The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


20. Just Come Out And Say It !

Kat P.o.v
*3 Days later*
Lately I been hanging around Niall alot. Every time we together Niall seem distance like he wants to say something but doesn't
I can't put my finger on it but I can't see what he is trying to do. Every night I have a wonderful night with him. Until the part of the night were he get distance.Well tonight were going out once again. I know for a fact that it going to be a great night. I just hope maybe the distance part doesn't come tonight because this is the last time I will see him in a week.Since Sapphire going to see her parents she wants me to come to have support there with her. I wouldn't say no I get to go to America. That's a once in a life time thing .I glance at my suitcase that was packed tomorrow in the morning me and Sapphire leave. I grab my outfit for the day and hop in the shower. I got change and did my hair and make-up. I looked at my self for my final product and I really liked it [polyvore] . I looked in my semi empty dresser and sighed. Only if time would speed up. Then I can have one more amazing night with Niall then the next day going to a place so many talk about but many never get to visit . My life seem to be going back on track from my little problem. As I check for the tenth time to make sure I had everything . My phone buzzed it was a text from Niall that he was outside my door. I hoped up and look at my outfit one more time to make sure everything was ok. I spray my favorite Victoria Secret perfume and walked out the door. As I walked out my door and lock it I see Niall standing against his door smiling. As I walked to him he smile his beautiful smile. Hey beautiful. Niall said tome while I was walking towards him. Hey so were going tonight? I asked him. Were going bowling. Niall saidBut before I could open my door Niall did it for me. Thank you . I said while sitting down in the seat. Niall sat down and began to drive for about 15-20 minutes.We walked out to the bowling building and were greeted with scream from fan girls. Niall grabbed my hand and did every picture and autograph. When all the girl left one stayed and asked Niall if we were going out. I was shocked she asked that but I wanted to hear Niall responds. Only if she says yes. Niall said looking at me blushing. I smiled my horrible smile and answer him. Yes I would love to be dating you. I said feeling the heat rush to my cheeks. Really? That's great! Niall said then hugged me. So you two go out now ? the little girl asked. Yes we do . Niall said. the little girl said bye to Niall and left. As we walked to the man who had the shoes. Niall hugged my from the back and whispered. I'm glad that little girl asked that. Now why is that? I asked him. Well these past few night we been out I been trying to ask you to be mines but I couldn't. Niall said removing himself from me and grabbing the shoes. That's why he been acting weird! I said to myself. Well I thought I did until Niall blushed. We put on our shoes and was putting our names in. I want my name to be funny. I told Niall who was setting everything up. Ok what do you want then? Niall asked. I want to put. But before I could finish my sentence Niall busted out . Kit Kat ! I laughed at his outburst and told him that was OK in between my laughs. Now for me! Niall said. OK let me think. I said. How about that sexy man. Niall said. No little Niall that's no funny that's a fact. I told him. He blushed and so I did. Alright how about Bob? I asked him. Billy Bob Bob Billy! Niall said then laughed. I laughed with him because his laugh is contagious. We locked in the names and played for an hour. After the hour Niall said he was hungry. But I think he was tired of getting his butt kicked by me in bowling. We return the shoes and then went to the pizza shop next door. We order a large pizza and Niall ate almost all of it. I looked at my phone for the time and seen I had 2 new messages. One was a forward from a friend and the other from Sapphire telling me the time see was getting me. I looked at the time and it was pushing around 11. I looked up and told Niall that we should be heading back. Why? Niall asked like alittle kid who didn't want to leave the park. Well tomorrow me and Sapphire are going to America to see her father who wanna wants to make up for what he did before he passes. I told him drinking my soda. So is that good? Niall asked me. Yes it's very good. But we'll return in a week. I said grabbing his hand. A week ? Niall said looking from our hands to my face. Yea but we can text talk and video chat. A week will pass by fast. I told Niall I could see the sadness in his eyes. I was sad to I know we just started going out but that's when you wanna stay with them non stop. I wouldn't mind see Niall all day ever day for the rest of my life. I could never get tired of him. Yea I guess we can. Niall said. Ugh he was breaking my heart when he said that. We should get you home then. Niall said he paid for the pizza and he drives me home. The car ride was nice we listen to the radio and he sang me a song at a red light. I blushed gosh this boy making it hard to leave to tomorrow. We arrived at my door  Niall turned off the  car and walked to the door. At the door we were holding hands and I look up at him in the eye since were the same height. We were standing there just looking at each other for awhile until I broke the silence. Good night Niall. I said then kissed his cheek. Good night Kat but can I get a real kiss goodnight? Niall asked nervously. I nodded and kissed his lips. I felt fireworks,bomb and butterfly s in my stomach.  We kissed until Niall broke the kiss leaving my lips buzzing and wanting more. Good night beautiful. Niall said before pecking my lips then leaving. I went to my room in a dazed like if just had a first kiss.. I went to my room and change in to pjs. Then heard my phone buzz. I hope I will be in your dreams because your gonna be in mines ;) - Niall. I smiled and blushed really hard. Aw Niall your going to be in my dreams :). I text him. After it was send I laid in my bed and went to sleep excited for my day tomorrow.

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