The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


24. Panic!

Sapphire P.o.v

The next day I woke up a pounding in my head and I felt worst then ever.When I went to yawn I felt arms around me. I smiled Thinking it would be Harry there. I smile and turn to the sleeping figured cover with the blanket.  I moved the blanket and seen Louis. Not Harry but it better than nothing. When I went to remove my self from Louis. I felt sick I threw his arms off of me and ran to the bathroom and did my business. I finished rinsed my mouth and went back to my room to get a shower and relax. I seen Louis sitting up rubbing his eyes yawning. As he yawn I couldn't help bu to his beginners abs. I was looking in amazement. Gosh the boy is gorgeous. What what am I saying I have a sexy boyfriend but Louis isn't all that bad.;) As I was probably now staring at his chest I heard my name. Sapphire?.... Sapphire?.... You felling any better love? Louis asked. He called me love that's nothing new but now it makes me feel different. Huh?! Um.. no actual worst . But I'm going to jump in the shower to may be relax and feel better. I told Louis heading to my dresser holding my stomach in pain. I grabbed 
[polyvore] . I turn the shower on and let the hot water run for alittle so it can heat up. I jumped in the shower and sat in the shower. Yes I sat while the shower was on . My stomach was killing me to stand up long. I washed up and got out and changed. I put the dirty clothes in the hamper. When I heard a knock on the door. Sapphire give me your dirty clothes I'm washing. Kat said. I open the door and sat on the toilet. There can you take it I feel worst then ever! I told her. Still Sapphire? Let's take your temperature. Kat said looking for the thermometer. Right drawer next to the hamper. I helped her from searching for forever. She nodded grab it and turn it on. Ok put this under your tongue. Kat said putting it in my mouth. We waited for the beep. After it beep she looked at my temperature. Ok go lay down and I will male you soupKat said helping me up to my bed. We walked in any Louis was putting on his shirt. Hey Lou! Kat said used to saying it . Wait?! Lou you stayed last night? Kat asked. Yea I did Sapphire made me stay with her. Louis stated. Kat put me on my bed and left the room. Do you mind if I use your phone charger? Louis asked me. No go head and I have some of Harry clothes in there if you want to take a bath. I told him grabbing my phone and curling up in a ball with my phone in hand. This was actually really comfortable. Thanks and I think I will borrow some of his clothes. Louis said walking to the side of my bed where the charger was. You look horrible Sapphire you should go to the doctor. Louis said sitting next to me on the bed. I fine it's just a little bug nothing big! And thanks for the compliment. Your such a gentleman.  I said .Note the sarcasm. I know right !. Louis said in a girlie voice. I laughed then regret it because it came with pain. Look I'm going to get change then go me and the boys are recording at noon. Louis said getting up to the drawer that was Harry's. He took clothes and left. I heard the shower run and I decide to call Harry. I unlocked my phone the long password I put was  don't even know why I did that.And call Harry.After two rings I heard.
"Hello  beautiful ." " Hey " What I don't get a compliment?" "I'm sorry.Hey sexy." Thanks I know I am but what's up?" "Nothing much just feeling really bad." " You want me to come over don't you?" "You know me so well." " Well after our recording session. Kat's there right ?" Yea she is and ok sound like a plan." " Yea did you know where Louis is he didn't leave with us yesterday when we drop you off .Well carried you home." " Yea he stood here." "Sapphire where did he sleep?" " With me we always do that." " I don't like that Sapphire. I don't agree with it one bit." " Well we didn't do nothing so." "Sapphire I love you and I want you to know that. I don't want you sleeping with him " " Harry I love you to and we did nothing. We always sleep together like best friends do and he still going to ." " Sapphire you don't understand that's my best mate too and why can't you do this on thing for me?" At this point we were full on yelling at each other. I never heard this part of him."No I really can't do that because it was nothing wrong you acted like me kissed or something." " You didn't right?" "Oh My God Harry .Really no we kissed all night long ." "Sapphire that isn't funny."I can't believe you'll say that." " Well don't ask dumb question and  you won't get dumb answers." " Sapphire is there something happening behind my back?" " What no!" "Listen Sapphire I'm just making sure." " Look Harry I don't wanna fight anymore. I love you goodbye. I hung the phone up before he could say anything. Really how he he think would cheat on him. Why would he ever think that. I love him and from what he tell me he feels the same so why would I do that. I threw my phone anywhere . Ouch?! Why did you do that? Louis asked I didn't even hear him come out the shower. Well your best friend thinks I'm cheating on him with you. I said clearly still mad. Haha real funny really what happen. Louis asked . I gave him the death stare.Your serious ?! Louis asked. I nodded. Well I go then. I'm clearly going to hear about this in the studio. Louis said grabbing his phone. An I shall hear it when he comes here afterwards. I told him adjusting my pillow to my liking. Well bye Prank buddy.Louis said kissing my head. Feel better and you don't look bad you still look beautiful. He said walking out. I blushed alittle and laid in my bed . Here's your soup and here's some NyQuil to help you feel better. I'm going no where today she said pointing to her outfit
 [polyvore]  . Ok now I know. I said laughing. Well I'm off to do wash. She said leaving to my food. I ate the soup and drank the medicene. After a good 30 minutes . I felt alot better I just felt a whole lot of pressure on my lower stomach. I ended up falling asleep watching Project X. (A/N Ah great movie right there a must do thing on my list of fun. I made that up just so I can It's on my list.) I was in a deep sleep when I woke up to someone shaking me. Leave me alone if you cherish your life. I said half asleep. They keep on shaking me. I guess this is there end. I turn around to see Harry. Sapphire are you ok? He asked. Yes mad from earlier but there a little pressure in my lower stomach .I told him. Really your still mad at me cause of that Sapphire? Harry said. Yes I am I love you and you think I would cheat. I with your child aren't I? Why would I cheat? I asked standing up to face him. Well if you were in my shoes you would think the same. Harry said. Think exactly what Harry? I asked getting upset more and more. That your best mate and your girlfriend are sneaking behind your back . Harry said getting mad just as I was.Uh If I were in your shoes I would trust her to be a best friend and try anything with her best friend who is in a relationship. I yelled. No you wouldn't Sapphire. C'mon you know you wouldn't. You would of made a big fight out of this like your doing now! Harry said. I wanted to slapped him so hard but I held it in. But as I was walking to him to get him my witty  remark. I felt the pressure being taking out of my stomach. It felt WONDERFUL. Then I felt something warm down my legs. I know I just didn't pee on my self! I looked down to see anything but I couldn't see anything because of the tights. I know this is gross but I felt my leg. It was wet. I looked at Harry who was staring at me worried. I looked at my fingers. Blood was on them. I put my finger on my leg again. There was more on my finger. I felt the blood coming down faster down my leg. I showed Harry my fingers. And next thing I knew Everything was black and I felt on cloud nine. So relax and peaceful. I heard Harry scream my name then Kats. After that I couldn't heard them anymore I just felt more and more relax.

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