The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


8. I Can't Belive This

Sapphires' P.o.v

It's been two since the whole situation with Louis and Kat. We been hanging out daily and everyone seem to become close. Kat been staying at my place for awhile. Which is normal since no ones ever at her. We were both getting ready for another day with boy.  It seem like my house became the place to hangout because no matter what we did we also ended back at my house. Not like I mind but I find it funny how it went to empty on a Friday night to full of people. As I was doing my make up Kat walks in. Do this look right? she asked pointing to her outfit which was [polyvore] Yes simple but affective. I told. You look good to I was wearing this[polyvore] Thanks when are they gonna be here? I asked her. In 10 minutes. She yelled because her leaving  my room. I look up at my self and decide do a natural look since I have no time to do anything else.Right as I was staring my eyeliner I heard bangs on the door. As I turned my head I seen Kat run threw the little piece of the door that was open. As I did that I messed up my make-up. I got a wet wipe and clean it off and started again. As I sat down on my vanity mirror. I heard my name come from down stairs. So it was only natural to listen . Where Sapphire? A voice I couldn't make out asked. She up stairs being a perfectionist with her make-up. Kat said. No not really I just like nice looking make-up. I yelled at her in respond. Where's here room? The same voice asked.Upstairs down the hall. Kat told the person. Then I heard footsteps then a knock on my door. I turn my head to see who it was. Of course it was Harry. Come in. I said as my door opened. Ello Beautiful . His husky voice said taking my attention like an fly attracted to the light. Hey . I said simply. You really don't need make-up. Harry said standing over me. I looked up getting lost in his eyes. You wouldn't say that if you seen me with it. I said getting up to hug him. Where you going? He asked lifting one eyebrow. I'm going to give you a hug. I said while doing my action I just said. As I pulled away he grab my hands and pulled me into him. Aren't you forgetting something ? He asked staring down at me. I looked at him confused. No not that I can see. I said knowing exactly what he wanted. Well your forgetting my kiss.He said . Ohh is that it. I said leaning in so was he. Then when our lips were basically touching I moved quickly and kissed his cheek. I want a real one . He said while pouting his bottom lip. Ahh is this what you want? I said raising my one eyebrow. He nodded. We lean in once more and I kissed him. I couldn't say I felt fireworks but it was something. After we pulled away he smiled so did I. Well you know tonight's are date right? He asked me us still in position we were before the kiss.Yea why? I asked kinda confused why he asked me knowing that I would know. Well the boys are going out and they wanted us to go with them. I can tell them no if you don't wanna go. He said saying the last part fast. I looked down and thought of what to tell him. I mean you say club I'm already there but this was kinda a time we can be alone. I looked up at him to give him my answer. I guess we can go out with them. I told him He cupped my face in his hands and told me I'll make it up somehow. Before giving a kiss peck. Well I guess I'll see you down stairs then ? He said walking away. Wait before you leave!I told him he turn around and I gave him one more peck on the lips and asked him to call Louis for me. When Harry left I went into my closet looking for my Toms. I heard a faint knock . You wanted me? Louis asked. I walked out my closet with the Toms in my hand and nodded. I sat on my bed putting them on. Come in and close the door I asked Louis. He did and was stand in the middle of my room awkwardly. I patted the spot next to me. He started to walk to me so I decide to tell him the reason he was there. Louis since your Harry's best mate and you know him well can I ask you something? I told him he was now sitting next to me. Yea go ahead . He said looking at me. Well does Harry really like me or is he looking for another one night stand again? I was scared to ask him but it's been eating me up. Love well he didn't say anything about that . But yet again who know what Harry wants. Louis said. before I could respond my phone started to ring. we both look around and Louis found it. The Asshole and Dickhead are calling you? He asked in complete confusion. It my parents ignore it I instructed him . He did then I started to talk again. That's true I just don't wanna get hurt you know? I said looking into his beautiful eyes. I know . He said .Louis don't tell nobody about this conversation. Then again my phone rang I grabbed it and looked to who it was it was my parents again. I answered it annoyed . What do you want? I asked mad. "Honey it's your mother we need to talk.""What the fuck do you want?" It's your father." I cut her off. I don't give a fuck about that man you speak of. "Honey your fathers dying." I frozen for a second. Kinda taken from the news. But came back instantly. "Good for that motherfucker ." I said then hanging up. I looked at Louis trying to ease my anger from the phone call I just had. You want a drink? I asked kinda in a rush.

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