The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


34. Pain Easer

Sapphire P.o.v
As I heard footstep coming in my direction (One Direction ;) I had to make my mind up. I should and mostly like will give her a piece of my mind of I can just like her go.Wait let her go?! I must be going crazy! I paced the room waiting for her to enter. Hey! Kat said happily then she became worried.What's wrong? Skylar asked. She has nerve to ask me what is wrong!That's it she going to have to hear my mouth. What Wrong?! What's wrong?! You know exactly what wrong Skylar! I stop pacing and shot dagger to her with my furious brown eyes. What are you talking about? Kat and Skylar asked the same time. I ignored Kat and went right to Skylar once again. Don't play stupid you know what you did! I basically yelled. Sapphire calm down I don't know what your talking about. She said coming toward me. You little bitch don't you dare act dumb. " Excuse me?! What?! Skylar asked taking back by my statement. Sapphire was that necessary? Kat asked me. Yes! Yes it is! I said.  Harry came over today because he wanted to talk.I started. What does that have to do with Skylar? Kat asked. I once again ignored her and went on look at Skylar.Oh I wanted to just beat the living shit out of her! He first broke up with me then dropped some big news,that Miss.Skylar knows oh to well.I yelled. It still hurt to think and well say Harry broke up with me. It was still a new and unhealed wound to me obviously. Sapphire I'm sorry to hear that. Kat said. Yea that is pretty sad but once again I don't know what your talking about. Skylar said. I could see right through her little dumb and innocent act. She knew everything I was talking about. Well let me remind you then. While me and Harry was together you were with him too! I yelled walking up alittle bit to her.Kat gasped and walked toward me and Skylar. You were the girl Lou was talking about? Kat asked. Let me explain it not what it seem. She said. I see she's still acting. But then I moved my attention from Skylar freckled face to Kat's pale one. What? I asked her. Who was Louis talking about and what was he talking about? Kat ignored me like I did her and keep on talking. Your the girl Lou found Harry cheating with the the a couple weeks ago! She said in pure horror. Skylar turned her head to do a no signal. I was confused. Kat knew,Louis knows to and they didn't bother to tell me! How could they my "best friend" should of told me as soon as they found out! You sat there with all of us trying to understand why he would do that and you sat there and talk with us like if you weren't the one that was in the hot seat! Unbelievable! Kat yelled. I'm sorry! I knew Harry was in a relationship and he said he would break up with her that's why I stayed. She try defending herself. I'm so sorry Sapphire. She try to hug me. I pulled away then raised my hand up and did what I thought I wouldn't work up the nerve to do. I slapped her right in her face. I made sure it was hard. She must feel the pain I'm feeling right now. Betrayed by the ones who you would never think would ever! Ever do that. Then heart broken.Finally the pain of the break up then the pain that your friends did you wrong. Kat and Skylar gasped but Skylar grabbed her red cheek. She look at me. I'm so sorry Sapphire.I never mean to hurt you. She said. About now I was tried of hearing people say sorry or I didn't mean to hurt you. Just get out.  I whisper bearable to hear. I was emotionally drained. I couldn't express my emotions just feel them. Skylar did as told and walked out. Kat came and hugged me but I was mad at her too at this point.I didn't break the hug sometimes you need a warm strong hug you know.Right now was my time for one. Who else knows? I asked. She pulled off of me and frown.Everyone we were hanging out then Lou came in mad that Harry did that then he said something that he should tell you then we talked about why would he do that to a catch like you. She said. Everyone knew not even one single person couldn't come to me and say what Harry was doing. I'm sorry Sapphire I wanted to tell you.Well you should of! I'm tried of people feeling sorry for me or didn't want to hurt me! Kat as my best friend I would of like to hear what Harry was doing before I found out the hard way. I'm mad at you right now . I -I just need to be by myself for a minuted. I walked passed her and went in my room. I plopped on my bed and cried.I cried my heart contents and didn't let anything stop me. From a knock on the door or a ring on the phone interrupt my crying. I stay in that state for awhile. I could say for 4/5 days. I didn't eat,get a shower change or nothing. Nasty I know. Kat must of called and told everyone because they would come and try to get me out the room from the door because that's as how far they got to see me. I would go to the bathroom and cut my upper leg,my side of my chest and my hip. Yes I was an emotionally & depressed state of being.Everything upset me so I did what I have got back into. But today I decide to change that I knew another way that always numb the pain .Alcohol. As soon as Kat left for school which keep calling me. I jumped in the shower I stood there for awhile letting the hot water run down my back. I got out and hour later and change into tights and a tank top. I put my Burgundy varsity jacket and all black toms on. It was time for a breakover. ( Breakover-After A Break Up You Do A Make Over To Show That Person What They Gave Up/Lost) I went to the hair salon and did this [polyvore] I loved it. I went home and thank god Kat wasn't there yet. Tonight I will go out and drink and have a good time by myself. As soon as Kat came back home it was like all nights. She said sorry,tried to get me out then rarely but often the boys came over even Harry! and said they were sorry over and over again. Then also tried to get me out. At 8 I decide to get ready. I took a steamy hot shower.Changed did my hair and make-up. I cover up every scar with foundation and conclear. I looked at myself [polyvore] and decide it was time to have some "fun". I put my phone keys and credit card in my pursed and walked out my room. I was just about the door when I heard Kat ask where I was going. I simply replied out and left. I notice the boys cars in my drive way so they must of heard me. That night I got messed up beyond belief. I didn't do anything with anybody I just drank,danced and talk to random people. The liquor calmed me and made all my pain ease away with every sip of a drink or a shot.All I have to say right about now is Fuck you Harry Styles.

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