The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


14. Just Leave Me Be With My Moives!

Kat's P.o.v

After leaving Sapphire house to give her and Harry some privacy. I decide to walk to an friend from school house Sam is his name . I text him when I was getting ready so he know I was on my way. No his not an ex or any of that because his not that way. His gay and I love him no matter what. As I was walking to his house I decide to get something to eat at Dunkin Donuts. I got a small coffee and a regular bagel. As I was walking out I swore I heard somebody call my name but I brushed it off. I continue on my way when I was hit with a decision. Take the short cut threw the park or take the long way. Well it's a beautiful day outside. But I kinda wanna hurry up and get to his so I can eat. So I'll walked threw the parkBut as if on cue the sky started to get dark really fast and rain drop started to fall.Great I thought to my self. Well at least I took the short cut right?So know I'm kinda speed walking and I hear my name being yelled once more. I turn back to see a face I that I never wanted to see again. My dreadful ex Eddie. Let just say our relationship was never good for both of us. We would always argue and sometimes it would let to fist being thrown from him. Plus the bastard cheated on me! So when we broke up he didn't take it quiet well. Kat! Eddie yelled one more time running towards me. Great first the rain now him this day keeps on turning for the worst. I stood still waiting for him because he knew I had heard in seen  him. There was no use to playing it of. He was finally right in front of me. Hey Kat. Eddie said. Hey Eddie. I said sounding disappoint to see him because I was. How have you been? He asked with care in his voice which I haven't hear from him since we first started dating. It pulled me back alittle. Good but Eddie can we do this another time. It's not like were getting rained on or anything thing. I said. Listen Kat If you don't wanna talk to me that's all you gotta say! Eddie said with rage building in him. See I never said that I just don't wanna get rained on. I said trying not to yell. Kat you always were like this you never ever wanna talk listen to me . You know I did love you at one point and I gave you my everything. Eddie said now yelling at me. Yea because why would I wanna talk to a boy who broke my heart and physically hurt me huh?! Eddie you had your chance and you blew it your fault not mine. I said raising my voice a little then turning away to continue to go to Sam's house. As I turned away I felt a strong grip on my wrist turning me around causing me to drop my coffee. Ow! I said then try to pull away. Kat your not going anywhere until I'm finish what I have to say! Eddie yelled at me. Eddie let me go! I screamed. But since the rain nobody was outside to try and help me. Kat you see the reason I stop you was because lately I have been thinking about you and I'm sorry for what I did and I'm willing to work this out and be together again. Eddie said softly pulling me in to him. Well I don't wanna work this out so let me go and we been apart for how long know 2 years now! I said screaming and trying to pull myself away from him. Finally I  slipped from his grip. Thank you rain! Then I got my hand back.See Eddie here something I been dying to do for a long time. I told him. Now what is that Kat? He asked more upset that I gotten away from him. This! I said then I raise my hand and slap Eddie right in the face. He held his face were I just hit him. He laughed. You shouldn't have done that! Eddie said with a smirk on his face. After that I blacked out and remember getting up off the wet ground still getting wet from the rain that was coming down harder. No one was insight my head and body hurt-ed really bad. Then my phone went off.
Sam-Where are you?
Me- Um I ran into Eddie.
Sam- Come here now!
Me-Umm I'm just gonna go home.
Then I hanged the phone up. I started to walk home in pain. After 20 minutes of walking I was finally home. My phone won't stop ringing Sam was calling non stop.
 I changed into pj's and laid in my bed . After awhile of laying down. I got up to looked at myself in the mirror. I seen bruising everywhere. I looked at myself and cried. I went back to laying down . I decide to watch all Tim Burton dark sad movies. Making me feel worst. My phone rang once more it was Sam again I answered and said " Leave me alone with my movies." then hung up the phone. I couldn't believe this happen to me again. I just wanna be alone nobody can really make me happy right now.

(A/n yup more drama and i'm spell checking every chapter so if there was anything wrong before now there shouldn't't be any. Also can I get a a comment on how you guys like the story so far? ?

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