The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


4. Lets Get To Know Eachother

After Sapphires and Harry "Moment". She broke the ice and started playing Dance Central with everybody. They have been playing for a long time . While everyone was playing me and Niall were talking but every now and then I would catch Louis starting at me.
 It was good how everyone was getting along I would never guess that this would happening. Ok I'll be right back. Sapphire said . Were you going ? I asked her. I'm gonna get something for a little game. She said grabbing her car keys. Anyone wanna come? She asked everyone. I'll go. Niall and everyone expect Louis said. Great I'm going to be stuck with the boy who keep on staring at me I thought to myself. After a few minutes they all left. Me and Louis were sitting in silent watching t.v . Listen Kat it is right. Louis said toward me. I shook my head and Said. Yes? Listen your really cute and I would like to take you out some time. I was in shock I just sat there unresponsive.Two of the boys from One Direction wanted to take me on a date. I smiled and snap out of it and told him yes and traded numbers. After one show of Sponge bob they came back. Ok your friend is definitely a little party girl. Niall said sitting next to me. Where you go? I asked them as they all walked in. We went to liquor store. Sapphire said And why'd you go there Sapphire? I Asked her . Becaauusse where playing Truth or Dare but for grown up. She Said winking. Ok how do we play that? Liam asked. And why did go get liquor. I asked her. Liam it's like regular truth or dare but if you don't answer or do what be told to do you take a shot as simple as that and that' s why I bought liquor. Kat she told us. Ok Harry you can start it off. She said plopping down on the couch. Alright  Sapphire were gonna start kiddish so what your full name. Don't laugh when I tell you she warned everybody but me being her best friend I already knew. Ok . Niall Said. It can't be that bad like mines .Zayn told her. Well spit it out! Louis said. My full name is Sapphire Diamond Rivera. She said . Harry snicker really that's not your name! Oh but it is. Sapphire said. My mom kinda got diamond happy like she is in real life.She said poison in her voice. But anyhow... Louis! truth or dare? She asked him. Um Dare. He told her. After awhile of playing we mange everyone take a shot. Liam and Niall running up and down my block yelling how they love each other. Zayn had to dance in dance central. Harry streaking and Sapphire jumping in my neighbor pool in her clothes and much more crazy stuff. By the time we ended it was late so they went home. So tonight I gained another date and more friends.

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