The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


16. I'll Never Let That Happen Again

Kat's P.o.v
Great! He saw it! How am I going to explain this I just can't say .Yea my ex try to get me to go back to him and he didn't get his way so he beat me. Niall knows about my exes and I know about his but I didn't tell him the hitting part. So i had to do the most logical thing. Lie. 
I hit my arm on my dresser last night. I said lying every last bit of it. Niall looked at me like Really?!. I couldn't look him in the eye and give my self away . Kat I know you and I know your lying. You can tell me anything . Niall said picking my head up with his fingers and pulling me away from the car. I don't know what happen with the change of heart I had but I could tell Niall really cared for me and would help me no matter what. It was quiet for a minute. Niall was waiting on my respond.I just couldn't keep it in anymore no matter how hard I tried. Like I said before I'm not as strong as I would like. So I just let it all come out.
alls P.o.v
I just waited there for Kat to tell me the truth about the bruise on her arm. I knew she was lying about the dresser thing because she a terrible liar. Probably worst the me ! She looked like she was thinking hard and was truly hurt by her thought.You could see it all over her face.It was silent and right before I was going to break it Kat did. Niall you remember that night we were talking about our past ? Kat asked looking anywhere then at me. Yes? I said to her . Why was she bringing that up? But I didn't ask her I just let her finish. Well yesterday I was going to a friends house and on the way there I ran into my ex Eddie.Kat said finally looking at me. I nodded my head to let her know I was listening. Well he  wanted to get back with me and I told him no but he didn't want to hear that.I tried to walk away from him but he wouldn't let me go. So when I finally broke lose I slap him and after that I blacked out and all I can remember is getting up off the floor and my body hurting. She said tearing up at the last part. Kat did you call the police and tell them that assault! I said to her. She just shock her head no. How could any man put his hands on a lady. That's just pointless. You must be a little pussy yourself to put your hands up to a girl. That made me mad. But I could tell that Kat wasn't finish telling her story. This isn't the first time this has happen anyway Niall. During our relationship when things got pretty heated he would lash out on me. The first time I did call the police and they put him in jail but that made it worst. Kat said tears running down her face. I grabbed her and hugged her tightly. I tried my best to calm her down but it seem to only upset her. Kat I would never let this happen again to you. I swear if I ever see the boy he is dead. Just know I'm here to protect you . I said making her look in my eyes. After about 5 minutes we got in my car and drove to were everybody was. We did laser tag and went out to eat. After everybody was done eating I took Kat home. We were pulling up to her house. The whole car ride were singing and making fools of our self. Niall? Kat said looking at me with curiosity in her eyes. Yes Kat? I asked her. Would you mind staying with me tonight? She asked . I took her hand in put mine in her twining them together. Before answering I kissed her hand. No I'll stay with you.I said smiling at her. I parked and we went to her door. As we made our way up the stairs we heard some lets saying moaning. Kat look down at me on the stairs her cheeks red. Sorry my sister and her boy toy. She said . I laughed alittle bit. Then we continued to her room. She went to the bathroom to change and took her make-up off. While she was doing that I was stripping down to my boxer just to get comfortable. NOTHING more. When she walked in the room I felt bad to see what her ex did to her beautiful face. She plopped down on the bed next to me and looked at me. I see someone got comfortable. She said looking down to my boxers. Well yes I did. I said. What do you wanna watch she asked me flipping threw the channels. I don't care. I told her. As she was still deciding what to watch a piece of her hair fell down her face. I put it behind her ear ever so lightly. Then I moved her to face me .I will never let this happen to you again. I said before kissing every mark that boy has left. I didn't realized the effect he did until the make-up was off. After kissing all her marks I wrapped my arms around her waist and she put her head in my chest. My eyes were getting heavy and I was about to fall asleep.Niall I feel safe in your arms .Kat said so that only I can hear her. I smile and kissed her head before I feel asleep with a smile on my face.

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