The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


9. Here We Go

Kat's' P.o.v

It's has been 10 minutes since the boys arrived and Sapphire didn't come down stairs yet.All the boys kinda descended around Sapphire house. Leaving me and Niall alone in the kitchen. I don't know but something about this boy make me want him uncontrollably. Why must he play with my heart.God i wish he could express his feeling for me or even better I suck up my nerves and tell him my feelings. So Kat what you wanna do today? A oh so familiar Irish voice said breaking my train of thought. Umm I don't know maybe we should as everybody to see what they wanna do. I said trying to hide my horrible smile. Niall laughed a little bit and I look at him to see what was funny.  He look me dead in the eyes as if he could read me like a book. We can do that or . He said before taking a break for a slight second. Or we can go somewhere just us two? He asked me. I could feel the heat rush to my cheeks. Are you asking me on a date Niall? I asked knowing the answer. Well ... Kinda .....Yea . He said as I see the blush creep upon his cheeks. I smiled at his blushing , Well that sounds great then Niall. I told him. As soon as I finished my respond Niall smiled widely causing me to do the same. Then he grab my hand and started walking toward the door. But if faith had it Sapphire came down the stairs. But instead of saying Hi to anybody she went straight to the kitchen . She got a shot glass and started rummaging threw the kitchen once more. Niall looked at me as if he was saying What's wrong with her? I simply shrugged my shoulder and started walking to the kitchen. But as I started walking I notice Niall still was holding my hand. I smiled at how he didn't let go of my hand. As I walked to the opposite side of the kitchen island she had .She seem to find what she was looking for. I looked at her hand to see a Grey goose bottle in her hand. I looked at Louis who was with her upstairs and he looked as confused as me and Niall. As she pour her beverage I looked at the time on my phone. It was only 3 in the afternoon. Sapphire love what's wrong? I asked knowing her and knowing she never drank this early only expect when she was upset. She took her shot to the head put the glass down and looked at everybody surrounding her. I'm sorry does anybody want some. She said blowing off my question. Sapphire what's wrong ? Louis now asked her. She took 2 more shots before looking at me and decide to finally speak. Oh nothing just getting ready for tonight you know. It's kinda like a pre party. She said casually blowing everything off. I gave her the Girl I know you this isn't what you say it is look. She let out a sigh and start to spill. Well my oh so lovely mother called today. She started saying every word with sarcasm. Well that's lovely. Niall said not noticing her sarcasm. She shot him a look. Yea it would of if you like your parents. She said to him. Before starting to talk again she took one more shot. After the next shot I took the bottle because I was not dealing with a drunk Sapphire before tonight.Well what did your mom want? I asked knowing she hated their gut. Well my mom decide to ruin my day with her voice first off. Then she decide to tell me Dickhead is dying. She said . Being best friends I usually know what her emotion was but this time I couldn't make it out. I didn't know what to say and by the looks neither did the boys. Sapphire looked down them looked up and said something that I never thought she ever say. Don't none of  you feel bad for me I got that covered. At this time I seen the sadness in her eyes. I let go of Niall hands and went and grabbed her in a hug. We stood in a hug for quiet sometimes this wasn't a normal hug from her. This hug she seem to hug me strong and weak at the same time. The boys just looked at us in concern. I pulled away and smile at her she returned the smile. Well me and Niall be right back and Sapphire were talking about his later. I told her before grabbing Niall hand and walking outside. Don't you wanna stay and talk to Sapphire. He asked with sincere in his voice. If I know Sapphire she'll want to play it off then talk about it later. I told him with close mouth smile. Ok I guess you do know her better. He said then dragging me into some unknown direction.

(A/n well next chapter gonna be in Niall P.o.v. So yup comments are lovely and so are likes. 
Oh one more thing Have a wonderful day or night depend on when your reading this<3 )

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