asked Sapphire hoping she would say yes. Harry I don't honestly know. I don't even know how I feel about this. I mean I'm scared for one. Then I'm nervous I would be a bad mom and so much more.Plus I don't want to lose you. Sapphire said. Sapphire we should keep it and you'll never lose me.I told her looking in her eyes.  Right in that moment I honestly had to grow up.....We both did. We have a little one on it's way here. I mean I did have my doubts but who doesn't when not in a relationship with your future baby's mother. But now I had to be the one Sapphire can lean on. I never thought I would ask Sapphire this way but now I knew I needed her in my life. I wanted her and our baby in my life. I broke out of my thought by asking Sapphire this question that mean so much to me. Sapphire would you be mine? I asked trying to make everything seem more together and not so crazy. She looked at me in shocked and then shook her head yes. We both smiled at each other. I hugged her once more tightening my grip. This is the girl I think I love since I meet her at the club that one night. She the one that I always thought about.
 Even the way we meet lead to this shocking news I didn't care. It's good in a way because that mean I would see Sapphire for the rest of my life. I'm scared since were young and all that jazz.Harry? Sapphire said. Yes ? I replied Are you scared? Are you worried one bit? How are you gonna be there
when your on tour or doing band stuff? She asked me. I was taking back for a second I never thought of any of that. Yes who wouldn't? For me being there part we will make it work someway somehow. I told her. She pulled away from our hug session we were having. I made a appointment to the doctor to make sure everything's ok. Sapphire said turning on her t.v. That was a relive that we were moving from this serious topic. Oh really when is it. I asked her. It's this Monday coming upShe said flipping the channels and leaving it on cartoon network. Great next Monday the boys and me have a signing all day. I can't even go to my child first appointment...What a father I'm becoming already. Do you wanna come along? She asked smiling  taking her attention off of Adventure Time that was playing .Which is her favorite show. Well at least I'm becoming a good boyfriend. Right? Sapphire I would love to but we have a signing all day next appointment I would go without a doubt. I said to her with a frown on my face. I looked at her ,her smiled turn in to a frown making my heart sink. I told her I would be there and I'm already showing the opposite of that. It's- It's Ok I understand and next appointment I would make around your schedule.  She said to me with sadness in her voice. I grab her and put her on my lap.She started to giggle. You don't have to but if you wanna that would be fine. I said smiling leaning in. Ok but be ready to have a late appointment I'm not early bird. She said leaning in herself. Good me too. Now our forehead were touching. I looked in to her Chocolate eyes in amazement. How could I get so lucky to have you? I asked her. That's the same thing I ask my self everyday. Sapphire said finally kissing my lips. Our lips moved in perfect sync. I picked her up laying her down on the couch so I was on top of her. Our kissed deepened with passion . I could tell she wanted more of me. I moved my lips from her down to her neck. I was searching for her soft spot. I continued until I heard Sapphire let of a little moan. I smiled and kept kissing her there leaving a mark. Right before anything could go any further Sapphire pushed me off of her. Harry I don't think we could do that while I'm you know. She said pointing to her stomach. I nodded and kissed her stomach . Well when you go to the doctor you should ask. I said looking up and winking at her. She slap my arm. Harry! She said . What? I Said joking around. I cuddle up next to her and watch t.v.But after the show went on commercial. Sapphire but I'm oh so serious. I said making the straightest face I couldOh ok I'll ask just for you Harry. She said to me winking. After a couple hours past we were watching t.v. Then I decide to stay over and Sapphire and I spent the rest of the night in each other arms.

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