The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


12. My Nerves Are Getting The Best Of Me

Sapphire P.o.v

I woke up from the mentally draining night I just had. I look to my right to see Louis still sound asleep. I got up trying not to disturb him and failed . I tripped over my bed spring causing the bed to shake. I got up real quick and look to see if I woke Louis up. I didn't I walked to my night stand where my phone was charging at I look at the time it was 8:15. I never get up this early might as well make the best of it. I changed into black tights and put a black tank top. After getting change I went down stairs and went to play Dance central. As I was strolling down the songs it stop on " Because of you by- Ne-yo" . I just stop and was reminded of Harry. I know it sounds bad but it just did. At that I decide I should tell him sooner better than later. I plated a couple more songs. Then decide to get shower and all that junk. As I went up stairs to two sleeping friends I thought wow these people can sleep longer than me. I look at my phone clock before jumping in the shower. 11 o clock. I walk to the bathroom with my towel in hand and turn the shower on. I let the heat from the water relax me and did everything I had to do. I got out and brushed my teeth and combed my curly wet hair out. I went in my room with my towel around me and began to change when I heard Louis turning in my bed. I hurried up and put on my underwear and bra just in case he wakes up. I looked for clothes in my closet. I wanted to wear something that can hide my stomach. Well just in case I started to get it. This is totally making me self conscience .As I was putting on my make up Louis finally woke up. Good afternoon.Louis I said smiling at him. What time is it? He asked yawning. I  looked at my phone. 12:30. I told him. I slept that late? he asked me . Yup. I said popping the p and turning around to finish my make-up. He got up and went to the bathroom I think. I finish my make-up and Louis walked back in he sat on my bed and started putting his shoes back on. How you feeling? Louis asked me. I turn around from my mirror and looked at him. How do you think? I ask sounding harsher then intended. I'm sorry I should asked. Louis said getting up about to leave. I got up grab his hand so he wouldn't leave. He look at me real quick. Louis i'm sorry I just don't know what i'm feeling right now. I told him not know the emotion going on in my own head. It's fine Sapphire. He said smiling at me. But I should be going the boys are probably worried and you should tell Harry before we leave next week for tour for a couple of weeks. Louis said to me before giving me a hug and started walking to the front door. I followed him. Wait what ?! Tour I didn't know you were going on tour. I said behind him while he was walking. Yea we found out yesterday love just do it he'll be ok with it . Louis said I sighed looked down . Ok I'll tell him later today don't tell nobody. I said still looking down. I felt Louis hand under my chin picking it up gently. It will be ok trust me and don't look down be proud your gonna be a mom. He said smiling at me. I guess yea. I said half smiling. Louis hugged me and kissed the top of my head. Bye love. Louis said before leaving. Bye I said to him. I plopped down on the couch and sighed. As I sat on the couch thinking how I should tell Harry it started raining. Great what a lovely day. I said to myself. I know right! Kat said. I must be deep in thought to not notice her come down stairs. Kat I can't tell Harry. I will ruin his whole career! I said to her. Sapphire no you won't now call the boy and go meet up with him and tell him right now! Kat said clearly getting frustrated at me. I don't know what took over me but I did as Kat said. After a couple rings Harry answer. Hello. He said cheerfully. Hey! I said trying not give my self away on the news. What's up ? Harry asked. Harry I gotta tell you something. I told him regretting saying it. What? He asked clearly confused. Harry remember the night we meet? I asked him. Yea why? He asked. Well um I'mpregnant. I said as fast as I could. What?! He asked. Harry i'm pregnant I said with a huff at the end. Sapphire how do you know? He asked me. Well I didn't get my monthly and 4 boxes of pregnancy test must be right. I told him. He stood quiet for a minute. And your sure it mines? He asked. I felt kinda broken from what he asked me and a little upset. Yes Harry I know who I slept with and you were the most recent one for the time being. I told him with some sass in it. Ok Ok I'm on my way over there now. He said Ok but for what? I asked not knowing why he was coming. To discuss this in person! He said . Ok i'll see you went you get here. I told him before hanging up. Kat was looking at me soo. I'll tell you later but right now I need the house to myself. I told her kicking her out nicely. Ok she said I'll go hang with the boys today. She said . She went upstairs and got ready. Me I just stood on the couch just starting at the t.v screen not paying attention to what was on but my fears from Harry. What happens if he doesn't want it? What if he not gonna be there? What if ? What if ? Is all I could think about. Kat came running down the stair. Bye girly. She said to me I just waved to her. I heard the door open the Kat say Oh Hey Harry. Where is Sapphire? Harry asked Kat. On the couch. Kat responded. I heard Harry walk in and the door closed . I was scared to face the Harry. I must admitted but he was here now to late to back out. Sapphire? Harry said waving his hand in my face. I snapped out of my daze. Harry I'm sorry . Is all I could say.

(A/n I will update later the rest of Harry finding out)

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