The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


11. OMG Not Me

(A/n So yea I'm skipping some time it not long only like two months since when they meet.)

Sapphire P.o.v
The last past months been wonderful. The boys really make life fun! Me and Louis became best friend I even told him about my parents. But no matter how happy I was my mother would call and tell about my fathers condition. I really haven't decide on how to deal with it I mean I really disliked my father and mother . The way they just kicked me out and expected me to forgive them and be a loving child again. After the drama they put me through! I don't think so. But on the other hand that was my parents at one point and I did love them . I mean Kat would try to make me feel better about the situation at hand but it wasn't really working. I just couldn't really get my head around the crap they did to me.


I was siting in my room doing my homework on my desk.When my I heard a knock on the door. Come in! I said to the person at my door. Hi honey. My mother sweet voice said. I turn around to see her and my father walking into my room leaving the door open. My father looked pretty upset. What's up? I asked my parent completely confused. Sapphire Diamond Rivera have you lost your mind? My father yelled at me. Honey my mother whisper to him. First you get caught shop lifting and now your stealing our credit card and your grades are dropping I can't take this anymore! He yelled. Also your getting in trouble in school and on the street! He just pointing out all stuff I never did. What dad?! I never did any of those things! I protested. Yea you did! I got the papers to show! He said having paper in his hand pointing them to me. Mom do you really believe this?! I asked heated. Yes I do Sapphire and honey you said yell at her we were going to talk about it? My own mother said. So right now my father is making lies about me and my mother was believing it. The only reason my father was doing this and one I caught him cheating on my mom.I was going to his job so he can sign my permission slip from school.When I got to his job and then his office. Since him and my mother are very high people in America. I opened the door to see a lady on his lap kissing him! Dad! I yelled at him. Her and my dad jump apart and he look at me with no regret . Sapphire? He asked. I ran as far as my legs could take me. I felt broken. My dad was cheating on my mom. I thought he love her and me. Why would he risk everything? Before I could reach the elevator my legs gave up on me. I curled up in a ball and sobbed. Sapphire! I heard my father voice before he pick me up and took back to his office. He sat me down on his desk and look me in the eye. Sapphire you can't tell your mother! She told me with seriousness in his voice. Why not you cheated! I yelled the last part. Sapphire shut up you ruin my reputation! If you tell your mother I would be look on differently by people and even fired! Now I would get you anything so won't tell! He said to me once more . I stopped crying and answered. Ok tell mom tonight or I will! I said to him. Sapphire I will not neither will you because if you do your surely regret it. He said grabbing my wrist hard and shaking me. Ouch! I told him. He smirk Ok? No! I told him. Sapphire I never loved your mother or you so stay shut. He said dragging me to the door. Now go home don't tell your mom and be a good girl. He told me . I was shocked at what he said. How could he be so cruel! I ran home and told my mother she laughed and blowed it off. She told my father and my father came to me shortly after she told him. I know because he came in my room and said your gonna regret this. At first I was scared but days went by and nothing happen. Now he made sure he made me get it. Mom! he lying he cheated on you and he doing this because I caught him. He said he didn't even love us! listen please? I said asking with every bit of my body. Sapphire! my mother said getting upset at this. Your father does love us and he would never do that! While my mom said the whole time she was talking I was looking at my father smirking. My mom was really upset by that. She keep on yelling I was staring at my father wanted to go up to him and smack him. Then while thinking my violent thoughts. My mother said something that caught my attention.You know Dan I think you were right we should let her leave to London and go to a private strict school. She said . What no please mom! I yelled not wanting to leave my everything behind. See Jane told you this was for her good. See what I was talking about being disrespectful. Dad you liar I said and walked up to him and punched him in the face. Sapphire! My mother yelled pulling me away. Start Packing your bag your leaving tomorrow my mother said. Fine I was now heart broken and felt my own MOTHER and FATHER! this was the worst thing ever! I began to cry my mom walked out leaving my dad at the door way. Told you you'll regret this . He said laughing alittle bit. I just cried more. I left the next day and went to London. To went I got there there was no school but my house . I was giving keys by the driver . I open the door to see a fully furnished house. On a table was a note. Have fun caring for your self your stay down there forever and would get no money from us . The note said I was a mess.6 Month later school was over and I've talk to my mom and she found out everything and was upset.She began to give me money and trying to be there but she never made me come home. I felt more unloved by that fact.After that I hated them by the minute and my mother stood by my dad side.

***Flashback over *****

So I could'nt forgive them for that! But anyhow I was in my room throwing shoes to take Kat to her house to get more clothes and take her to the store. I went down stair where Kat was. Finally! She said turning the t.v off and got up. I drove to her house and I was now waiting for Kat to come to my car. When I got a text from Kat.

Kat- Umm got my little friend can you go to the store and get me some pads please ?

I tapped the words Ok I'll be back in five! on to my screen.
I drove to the rite aid close and went to the stores lady's area. I looked around and found the kind she asked for and thought for a second to see if I needed any. I stood there remembering and noticing I didn't get it for sometime. I began to panic and called Kat.
Hello. Kat said Kat Oh My GOD OH MY GOD I can't believe this I said with panic in my voice. What is the make-up on sale again. She said trying to make fun of me. No Kat I said seriously. She respond Then what? She asked confused. Kat my little friend I haven't got it yet i'm late ! I told her. Ok It will come don't worry. She said. Kat no not this month but the last two month they didn't come OH MY GOD I might be I sighed realizing the situation coming on. I told her. Sapphire get the test and hurry up back her so we can do the test at your house. She said calmly. I rushed to the shorties check out line and bought the items. I speed walk to my car and drove to Kats. She was standing outside waiting for me. She put her bag in the back seat and sat next to me. I didn't know what to feel. I was scared, confused and most of all what if I was will Harry be there. He of course was the father. I couldn't bare it anymore I cried my eyes out on the steering wheel. Kat hugged me and rubbed soothing circles in my back. Sapphire maybe it's nothing . She said to me. Kat i'm scared what happen if Harry wants nothing to do with me? I asked her . He won't do that Sapphire she said. I grabbed my phone and called the one person I trusted with so much in a little bit of time.Louis.

Ello love. Louis said. Hi . I said not sounding my self. What's wrong Sapphire? Louis asked confused. I need you in my place in 5 minutes! I told him serious. Ok Love what's wrong? He asked once more. Just do it please? I asked him. Ok I'm leaving now! He said . Don't bring anyone I told him. Before hanging up.
Who was that?Kat asked. Louis. I said before driving to my house. I helped Kat with her stuff and waited for Louis impatiently on the couch. After 5 minutes I heard a knock I knew it was Louis. I opened the door and drag him upstairs where Kat was reading the instructions. Sapphire what is it? Louis asked. I got to my room and sat him down on the bed. I paced look at Kat and seen the multiple test on the bed. Are you pregnant? He asked my looking confused. I don't know yet. I told him on the bridge of breaking down again. Take the test and find out I took all 4 different brand and everyone in the boxes. They all were turning positive. I looked at the recent one I just took and hope it would be negative. Nope! I threw it at the trash upset. I went out he room to get the last one. Negative? Louis and Kat asked in unison. Nope ! I said getting upset. Honey your pregnant i'm sorry to say it but you gotta expect it. Kat said I look at her like Bitch please! I took the last test and waited the 3 minutes it was positive. By this time I realized I was pregnant! I walked out and cried on my bed. Sapphire i'm so sorry! Louis said. Don't be it's not your fault. I told him. Are you gonna tell Harry ? Louis asked I looked at him and stopped crying. I looked at Kat who face was saying you better say yes. I looked at Louis and reply. I let out one finally sad sigh and shook my head. But when I started thinking about what Harry might do Made me upset more causing to sob. Kat and Louis hugged and and stood with me the rest of the night. I was happy to have this two people in my life. I feel asleep and before I did Kat went to her to go to sleep and Louis stood in my room and slept with me. How was I gonna tell him? I asked my self.

What is she gonna do? Is Harry gonna take it well? I don't know oh wait I do! Ha ha but I'm tired have a good day peeps!)
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