The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


15. How Am I Going Explain This

Kat's P.o.v

After the misfortune event that happen yesterday I couldn't face anybody. Well I'm going to try my best with that one. I got up and yawn. As I stretched out my arms the pain kicked in. Ow! Is all I could think as I got up to look for my pain medicine.  I took the 2 pills your suppose to take and jump in the shower. I let the hot water relax my sore body. I got out brushed my teeth and changed into 
this [polyvore] Even if I didn't want people over today I had a gut feeling someone was gonna stop by no matter what. Because lately I haven't be getting what I wanted anyhow. I put make-up and made sure every blemish was cover up . When I was finish I went down stairs to get some food. As I closed the door I heard my name being called from my sister room. To be honest I didn't even know she was here. Yes. I said walking toward her door. Before she said anything back I heard a giggle. I open her door to see her oh so lovely boyfriend. I let out a sigh of sadness. You call for my assist? I asked sounding sarcastically. She pulled away from her boy toy who was sucking on her neck and said"Can you bring me up the cherries?" Mum no I can't.I told her looking at her and no her little boy toy. Why not? She said getting alittle upset. Well because there mines and I was about to go ea them. I said to her. How are they yours? Your never here ! So there everybody. She said to me. Umm No and I'm here now aren't I? I said waving my hand up and then the side of my body. Then her little boy whisper something in her ear. Matter of fact never mind and can you leave the house for alittle bit? She asked me. No! I said closing the door and went down stair to eat. As I was the cherries and tying a knot with the stem. Something Sapphire taught me in high school. When my phone started buzzing. I went to see who it was and of course it would be Niall. I didn't want him to stress or worry over little old me. Plus I didn't want him to see me like this . So I let the voice mail pick up. When it stop buzzing I went back to eating. Then it began to ring again and it was still Niall. So as the nice person I am I picked to the phone up this time. "Hello." "Hey Kat lets do something today." Niall said with hope in his voice."I don't think I can." I said trailing off at can. " Well you should everyone gonna be there!" Niall said trying to persuade me to going." I'm sorry Niall maybe tomorrow or something." I said trying to end the phone call. "Were always busy with recording and stuff and today is are free day so I thought we should hang out you know?" Niall said not giving up on his idea. "I'm really sorry but I'm just not in the mood." "Ok I understand maybe next time." Niall said with sadness in his voice which made feel upset for letting him down. I knew I was about give in but I really didn't want to. " Fine but I'm not saying for long." I said sighing at the point I gave in. "Great! I'll pick up at Sapphire's? " "No I'm at my house I'll text you the directions" "Great I'll be there in 30 minutes." He said before hanging up. I threw out my cherry pits and stems. Then I text Niall the directions. But before I can leave I gotta do another check  on my make up. To make sure NOTHING shows.
Niall was here and was knocking I got up from the couch to answer it. I was greeted with a cheeky smile. Hey! Niall said.Hi. I said smiling back at him. I grab my keys lock the door. We walked to Niall car. As we came to the door both us reached our hands to the handle. But my jacket went up alittle bit revealing my busied arm. I quickly stop my hand from going to the handle and cover my arm. I hope he didn't see them but like I said nothing goes my way lately. Because next thing I knew Niall grab my arm. Then lifted my sleeve up. His eyes were full of curiosity. Kat what's that? He asked.

Ok I noted You Can't See The Outfits My Polyvore -Lovesapphire   Also Kik Me With Your Comments And What You Like About The Story. I Will Respond To Them All. I Promise 

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