The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


2. Is This Fate

Kats P.o.v
I was shocked at what I saw when I turn around
I could of fan girl when I see that face I was dancing with One Directions Niall Horan! Thank God for liquor. I turn around and smile. He return the smile and move toward my ear and told me . You look beautiful tonight what's your name? When He said that he shot shivers down my back. I smiled and replied My name is Kat with a K. Oh well Kat with a K can I buy you a drink.He asked me. I Nodded my head then we walk to the bar hand in hand. We got to the bar and I looked over to see Sapphire drinking and talking to a tall boy with a head full of curls. I smile and turn to Niall. So what do you drink? Niall asked me. Shots! I told him . He turn to the bartender and got us the shots.After awhile of talking and drinking I notice how comfortable I was with him I couldn't tell if it was he alcohol or just my feeling. While Lost in thought Niall broke it by saying. Kat with a K I really like you we should hang out again. I Smiled and blushed a little before answering. Sure I would like that. I told him. He smiled and said. Here lets trade numbers so I can give all the details. I smiled and trade phone with him I put my name down and my number.Then gave him his phone.After the trade of numbers I smiled and told him I should get going walking backward and tripping falling into a random person . When The person turn around it was Louis. I'm Sorr- I said looking up noticing who he was. No problem love . He told me I smile and went to find Sapphire.I just seen her where can she be?Then I got a text. Kat I left early sorry !you gotta catch a cab. SORRY I'll tell what happen tomorrow. ;)
Sapphire P.o.v
After a long time of dance with people and Kat I got thirsty and when to the bar.I walked to the bar and asked the bartender for Tequila on the rocks. Oh so you like strong drinks? A tall boy curly headed boy asked me. I smiled and answer . Yup and I can hold my drinks . I said while winking. Cause this unknown boy to laugh. Hi my name is Harry. He told with his hand out. And by the way I like those type of girls. I Smiled . The bartender return with my drink and I paid him. I looked at Harry and putting my hand out and said. My name is Sapphire. Shaking his hand. Sapphire like the gem? He asked me with one eyebrow up. Yup! I said. I was use to people asking me that or saying my name completely wrong.Oh well Sapphire how about your next drinks on me . I smiled. Thanks alot. I told him. After awhile of endless flirting with this new really cute boy name Harry. He took by surprise and said. Sapphire lets get out of here.  I Nodded and realize I was with Kat. I Can't I'm with a friend.I Told him he grab my hand and told name me too but she can catch a cab. I smiled and agreed and texted Kat to tell her. We made our way to my car then his apartment. After that well you know what happened ;) .

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