The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


21. New People And Places

Kat p.o.v

I woke up the next morning to my alarm clock. I sighed at look at the time. It's only 5:30 ugh why did this flight be so early. I sat up yawn and took my blanket off of me. As soon as I was  out of the blanket the cold air hit me. I stood up and the cold floor hit my feet making me kinda rush to the bathroom. I took a shower washed my hair and my daily routine. After I was done brushing m teeth I went to my room to change. I threw on my favorite skinny jean and a pink American Eagle shirt and a pair of black Toms. I let my hair fall in to it's natural waves and did a light make-up. As I went to put back the items I took out of my suitcase I heard a car horn from out side. I looked outside my window and seen it was raining.I grab a black pull over sweater my phone and my suitcase. I dragged my suitcase down the stairs. I open my door and put my suit case in Sapphire trunk. I ran in my house grabbed my carry on and locked my front door. I jumped into the passenger seat. Hey! Sapphire said as I put my seat belt on. Hey ready to go? I asked Sapphire. Yea are flight takes off in 3o minutes and since your close to the airport we should make it right on time. Sapphire said as we took off. * On the air plane* Me and Sapphire Almost missed our flight. We made it right as they were about to close the gate.We took our seat in first class and bucketed in like the pilot ask us on the loud speaker. O.k Kat the take off is the worst thing ever. Sapphire said closing her eyes and holding my hand. We both were little nervous wrecks because I never been on a plane and don't know what to expect and Sapphire just dosen't like flying. We both held each others hand and placed our head on the head rest. After 5 or so minutes we were in the air. I was kinda upset. I thought the take off would be horrible but it was really nothing. So how are you and Harry? I asked Sapphire knowing the drama shes been having. Where fine and he was worried about me flying and be pregnant you know. She said. But the question is how is are you and Niall. Sapphire asked and playfully hit my arm with her. Well yesterday we went out and a little girl asked if we were going out. I told Sapphire. Oh! What did he say ? Sapphire asked turning to face me. Well he said only if she said yes. I said knowing Sapphire would finish for me. Oh!My!God! She said taking a break after every word. Did Niall asked you out? Sapphire asked me. Yup. I said popping the p. And you said yes right? Sapphire asked. Of course ! I said hoping in my seat with a big smile on my face. Eek! Sapphire said and trying to hug me the best she could. Ok now we have to find the boys girlfriends to. Sapphire said after breaking away from our hug. First thing were doing when we come back is hanging out all together. I told Sapphire. I misses talking with Liam or playing around with Zayn. Or pulling pranks with Louis and Harry. But end up getting pranked by Louis and Sapphire. I just missed them. Yea I miss them to. Sapphire said pulling out her phone and started texting someone. Talking about the boys do they know your preggers? I asked Sapphire. No only you Louis and Harry know I guess I can tell them when we get back. Sapphire said while texting still. I looked out the window and laid my head against it. My eyes began to get heavy and before anything I was asleep. *Off the plane*
We got off the plane and grabbed our suitcase and then I heard someone say Sapphire name. She turned around and hugged the person. She was middle aged she had beautiful black short length hair with some streaks of gray. You wouldn't be able to tell she was old by looking at her face her hair gives it away. The lady she was hugging was speaking another language and Sapphire responded in that same language. She turned to me and said. Kat this is my mother. Then she turned to her mom and continued speaking her the unknown language. She said something about me because I heard my name. Then her mother came up to me and hugged and said something to me. I stood there confused and Sapphire said. She said you look beautiful and her name is Selena. Sapphire said smiling. It's nice to meet you. I said to her mom  Oh you don't speak Spanish? Her mother asked me. I smile and said no. Oh I'm sorry but it was nice t meet you but I should take you to your car. Selena said with a heavy accent. She took us to our car and me and Sapphire jumped in the back. Ok Kat something you need to know. Sapphire said looking serious. Ok what is it? I asked . One my family is Spanish so expect to hear stuff you don't understand. Sapphire said. I already experience that. I told her she giggled. Second my parents are big here. My mother a famous actress/producer so there will be paps. My father
 is a wealthy studio owner. Sapphire told me. I know her parents were rich but I didn't know why until now.Three my parent will threw money at you just because they can they show off ALOT! She said making sure I understood alot. And Finally were here to have fun so if you wanna do something just tell me. Sapphire said to me. Ok I understand and where are we exactly? I asked Sapphire. Well were in bucks county Philadelphia.Were near Philadelphia the city so if you wanna see anything in the city tell me because I was always down there as a kid. I know it by heart. Sapphire said smiling I guess memories were coming back to her. After driving for awhile we pulled up to a beautiful house. Ok were here ! Sapphire said gabbing my arm and pulling out of the car. Well at least while were down here I can learn Spanish . I told Sapphire. I mean who doesn't want to be able to speak two languages.  We walked to the door and I was surprise by the look. Sapphire smiled and dragged up a spiral stair case up to a room which I'm guessing was hers. Just like I left it. Sapphire said. Kat wanna go in to the city? Sapphire asked before plopping on a king size bed. We just got here it was only 4 in afternoon why not go sight seeing. Yea lets go ! But what about our luggage? I asked . She being rich has it up and downs. Sapphire said getting up and going to a button near her door an pushed it. And they are? I asked confused. The ups are you don't have to do really anything and you get anything you want. The downs are as a only child I didn't no one to do anything with so now that I have you and your like a sister I can do everything! Sapphire said then someone knock on her door. Yes Mrs.Rivera a maid said. Yes can you get some money out of the to spending fund for me? Sapphire asked. Yes from which parent side. The maid asked. My mothers and take your time don't rush your getting old Mrs. Megan. Sapphire said to the maid. It seem like you never really left what happen if we were imposter's? I asked Sapphire . She laughed . Well we had the same staff since I can remember they would never fire them.Sapphire said . After a few minutes of Sapphire talking about her past the maid came back with some cash handed it to Sapphire Then we left to go sightseeing around the City Of Brotherly Love.

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