The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


27. Kat's And Niall's Birthday Part 1

Kat P.o.v

Lately things been crazy to say less. I thought I lose my best friend  sister. With out Sapphire life wouldn't be the same. I'm so thankful that I have Niall and he has been there for me. He was the shoulder I cried on. The ears that listen to me when I need to vent my feeling. He was there. No matter what he always tried and always passed at consoling me. It's been a day since Sapphire got back from the hospital. She seem to be handling everything quiet well. But I could see pass her smiles. She was hurting but didn't want to show it. I tried to talk to her about it when it was my turn to watch her. Since we have sifts to watch her. She would always just blow it off. Saying maybe it was a sigh that she wasn't meant to have a baby this young. Or that things happen on purpose and if anything she can always try to have a baby another time. I always try to get deeper with her but she would bring my birthday up 
and how cute it was that Niall's birthday was 3 days after mines. I honestly don't wanna do anything for my birthday but on Niall's I wanna make it special. I was planing to take him to dinner then a surprise party for him. So today I was going to the mall with Sapphire to get my dress for my birthday then Niall's birthday.I was waiting for Sapphire to finish her make -up. I sat on the couch text my wonderful boyfriend trying see what he wants for his birthday. He was saying he wanted nothing. That he just wanted me and nothing else. Of course I blushed when he said that. Wouldn't you? But I don't blame him I said I didn't want nothing either.  After a half an hour of waiting Sapphire came down stair. Ready? Sapphire asked grabbing her purse, keys and phone. Lego. I said hoping up.

*After shopping*

Well me and Sapphire was beat from shopping we stopped in so many stores. Stores for me then stores for Niall and stores for Sapphire. She did go in some store by her self.Now we were off to grab lunch at a local diner.We were sitting at the table waiting for our food to come when the waiter came. Hey the guy from over there said to give this to you. He said handing me and Sapphire a drink with a napkin. Thank you. So I take you shopping and out to lunch the day before your birthday and guys are hitting on you getting free drinks. I should take out to lunch more  often! Sapphire said sipping the huge drink that was giving to us. Well it's this is really good. Sapphire said sipping at it more. I took a sip of it . It was so good. It tasted like the green Hawaiian punch. We finally finish the drink after our food came and we finished it. We paid the bill and the guy was still who bought the drink was still at his table . As we were leaving I gave him a smile to say thank you.

*Next day*

As I woke up this morning to the smell of bacon and cake. I love the smell of both but why cake at. Let me check my phone. 10 in the morning. Oh I think I know it's my birthday! I'm 19 boi! I jumped out of bed and walked down stairs to steal some done bacon. As I walked in the kitchen I was greeted with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I smiled ear to ear. Thanks. I manged to say. Well here's your breakfast. Sapphire said sitting me down on the island to a plate of pancakes , bacon and fruit salad. My favorite! you didn't have to Sapphire. I said grabbing my fork. It's your day of course I did. Sapphire said sitting next to me with a plate like mines. Well since today's your birthday I'm making you a cake . Then we are going to get our nails done. Then at 7 the boys are coming here for your birthday dinner.Liam finally bringing Danielle around so we can meet her. Sapphire said before shoving the fruit salad down her throat. Ok and I always wanted to meet her. I said eating my bacon. What flavor is the cake ? I asked Sapphire. It a surprise. She smiled. After we finished eating Sapphire wouldn't let me wash my own dish or anything since it's my birthday. I went up to change into lazy clothes. A pair of black yoga pants and a plain black tank top. I put my hair in a high pony tail and light make-up. I went down stairs to the smell of strawberries. I sat on the couch and watch t.v. I got endless Happy birthday text from friends and surprisingly my mom and sister. There not busy to text me a happy birthday.Lucky me! I watch t.v until like 2 before I went to get something to eat. As I walked in Sapphire was putting the final touches on my cake.Oh my god yet I'm the one going to school for baking. I joked with Sapphire. Well I like working with my hands but I like becoming an art teacher even more. Sapphire stated. My cake look Sapphire washed her hands from the mess she had on them . After I'm done cleaning were leaving. Sapphire said. I sighed and grabbed some food because this is gonna be awhile. After another  3 hours I notice it was 4. Sapphire it's four and if your suppose to be making dinner and get ready we should leave now! I yelled getting bored f watching re run of shows. Ok lets go now.We left and went into the salon we both got fake nails with simple design on it. We were down at 5:30. We got home right when six was coming around. Ok I have to make this now then put it in the oven get dressed and finish everything off. Sapphire started rambling things to her self. Sapphire was in the kitchen rumbling around pots and pans.Sapphire let me help you. I told her. No it's your birthday you don't have to. She said taking something out of the fridge. But I want to. I told her. Then we both started working hard on food I didn't know what we were making but Sapphire did. It smell really good to. Ok we can started getting ready after I put this in the oven. Sapphire said to me. I started to clean up as she finished with what she was doing. Ok lets get ready before everyone comes. I said. Sapphire smiled we both had stuff on our clothes and our hair! Lets just say I don't know how but it got all crazy! I got change into this [polyvore].Sapphire was in this  . Sapphire took the food out of the oven when we heard a knock on the door. I'll get it you make the plates. I told Sapphire. I walked and open the door to 5 familiar faces and one beautiful curly headed girl. Hi everybody.I said Hi ! Happy birthday Kat. I got in respond. I got hugged by Louis,Zayn,Harry. Then a hugged and a kiss from Niall. Then Liam and I'm guessingknowing to be Danielle left. Kat this is my lovely girlfriend Danielle . Danielle this is the birthday girl/Niall's girlfriend and my friend Kat. Liam said. I smiled . Niall's girlfriend I'll never get used to that. I smiled nice to meet you Danielle I heard so much from Liam over here. I said . I looked at Liam who blushed. Aw I made him blushed. Nice to meet you to Kat. Danielle said reaching her hand out. I pulled her in for a hug. I don't do handshakes. I said after the hug. We walked in and everyone was talking. Sapphire meet Danielle. Danielle meet Sapphire. I pointed to them. Hi . They said to each otherOk  well dinner ready for you guy. Sapphire smiled leading us to a table of plates.( The food looked like this [chicken_dinner] ) that chicken was really good. Everyone enjoyed it. While at the table everyone was talking laughing. Me and Sapphire were getting to know Danielle is such a lovely girl. Now I see why Liam picked her. She such a catch. Niall was holding my hand the whole dinner and it was just great! It was around 9 when we decide to blow out the candles and present time. I did't want anything but everyone ignored me . I told them if they had to they had to make it cheap little things. They sang happy birthday to me . But I knew that I wasn't the only one who wanted to dig in to that cake. The cake was chocolate and strawberries my favorite. It was looked and tasted good.  After talking for a few more minutes we did presents. Ok Me first ! Louis yelled handing me a bag. I opened it to see bracelets that had all the boys name on it and a cute teddy bear that said I <3 Louis . Thanks Louis this really cute. I said. I know it's like it's owner. He winked at me causing everyone to laugh. Ok now me Harry said handing a card. It had gift card for all my favorite stores. Thanks Harry. I said to him no problem he said then kissed Sapphire cheek. Ok now me. Zayn got up and pulled a box from his pocket. It was a beautiful necklace. That said Barbie? Barbie? I asked him. Yea Barbie! He said. Why Barbie? Niall asked lost  like me. Well to me you look like  Barbie . C'Mon no one every told you that? He asked. No but I can see where your coming from. I told. Him And I said cheap stuff this isn't cheap. It's was loaded with diamond! Well to me it was cheap. He smiled. Thanks Zayn . I said to him. Alright now me said . He handed me a card and a box. It was a British flag bracelet. Since you love your country oh so much! He said. I mean who wouldn't love the UK? I asked. Touche. He said to me. Ok my present your getting on my birthday. Niall said to me. Um ok? I said . Why couldn't he give it me right here,right now? Ok last but not least Sapphire spoke up. Kat here you go it was a big bag. What did she get me ? I read the card it was heart warming. She talked about how she loves me and how I will always be her sister not best friend. I thanked her and went for the bag. I took the tissue paper out to see two keys and a note. The note said. "Dear Kat. I know you always wanted to live here and not in your house .So we can fulfill our dream of being best friends.Well now we are babe! And look out the window there something for ya! I got up and looked outside. Is that mines? I asked. Yea we all chipped in for it. Sapphire said. I squeal and ran out to my new car. MY NEW CAR! It my dream car to . I love these people!.( The car[ford_mustang_2007_photos_Coupe_Exterior_2007-Ford-Mustang-e....) I can see she likes it. Zayn said. Like it more like love. I said before hugging everyone. You guys are the best! I yelled. After an hour of me talking about the new car every one left expect Niall and Harry. I grabbed my presents [polyvore] . We were all in the living room talking about stupid stuff. When I pulled Niall to come to bed. Were going to bed. I winked at Niall. He got the hint and we took off upstairs. USE PROTECTION! Harry yelled. WE WILL! Niall scream back. I closed the door and locked it and lets say to end day you gotta end it with a perfect night;). 

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