The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


31. Pranks And Deep Thoughts.

Sapphire P.o.v

I smiled as Louis asked me who were gonna pull this prank on.I was thinking Skylar but she's new to our little group she'll probably mad and start something.So for now she safe...FOR NOW! Then I thought Zayn that would be funny but he would smash in a wall because "My hair is my life". He says. Harry and Kat our always the ones getting pranked so they are safe. Liam would probably out smart us and Danielle to. So It leave poor little Nialler. With the blonde in his hair it would be a brighter pink. Oh this is gonna light up every day with laughter. Niall. I said walking out the store to the paps.God how did they find out somethings I will never know. Sapphire we heard from a personal  source you were pregnant with Harry's baby.Were is the little one? This right there hurt a little bit and it made me furious. Why do they know this? How did they find out? A tear slipped down my face. Louis tugged me to keep on walking but I stayed and was going to let them have it. How do you guys find these thing? Huh! Why do you wanna know about mine or there personal life. I paused a second. It's called private life for a reason! I would just love if you respect that. I finished. The paps were silent and moved for me to walk. Louis was as shocked as them. I grabbed his bag packed arms and dragged him to his car. I put the bags in the back and sat in the passenger seat. A minute later Louis was in the car too. This is gonna make a lovely story tonight. I said with sarcasm. If Brittany can make it through 2007 you can make it through this little situation. Louis said. I had to laughed at his remark. But he was kinda right. Yea I guess. But what do you think about our prank. I keep on titter tottering on Niall and Skylar. I don't know why but I just don't like her one bit she seem rude to me and only me. When we were helping Kat move.Niall sound good to me. Louis said stopping at a red light. But what if we do Skylar I knows she new and everything but you know it would look so much funnier on her.I said maybe he would listen to me and say yea. He didn't like her either so maybe he would say yea. Nah as much as we don't like her we should stick to Niall. I always thought Niall would look pretty in pink. Louis said driving once more. For the remainder or the car ride we thought of the plan.

Harry's P.o.v ( Oh we get to go in his head for a slight second)
As I sat watching the telly I thought about how I could break the bad news on Sapphire. Yes in the beginning I did love her and wanted to be with her. But one day while running earrings I saw Skylar she took my breath away. She made me forget about the drama in my life at that second. Her red hair was flawless and her smile took my breath away.I had to see her again so I did.I know why stay in a relationship if you're gonna act single but I guess I was and still am being stupid for love. I sneaked seeing her for after 2 months of me and Sapphire's relationship. But when she went to America I would see Skylar non stop. I told her everything and she didn't judge me for anything. She just wanted me to end my relationship with Sapphire. It wasn't going to be easy she was mothering my child at the time. How would that look me just drop her for another girl. Time went by and I fell really hard for Skylar. Then the one day when Sapphire was with Louis when she came back made me wonder. She was always talking to him about stuff she won't dare tell me. She was spending and talking about him as if she was with him.Making me believe she was doing what I was doing to her,cheating but with my best mate that can be. I felt a little hurt and I did get jealous I tried to get her to come out and say she was but that argument turned into a horrible one. She lost our baby and now she needed me more.So now I really couldn't do it.Skylar and me still went on strong with no slips at all. So I invited her to Niall's and Kat's birthday party. She meet Zayn and he looked at her with so much passion.I can tell he liked her and I knew she wouldn't stay long enough and keep on waiting for me. So if I wanted her I would have to do the thing I been dreading, break up with Sapphire. I was planning on doing it tonight but we slipped up and Louis found out. Knowing him he told everybody,he can't stay shut for to long. If he told Sapphire like I asked him not to she would called me or been over her to yell and ask me why.I would do it later this week no less before I would loss Skylar to Zayn and hate myself even more for letting her go.I'm going to go over to her house and then tell her I'm no longer feeling the the romance she would understand that. Then I'll tell her about Skylar. That was going to make her upset. I know this but gotta do it. Rip it off like a band-aid , no pain no gain.I looked up back to the telly to she gossip up then my face. I pay my full attention,"Producer/actress Selena Rivera daughter Sapphire in a relationship with One Direction's Harry Styles.She admits it to the paps earlier this evening.When a person source say she is pregnant with his child? Is this true? When we find out so will you.". Sapphire probably snapped at the paps about that she has always like her privacy.I don't mind she confessed but when they see me with Skylar they would have a blast.But we will figure that out at that time.   I feel something vibrating on my leg. It's my phone,it's Skylar good now I could tell her about my plan for us to finally to be together.

Louis P.o.v
So Sapphire plans is to get Niall and Kat to spend time with me and Sapphire just to hang out. As a bunch of best friends like we are. We will have food so he would come no matter what. Little bit after we just play around.Sapphire would ask Niall if she can do his hair like the hairdresser would do it. She would get Kat to join in on the begging because he wouldn't give in easily. But with Kat he will,she will tell him to use the shampoo and there you go pink hair.We will tell him that it's the shampoo and it mostly likely permanent.He would freak then after messing with him some we will let him know it will wash out next morning. Kat would be along for the ride so we can have a laugh about her reaction to. It's 4 right now and I'm helping Sapphire clean. Then we will make the shampoo and call them over for our prank. This is gonna be great!


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