The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


32. Pink Hair And Unwanted Text

Kat P.o.v
Me and Niall still are sitting here talking and playing around with everyone. Now it was me Danielle and Skylar talking.She came off a little bitchy but when you talk to her she really cool people(Well In Philly We Use That Saying As They're Not Fake Or Anything .If You Didn't Know) she's down to earth and like any normal girl.The boys were deep in conversation about if Sponge Bob's grand mom was a cookie. Niall said she was and Liam and Zayn  disagreed and said she was also a sponge. While they fought over Sponge Bob's sponge of a grand mom. Me, Danielle and Skylar were talking about bad hair days.Since that was our topic,me and Skylar were listening and giggling at funny part.In the middle of her story my phone started shaking violently. Ah little Miss.Popular that's what I am.Just kidding it was probably a notice my phone bill is due next week. I laughed at a remark Skylar made then had a wide smile and looked down on my phone.2 new messages,the notification popped up when I put in my password a heart with a N in it. I drew the heart but messed up the N.So I retried and got in,I clicked the messages to see.

Unknown - So you left me for that blonde headed prick!Why would you want the ugly one over me?When I see him his gonna get it.Kat I know where you live and you will take me back no matter what you say.And if you try to resist anything you get a worst beating then the park!He can't protect you and the police can't either. Love YOUR one and only-Eddie.

My smiled faded and I keep rereading the message. I was in pure shock an didn't know what to do.Why can't he just leave me alone,he has done enough to damage me. Why continue to make my life hell?As I started at the message trying to hold back the tears trying to creep up and come out. My name was called by Liam. Kat right Sponge Bob's grandmother is in fact a sponge not a cookie! He asked me. Then Niall and Zayn had all eyes on me. Babe she's a cookie right? Niall asked me with puppy dog eyes so I can be on his side. I had end this little fight about the weather she a cookie or not. No she is a old wrinkled up sponge. I said,Niall sighed and Liam and Zayn yelled a Ha! Told you! Kat your suppose to be on my side.Niall whined at me while Skylar and Danielle moved next to the boys to join in on the conversation at hand. Sorry Niall but if you want we can make cookies that you think she is. I said moving my attention from him to my phone again. Niall didn't respond he probably was smiling at he gets to have cookies. I exited the message I'm not going to respond and feed into his mess again. The other message was from Sapphire asking if me and Niall wanted to hang with her and Lou. I couldn't just say yes and Niall didn't want to,so I asked him. Niall? I asked they were watching some action movie. Yes? he asked looking at me. Wanna hang with Sapphire and Lou.We can make the cookies to! I asked him. Yea sounds fun we'll leave after this movie. He smiled and turn to the movie. I clicked respond and hit the words out on my keyboard. Ok! We'll be there in a hour.Were making cookies tonight! I promise Niall. I send the text to get a instant reply. Ok We'll order out then. Sapphire replied. I exited out everything and check the time it was only 8. I locked my phone and tried to pay attention to the movie. It was hard I kept on thinking about what Eddie would do and how he treat me. Ugh I hate him for making me live everyday in fear when I stood up and finally broke it off. I hate him for making me feel so low and believe every word he said.I hate him for making my first love experience hell and unforgettable,and lastly I hate him for bring Niall into his drama. Yes I was used to it but Niall doesn't deserve this. He already as fragile as me or even the a little worst. Nobody needed this extra slice of drama from everything going on. Before I realized Niall was standing up stretching saying how were leaving and then pulling me up to my feet. I smiled and said my good byes and left with Niall hand in mines.*A car ride later* I put the key in the doorknob and open the door. Niall had the bags with the ingredients for the chocolate chip cookies and brownies because I seen them on the shelf and they looked pretty good. Were here! I yelled walking in front of Niall to the kitchen. Were in the living room your food is on the counter.Sapphire yelled. We put the bags down and grabbed our food. I had my favorite Bourbon chicken and Niall got a chicken wing platter from the most delicious Chinese place you can find.We walked to the living room and plopped down next to Lou. After were done eating we can make cookies! Niall said in-between mouth full of food. We laughed at his excitement. We were eating and watching some show that was on the telly in peace,we finished our food and made our way to the kitchen.

Sapphire P.o.v
Me and Kat were making the cookies that the boys were suppose to help us with but. Niall wouldn't stop eating the cookies that were done and Louis kept messing up measurements to everything so we kicked them out the kitchen.Now I shall get Kat to help me to get Niall to let me do his "hair". The looks on there faces are going to be worth all the screams to come in a little bit.I was putting our 5th and final batch in the oven and Kat was starting to clean up. So Kat you think Niall would let me do his hair tonight? I asked .Don't laugh or give yourself away Sapphire. I kept in mind. Depend what are you trying to do?"Well I wanna do his hair like the hair dresser do it.Get a head start for school.Which starts next Tuesday for me. I said giving a excuse to do my little prank. Well in that case mostly likely yea.If anything I got your back. She nudge me. But I start Wednesday." Thanks and Lucky you get a longer break!""Yea I do but I have less breaks then you." "Well on the bright side we will see each other at home and  on campus!""Yea.Yea" Kat said handing me the bowls to wash.Dishes worst chore ever! Diiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnggggg! The bell rung indicating the cookies were ready. Kat got them and call the boys in so they can get some.What!What! Cookies Done! Niall sang. Why are they so big? Lou asked wide eyed. Well because we wanted big cookies. Kat said like it was so obvious. As Niall was grabbing/stuffing his face with cookies,I decide to ask him. Niall do you think I could do your hair tonight? I asked putting the bowls in the cabinet. How and why? He asked and stop eating. Like the way you have it and to get kind a head start for school next week."I don't know and I didn't know you guys started school next week.""Yea we do and pleeeeaassseee!. I begged him now. Why not do Louis hair? He asked Well his hair is blah! and your hair your hair my friend is something! I said. Niall let her do it she won't shut up until you say yes. Louis said knowing the events about the happen. Yea do it and I'll make it up to you. Kat said hugging him then giving him a peck on the cheek. Nice work Kat to get him to fall for it I thought. Fine let's go.Niall huffed and we all started to make our way upstairs. I winked to Louis because our evil plan was working so well and he let a quick laugh. What's so funny? Niall asked. Damn it Lou save yourself! Um I-I was laughing at how easy you gave in? He said more like a question then a statement.Uh huh. Niall said before walking again. I opened my door and got the shampoo,here go in the bathroom and wash your hair with this. I said handing him the shampoo.I'll help you Niall.Kat said going to the hallway closet and grabbing a towel. Me and Louis sat on my bed smiling wide ready for a scream to say the die has worked. As me and Louis sat there Kat scream my name. Sapphire! Oh my god! Come here! She had panic in her voice I tried my best not to laugh and got up. Yes? I leaned on the doorway and asked her. Um come look at this. She said. Look at what? What happened? Niall asked leaning over the tub with towel around his neck and pink suds in his hair. Me and Kat keep quiet. He got up and went to the mirror. What happened next almost made me bust out in laughter and give myself away. Niall scream like a little girl who's  dolly has been taking away from her. MY HAIR WHAT HAPPEN?! I LOOK LIKE COTTON CANDY! Niall screamed and Louis came in just watching him. What was in that shampoo? Kat asked me. I don-I don't know we just bought it from the store earlier. I told her acting shocked. Niall was looking at his may I say a pretty pink hair and using colorful language. He washed it out and he was just swearing like a sailor.How am I supposed to go outside? How will I get back my blonde hair? He was asking pacing the bathroom. Then he stop . I swore I seen a tear in his eye. I looked at Lou and he seen it to. I went to him and whispered "We should stop it now." He nodded and we both began to tell him about everything. Kat looked like she was going to laugh and me and Louis we just all laughs telling him. He went to upset to mad in less then a minute. He cursed at us and storm off to Kat's room. It was silent and all you heard was Niall color color language. Half of it I say in when I'm mad to. I looked at Kat then Louis then broke out in laughter,then so did they.After a while! of laughing Kat went to Niall who was still cursing and me and Louis arranged sleeping places. After a minutes Niall stop cursing .Sleepiness hit me real quick after laughing that long. Ok since Harry was furious about us sleeping together last time,I'll sleep on the couch. I stated but when I said Harry's name Louis seem to get upset . No were gonna do our usual way. I shrugged my shoulder and laid down on my side of the bed. I turn the t.v on to American Dad and my bed sank in when Louis laid down next to me wrapping a hand around my waist. At first it seem wrong but I tried to see maybe if the feeling would go away.It didn't I moved as if I was uncomfortable and he moved his hand. You know you never told me what you were suppose to you know right? I asked closing my eyes know in seconds I would fall asleep. Yea now isn't the time for it. Louis said before I fell in wonderful sleep.

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