The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


30. New People And Sercets.

Louis P.o.v
I turned my head in pure horror to who was behind us.I turn my head to see one face looking shocked and two trying to hide a worried face. He did what?! They asked again. Um how much did you hear of that? Niall asked. Every last thing. They prolonged the sentence. I stood there just staring at them dumbly.If that's a word.Well are we gonna tell her or is Harry gonna tell her Lou? One of the girls said. Uh no I told him to tell her himself and no one is gonna tell her. I said making no one very clear . I don't think this is right. I looked at everyone finally meeting eyes then one unfamiliar. Finally the two other girls taking a seat next to their boyfriends. Next to Niall then Liam. I bet  you can tell who they are now right. Oh Lou this is Skylar. Zayn said smiling at her. That name seem familiar even thou she doesn't look familiar. My soon to be girlfriend. Zayn finished. She blushed and smiled wisely. Oh stop it Zayn. She said and sat down. Her voice ....I heard it before somewhere.We talked for an hour about the situation at hand. That girl Skylar seemed a bit off. But I'd pushed it away.Every time she would talk I can swear I heard her voice somewhere. After talking about Harry. We got to know Skylar she's a model.She meet Zayn at Niall party she was invited to somehow. She not from London and she kinda stuck up to me. But while she was talking my phone started buzzing. I looked at it to see a text. It was from Sapphire. I forgot to tell her I wasn't going there straight away. But My Bad!
Your Best Friend Eva!- Forgot me?Jk. Where are you?
Your Prank Buddy- Sorry:(  Stop at Zayn real quick and how could I forget you?!
Your Best Friend Eva- Oh Ok.Well I have to go to the store so let me know when your coming.
Your Prank Buddy-I'll go over now! I wanna go to the store :)
Your Best Friend Eva!-O.k See you when you get here.:)
Your Prank Buddy- Ok.
The texting went back and forth with only second between a text. I stood there for another minute of Skylar talking when it hit me where I hear her from. She was the girl Harry was with! I got up from where I was sitting and said my good byes and was happy to be out of there before I could confront Skylar about Harry. I got in my car and turned it on. Skylar seem off and I know I wasn't the only one feeling this.When we talked about Harry she said we should tell Sapphire and just get the out in the open no secrets. One side of me was with her but the other was saying I had no business in it. I might have caught them but I have no right.If someone was to cheat on me I wouldn't want a friend tell me but a my girlfriend to be truthful and just tell me.Before I knew it I was in Sapphire drive way. I put the car in park and turned it off and hopped out.I knock on the door but no respond I did it again same results. I grab the knob and twisted it. It was unlocked weird. When I stepped in I seen boxes and suitcases in the living room. Sapphire?! I yelled threw the empty house. In the kitchen! Sapphire yelled a couple seconds later. I walked in that direction and seen Sapphire making a sand which. Hey want one? She asked looking up at me with her heart warming smile. Nah what's up with the boxes ans suitcases ? I asked taking a seat on the island chair. Oh Kat was finally moving in today Niall,Liam,Zayn, Danielle,Me and some girl named Skylar was helping her. They said they were going to Zayn's for a bit but I guessing you know that.She said not breaking a look from her sand which. Yea I know why didn't you go over there? I asked I'm for one happy she wasn't there to hear everything I had said. To be honest I don't know why I asked that question. Well for one I have to go the store and this house is a mess it oh so needed to be clean.She said putting everything away. I looked around her house wasn't even that bad it looked clean just a couple missed places things. I guess . But what are we getting? I asked wanting to get up and go. Well here's the list.I'm going to grab my wallet I shall return Vern. Sapphire handed me the listed and left me alone in the kitchen. She basically was getting cleaning supplies and a couples things didn't understand. Like Hair Milk. What is that? Is it a gallon of milk for your hair? I guess I'll find out later. As I was think what in gods name is a deep conditioner is Sapphire came back with a half eaten sand which. Ok Lets go! She said I got up and started walking to the door. Who car are we taking? I asked as I put my handout to the door knob. Um your has more trunk room right? She asked. What is a trunk ? I asked feeling more dumb as the minutes went by. The boot Lou that's what we call it in America. I thought you would know you were there for like half the summer. She said locking the door. Oh well you see . I said . We got in the car and I had full attention on the road. Lou can I asked you something? Sapphire said breaking my attention from the road for a second. Yea go ahead. I responded. Do you think something's is off with that Skylar chick. Or is it just me being a jealous girl? She asked No I feel something is off too!But why would you be jealous of her?"Well you can't say she isn't pretty and well lets say she has better body than me." "Yes that's true but you look 1 million perfect better than her." I said turning my head to Sapphire. She was blushing and not alittle bit but alot. I smiled and heard a honk from behind us. I move my foot from the gas and started to drive and the rest of the way in a comfortable silence. We pulled into the shopping mall parking lot and I parked. As soon as we got out the paps were there to greet us. Sapphire! Sapphire! Is it true you go out with One Directions Harry Styles? They asked. I grabbed Sapphire waist and pushed our way through them. Well by the looks of it she not with Harry but with you Louis! They asked. Is It true you meet through your mother while the boys were recording in America? They asked. I guess she finally snapped ans spoke up. No I didn't meet the boys through my mother! I don't go out with Louis and me and Harry are together. That's it! She yelled at them we finally got in the store and bought the cleaning supplies. We went to hair supplies store and got the Hair Milk. It not a gallon of milk but a bottle of whatever to make your hair soft. Plus it smelled really good.As we walked by the dye Sapphire had a sinister smile on her face. Hey Lou?! She said Yes. I replied. I have a plan grab that 24 hour pink dye and that bottle. She order me. I did as told and walked to the check out counter. What are we gonna do with this? I asked putting everything down. Well were gonna put this in somebodies shampoo and when they wash their hair and rise it out they will have bright Pink hair! She said laughing at her own plan. I gotta admit it was pretty good. I mad I didn't think of it. Well who is going to be our victim? I asked She smiled as she paid and grabbed the bag. I think I know who. She smiled

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