The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


33. Sorrys,Heart Breaks And School

Sapphire P.o.v
I woke up early to get ready for school. Yes school started and I’m kind of happy about it. Niall’s beautiful pink hair lasted longer than expected. It lasted for 3 days. When we finally got to good terms with him the dye wouldn’t wash out. He had to go outside like that and everything! Best prank ever! I sat on my bed trying not to leave the warmth from the blanket. The changes in the seasons were good and bad. The good things are the heat is gone and Fall is here.My favorite season. The bad things were the year was ending which meant a new year too come making me another year older. I finally got out my bed and look for my school uniform . Yes we had a uniform in college. “We are the best! So you simply can’t come in street clothes here.” Our dean says. Mines for photography was black pants with a navy blue shirt with a red tie everyone had to wear. Oh I change my major too, I believe that hair is just a faze I’m going through. But every study wear a different color. Kat goes there via full scholarship and me my mother pays for me. I hopped in the steaming hot shower right in front of me. I changed and put my clothes on. I did my hair in a messy bun and no make-up. I grabbed a black cardigan and headed to the kitchen for a pop tart and a bottle water. I had to get going if I wanted to make my 11 o clock class. It was an hour drive but since it was a top school it made up for it. I was about to head out when Kat asked me where was I going. I have school today. I think Photography and law and some other ones. I can’t remember. Oh your orientation is today. I said walking to the door grabbing my keys off the key bowl. I check my pockets for my phone. It’s at 2 right? Kat asked . Yes .Yes it is. I said before opening the door breathing in the cold fresh fall air. Ah Fall got to love it <3 *Skip school day and ride up there* I meet a lovely boy named Jake. He towers over me and has piercing. A good combo but I’m happy with what I have. He is also a twin who is just like him in personality. So Sapphire want to  continue this talk over a cup of coffee? He asked. Yea but where this school is so far form the city? I asked clueless on where we were going to go. There is this little place at the end of the road they have really good coffee. He respond . Oh ok I guess I’ll see you down there? I asked. Yea see you then! He said before walking away. I walked with a pep in my step to get out of the cold that I was in. I blew my hot breath on my hands for warmth and was in front of my car unlocking the doors .When “I’m Yours” By Jason Mraz started to play from my phone.” Hello.”Hey Sapphire can we meet up and talk?” Well I’m not in the city. Plus I’m busy at the moment so not really.” “How about later. Maybe 6 ish ? “Yea sounds good. “Well see you then.” Harry hanged up before saying his usual “I love you” or “ Bye Babe”  Strange I wonder what he wanted to talk about. I guess I’ll find out later. *One successful Drive ,Coffee, Brownie later* Are you seeing anyone? Jake asked randomly. Yeah.I replied. He is was one lucky man .Jake said with a little disappointment in his voice. Yea he is one lucky man. I said dreamily. We sat in an awkward silence for a few minutes. Well I have to go to work I’ll see you tomorrow in all our classes we have tomorrow? He said more like a question. Yea I’ll see you then. I said back. I got up from where we were and drove home. I broke my eyes away from the TV by a knock at the door. I adjusted my outfit then slipped in my UGGS. (Outfits [polyvore])  I walked to the door slowly. I was scared of this conversation was about. I open the door to see no other than Harry. Kat was still out from school and I was home alone. Hey I greeted him at the door. Hey can we talk? He asked. Well yea that’s what you’re here . I said and moved over so Harry can step in from the chill of the night. I rubbed my arms from the cold and walked beside him as he made his way to the living room. He stopped in the middle of the room. Sapphire sit down. He asked I did as told and look up to him. Sapphire were not working out anymore. Harry said. My heart broke when the word enter my brain. I wanted to cry but I didn’t let them come out. I understand him if his feeling for me has stopped then it’s better than him going behind my back and cheating. I had no words for him so I just simply nodded my head. But that’s not it. He said my head pop right up when he said that. What else is there to say?  During the time when you visited your parents I meet a girl and we been seeing each other ever since. He eyes lock on my brown fragile eyes breaking me even more than before. He cheated how could he! Ugh I was mad and upset at the same damn time! I wanted to cry even more but this time I let them fall. I wanted to know for some reason who Harry heart belongs to now. Who is she? I asked in-between cries. You don’t want to know? Harry said. Oh but I do! I told Harry. Sapphire no you don’t. He said again. Yes I do Harry just say it! I yelled upset he wouldn’t tell me. Skylar. He said like it was no big deal. Skylar the one with Zayn. I asked Yup . Harry said awkwardly. I couldn’t bare to see him right now. I could look at those I feel for. Harry please leave. I asked he did and I sat there and cried. I was there for a while I was broken.  Then I heard Kat yell” Sapphire I’m home with Skylar!” I perked right up and began pacing. I waited for them to enter the room.

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