The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


38. Let The Plan Go To Plan

Skylar P.o.v
So my plan is about to go to its full effect later this week. The final step to destroy Sapphire. I’m glad the thing with Eddie went to plan. Yes I know Eddie. When I first came to London I meet him and we went out. He told me about his ex, Kat. That's how everything started. We broke up but we always had one thing in common to get something that was rightfully ours. His thing was Kat and mines were the boys. As for Sapphire little boy toy right now, Jake he would do prefect in this whole situation. Last night I needed everyone out of the house last night so Eddie can do his deed. I held Niall back with the boys and Sapphire was out with Jake. If you don't get it by now I set the whole Eddie thing up. Yes I know I hurt Kat but I need to do what I have to do. Let me tell you the last part of my plan, but his is what I have done. I already got her boyfriend the one who kept her strong. Making her weak and vulnerable. Yes I know she cuts too. I can see the make-up covered scars. Not that bright is she.  But anyhow, take her best friend the one who keeps her sane. Then their Louis I know he likes her he said it out of his own mouth. But that's where Jake comes in. He dates Sapphire to make keep Louis away. But then Sapphire will be happy with Jake. Wrong I'll keep on bulling him until he finally ends it all. I been light on him lately but now I won’t anymore. Yes I can and will do that. Maybe just maybe Sapphire will end it too. That would be nice. As long as I have the boys to myself then everything is ok in my book. So this whole week I'll hang with both girls. Then I'll keep pulling Sapphire to the side because we need to talk. About I don't know I'll make that up when the time is here. I’ll do it to make it seem like she and I have something big a secret. On Friday I will ask Kat to hang out so we can be alone. Then I will make it look Sapphire did all the planning from meeting the boys at the club. Getting pregnant, to her and Eddie. Make her look like the crazy one. I will one of the days take her phone and put all the messages from my phone to hers with the talking to Eddie and the viscous plans on it too. Kat would be beyond upset, blow up on Sapphire cause her friends all to hate her. Leaving her with Jake to get closer and Louis to get a little bit upset. But Louis is not my main focus so I could care less for him. But Jake Isn’t going to be here for much longer. If I do my part right, I always do my part right so he’ll be gone. This all starts today diary. I can hardly hold in the excitement. I close my diary and put it under a loose wood board in my room. I grab my phone and decide to pick up where I left off at with Jake.  I type his number and click away on my keyboard until I was satisfied. Why am I mean and evil I don’t know why? I know why because without being mean you would be the weak link in society.
Jake P.o.v
My phone buzzed. I let it buzz for a second. I didn’t feel like getting up from my comfy bed to go get it. Wait it could be Sapphire! I hopped up and grabbed it. The date with her was amazing, it unfortunate what happen to her friend. I put in my password, the space bar and unlocked it. One message from “The Bitch”. Why did Skylar all of a sudden start with the torment? I opened for some reason I will never understand. It’s just when I get the messages I have to read them and go through the horrible feelings that come with it

. “Hey emo:)! Still cut yourself? Why don’t you just end it already? Nobody wants you here not even your twin brother. You just wasting air someone important could be breathing. That date I force you to go to isn’t real. Never was, Sapphire doesn’t give a shit about you she has somebody else I her mind. A matter of fact she is as weak as you. Well go cut yourself and this time do it right. Please for everyone.”

Why does she do this to me? I didn’t do anything to her ever! She just hates on you just to hate. As much as I want to not believe anything she wrote in that text, I can’t find myself to do it. Yes this brought down my whole day but I have to get over this somehow. I never cut myself never will but what does she mean about Sapphire being weak. That girl seem like nothing could ever break her. Skylar Ross you might bring me down with every text and word you say but I don’t think I can ever listen to what you say to do. That’s finally no matter how much I believe your text I will overcome your bullshit. From this day forth I will not read your text. All I can do is hope for the best that karma will get you.


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