The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


37. Knight In Shining Armor

Kat P.o.v

I sat there and watch the time go by. Where is Niall? I honestly thought he would been here earlier. But no he isn't here. I'm terrified that Eddie really is going to show up. I heard a soft knock  at the door. I sighed in relief and got up and went to the door. I open it and said " Finally you're here! I thought you never show up. " But to my surprise I felt a sharp pain in my left cheek. I fell to the ground from the force of the hit and grab my cheek. What the fuck was that for? I said . Why would Niall hit me like that. He said he will never put his hands on me ever! I looked up to be shocked by the face I seen. I thought imagining it but it was reality. I told you I would be here at 8. I stick to my word. Unlike you who don't know how to reply to a text. Eddie said . Why won't you let me live my life without you in it. How about you just fuck off? I said with venom in my words. Listen bitch  I'm going to have my way tonight! That's final! He yelled . Then before I could say or do anything. He gripped my hair from roots and pulled me up from the floor and dragged me up the stairs. He pulled me to the first room and plopped me on the bed. I screamed at the top of my lungs but he just cover my screams with his hand. I started to cry in fear from his action. Why couldn't Niall just show up before him. Next thing I know he was pulling down my pants and his with his free hand. I tried to break free but he just pushed more pressure on me. Then he started to kiss on my neck. As Eddie went to pulled down underwear I heard someone scream my name. I then began try to scream but nothing came out. I heard footsteps and a familiar voice say " What the fuck are you doing?" Not a moment later Eddie was off of me and I pulled up my pants. I looked to the side of the bed to see my knight in shining armor. But they fighting on the floor. I knew it had to be Niall by his blonde hair. They were swing at each other with no sign of stopping anytime soon. I did the most reasonable thing at the moment and went to a phone and dialed 911. I awaited for the operator voice. "911 what's your emergency ?" The lady on the phone asked " I need a police." I said "Whats wrong" She asked "Look my ex boyfriend tried to rape me and now my boyfriend and him are fighting please come quick" I said while they were fighting " We will be there in no time just stay strong and tell me where you live ma'am" She said " Okay I live at 123 Sesame st. " I told her where I live. Ok we will have someone over there in 11 minutes. As soon as she hung up I went back to the boys. Niall was on top punching Eddie. Stop! I yelled trying my best not to get in between them and get hit. But that wasn't happening. They stood swinging at each other until the police broke them up. Eddie was put into hand cuff right after being separated from Niall. I was on the ambulance stretcher being question by the police. I cried the whole time. Miss can you tell me what happened? The police officer asked. I was getting these horrible text messages from my ex boyfriend for a week now. But earlier today he said he was going to come to my house and have his way. I called my boyfriend so I can tell him and so he can come over if he really showed up. At the time he said he would be here there was a knock on the door. I went to open it because I thought it was my boyfriend because he was suppose to be coming over. I looked at the police officer he was writing down every word I said. I was alone telling my side of the story because another police officer grabbed Niall to the side to ask he side of the unfortunate events. I honestly didn't want to say what just happened. I really didn't want to relive it. It seem to hurt more and more when I think of what he did. I almost got rape by an asshole of an ex boyfriend. But my lovely boyfriend saved me right in time. I should of told Niall earlier about the text messages. I should of looked to see who was at the door before answer. I wished I can go back in time and not given Eddie a chance. My young naive mistakes seem to follow me to my young adult hood. I took another deep breath and continued with the most painful part of the story. As I look up from the ground I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turn to see Niall giving me sad small smile. I moved his arm and grabbed him into a hug which he didn't fight. I cried ruining his hoodie with my tears. The police officer just stood there watching us. If you want we can continue this after we get your ex boyfriend side Ma'am . I didn't budge from my position I was in but I wanted to get this over with right now. No. I spoke up my voice cracking. I pulled away from Niall and sat up. He grabbed my hand to ensure he was there for me. I closed my eyes and pictured every detail,then told what happened When I open the door I was greeted with a slap to my left cheek. I grabbed my cheek only to whine in pain. I was knock to the ground. I yelled at him. We got into a little agreement. Right after he pulled me up my hair and dragged me to the first room. I scream my lungs out but he cover it with his hand. I felt a little squeeze in my hand. He pulled down my pants then his. I cried but he just kissed my neck. But before he could go any further . I stop breaking that this really was happening. But Niall cut in. The I walked in and got that sick bastard off of her. He said. I looked down disgusted with myself. I feel so violated. Thank you for your cooperation but we will need your phone. The police said to me. It's on the living room table Niall can you get it. I asked him. He let go of my hand and left. Kat? What happened ? A worried voice asked. Ed-Eddie try to rape me but before he could really do anything Niall stop him. I said then broke down in tears. Kat I should of stay home with you. I'm so sorry. Sapphire said After that Eddie was taken away and put in jail. Niall stood with me. I took 3 baths that night until I felt that I was clean.Niall didn't speak a word neither did I.  He just held me tight. I felt safe once again. I don't think I will not be doing the "nasty" in a while.
Stay with me, baby stay with me,
Tonight don't leave me alone.
Walk with me, come and walk with me,
To the edge of all we've ever known
Niall sang Kiss Me Slowly By- Parachute until I feel asleep.

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