The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


28. Kat's And Niall's Birthday Part 2

Kat P.o.v

After my birthday I been running crazy trying to get Niall's birthday ready. The boys and Sapphire been helping me out. The hall is kinda away from the city so there will not be so many fans and paps hanging around. The boys made me order 3 cakes for Niall. I asked why but they would say for all the people attending.
By the way all close friends, family and other famous people will be there. When Sapphire comes and help me she would act distant. She will smile when I asked what was wrong and say nothing. But I knew something was up. I tried going a little deeper to get her to slip like I usually do but nope! Tonight's the night of the party so I will bring it up after. I don't wanna ruin anybodies night.So today was a strict plan. At 3 I had to pick the cakes up. Then at 4 pay the cater and the open bar bartenders. 5 I had to be home and start getting ready like my nails. Then 6 check to see if the hall for the party is ok and drop the cakes off.To be back at 6:30 to finish getting ready for the dinner date before the party. Not to mention it takes 20 minutes just to get there. Ugh this alot. Did I bit of more then I can chew?

Sapphire P.o.v

Today's Niall surprise party. But little does Kat know its hers to! We order 3 cakes one for Niall,one for Kat that was going to be written on at the place so she doesn't see it. Then the third to smash in there faces. Harry's idea.Right now I tried my best not to touch anyone because like I said everything I touch dies. So I will keep my hands to my self.Every night I would cry myself to sleep.Even if Harry was sleeping right next to me.I would keep quiet. We have talked about the whole thing and we both were pretty upset about not be parents after you warmed up to the idea. Harry wanted to be a dad so bad he said. I feel so terrible for not giving him that dream.Kat has tried helping bless her soul but there is no helping me. Everything that matters to me seem to just slip away or I put up a wall to push them away. I was in my room waiting for Kat to do her nails. As I waited for her I couldn't help but notice my scars and how I grew from that experience. But when I look deeper I notice I learn nothing.Everyone saw me as a really strong person but deep down I'm so weak. I run from my problems. So I don't have to face them.As I looked deeper  at my make-up covered scars I couldn't help but feel the same urge I used to get when I used to cut. Before I could fully think about it. I was rummaging in my drawers looking for that shiny object that I needed so bad.As I moved my make -up around I found the bag I keep everything. I grabbed it and went to my bathroom and lock the door. I spread everything out and look for a perfect spot.I put the razor in my hand and push down on my skin moving it slightly.Biting down on my lip from the pain. One for my father. One for my unborn child. On for crushing Harry's dream of being a father. One last one for being the little whore I was for getting pregnant in the first place. I turned the sink on and let the water wash the blood away. The water stung as it hit every new cut. I finally felt the relief of stress off my shoulders. It's seem like all my problem went away with blood that dripped in the water. I dried to cuts and put band-aids on them so the last remaining blood won't slip threw my clothes. As I finish cleaning my self up.There was a knock on the door. Sapphire hurry I can't be here for long you know my plan. Kat said. I grabbed the blade threw it in it's bag and zipped it close. I came out with a smile on my face. I put the bag away ok lets started!  I said clapping my hands. I did my Kat's and my nails in a simple french tip. Now it's time to get ready for the party and help her alittle.

Kat P.o.v

Kat honey get ready I will check the hall and drop the cakes off . Sapphire said pushing me inside. But-I started to protested. No go get ready! Sapphire sternly.She dragged me to my bathroom and turn the water on. I'll be back in 45 minutes. She said closing the door. I stripped down and jumped in the showers. I shaved and made sure every part of my body was soft.Then I washed my hair and body. I must of been in a shower for awhile because when I got out the mirrors were steamed and I was wrinkly and the front door was opening. I'm back! Sapphire voice called threw the house. I yelled my respond and change.(Kat and Sapphire was with last chapters outfit) As I started my hair it was not working with me. I looked at my phone time Niall was going to be here any minute. I started to panic.Maybe I should of plan more time to get ready. It's official I try to do something nice and end up forgetting about my self. I was on the verge of tears . I heard a knock on the door. I picked my self up and walked to the door. Yes? I asked a tearing now rolling down my cheek. Niall's here what's wrong Kat? Sapphire asked with worry in her eyes. I-I tried to mak-make a good night for N-Niall and-d nothing is wo-working out with m-me. I cried . I know I'm being a little over board with it but that's how I feel. Niall She'll be down in 10 minutes. Sapphire yelled. She sat me down and did my hair in make-up. Your done now go have a good time. Sapphire winked at me.I smiled and walked down stairs. Niall was waiting near the door. With a smile when I appeared. He stood there just staring a
t me. I blushed from him staring at me. Ready to go? I asked breaking the silence.
Yea lets go. He smiled. He held my hand and we walked to his car. Oh Happy birthday ! I said giving him a peck on the lips. He knew where we were going and drove us there. * Half way in to the dinner* This dinner was going so good. Me and Niall just talked.(Well Obvious) We talked about old child hood stories and our crazy friends waiting for us. I gave Niall his present which was a couple of shirts and some cologne.As the waiter came out with our (mostly 
Niall's )cake. I notice something not the cake on there. He sat it down on the table and Niall asked for the check.As I look closer to the cake I seen

But with 8.01.12. I picked it up and looked at a smiling Niall. Remember when I couldn't give you your present. I shook my head. Well there were engraving the date on it. He smiled. What are these? I broke my own silence. These are  promise rings. I promise to love you and never do anything to break your pretty little heart that matches your face.
I promise to be there for you until the end. I promise to love you with every fiber of me .I promise to love you for infinity and beyond. And I promise to one day to put a real ring on your finger.He said putting the ring on my finger. I sat there in utter shock a good shock tho. I just smiled ear to ear. Quoting Toy story are we? I asking playfully. I guess Liam rubbing off on me. He said looking down. So do expect this ring? He asked with eyes full of hope. Of course I will. I said grabbing the remaining ring left. I promise to love you until there's no more love left in me. I promise to never even to think about to break your beautiful heart. I promise one day when you put the "real ring" on my finger I will say yes a million times. I told him putting the ring on his finger. Niall was blushing. Did I make him blush. Aw he is to cute! Do you expect my ring? I asked him. How could I not. He said grabbing my hand then kissing me passionately. After we broke apart.The waiter gave us the check and we paid and quickly left.Can I drive? I asked walking out the restaurant. Um sure .Niall said looking a little confused. He threw me the keys and he slipped in the car. I got in looked at the clock. Right on time.

As Kat drove I notice we weren't going to her house. Kat.Babe? Were are we going.I asked her. You'll see Horan. She said tightening her grip on her free hand that was in mine. We drove for a good 15 minutes. I had a big smile on my face. I was happy Kat took the ring. Then made her own promise to me. God this girl gives me butterflies when she smiles. I know she hates it but I love it. I love how every time we kiss I feel bombs,fireworks and lightening . I love how anything look like a million bucks on her . I think I'm falling for her hard!Oh my god I probably sounded like a girl. Just right there. OK were here! Kat said putting the car in park. Where are we? I asked getting out the car looking around. Come on. Since it's your birthday I wanted to do something for you.Kat said dragging me to a building.Kat it looks like there close sweetie. I told her seeing the lights out where she took me. Lets just check. Kat said opening up the door.

Louis P.o.v
As Kat open the door we all jumped from where we hiding and screamed. Happy Birthday Niall and Kat! The look on Niall's face was priceless. Then when we said Kat name she looked surprised too! We all hug each other and Niall and Kat said hi to all the guest and caught up with everyone.The music started to blast and people hit the dance floor. While I sat at the bar taking shots. I looked on the floor to see Harry and Sapphire dancing. I wish I was dancing with her. I wish  I was the one who gets to see her face as soon as I wake up. I just those feeling I was feeling for her wasn't going away. I knew she will never even like me. She's with Harry.The boy who gets all the girl no matter what. I need to tell Sapphire how I feel about her no more waiting. No I don't expect her to leave Harry for me.. Wait I'm lying I kinda do but I want her to be mines.As soon as she gets alone I will talk to her.* Some hours later*After they smash the cakes in there faces everyone was laughing. As I look on stage Harry was with them. That mean Sapphire is alone. I must admit I am a little tipsy. More like drunk but oh well. A drunk mans words are a sober mans thoughts.I tried my best to walk and find Sapphire. As I look threw the crowd I found her near the place I was half of the night. Sapphire! I yelled and made my way to her. Louis! She yelled back. I- I gotta tell you something. I said grabbing a shot of the counter of the bar. Go ahead you can tell me anything. She said. God she is so cute saying simple stuff. Sapphire for some quiet some time now I been having these feeling. I started. Until Harry called her over. She told he a minute and looked at me to continued. Right before I could say anything. Harry called her again. Sorry Louis ! But it seem like Harry need me and can't wait. Tell me what you had to tomorrow or later. She said walking away. I sighed and order another drink. What's wrong ? Someone asked. Nothing. I went to looked at there face but it was blurry. I can tell they were a girl from the hair that reached half way down her stomach. It doesn't look like it. She said. I'm Chloe. She said reaching her hand out. Hi Chloe I'm Louis and you are very fit! I said to her. I honestly couldn't tell if she was fit or not.But I need something to get my mind off of a girl that I could never have . I know I'm a bad person for using people but Hey!  She laughed . You not to bad your self. She said. Wanna go somewhere else and talk. I asked her. She smiled and nodded. I took her out of the hall and took her home. I don't know what we did when I we got to my flat but I knew that next morning  I woke up alone with a killer headache.

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