The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


22. Good Bye

Sapphire P.o.v
A couple days ago me and Kat got to my home town. I took Kat to all the historical stuff yesterday but today was time for all the fun stuff because today is our last full day here until we leave tomorrow. Like going to LOVE park or giving her Philadelphia famous cheese steaks and soft pretzels. All that good food. Since I'm pregnant and I'm always hungry I wouldn't mind and Kat would mind either. After our time roaming around I had to talk to my father and mother about everything.Kat wouldn't be leaving my side today I was going to need her for support.So to start my eventful day I try to wake Kat up but she wouldn't budge. So while she being difficult I jump in the shower and changed into this [polyvore] But before I started my hair and make-up I asked Megan my favorite maid to cook us breakfast. She said she would and walked away with a smile in her face. Megan always took me the park or the city if I wanted to go. She was the one who showed my everything.Back then she was around her early twenties. Now she had to be in her thirties. So as she cooked I woke Kat up . I jumped on the bed. It didn't work. I told her I was going to threw water on her. She didn't move at all. I said Niall was on the phone. She jumped right up and darted to the phone. I sat there and laughed at her. She got to her phone with a smile on her face. But when she seen Niall wasn't on the phone she frown and mumble "That wasn't funny" and went and shower and dress into this [polyvore] As she took forever in the bathroom I did my hair and took my sweet old time.When she was done Megan came in and told us that was breakfast was ready and my mother was waiting for me. Me ans Kat ran down there because we were starved and started to eat. With my craving I wanted apple juice.I grab a big glasses and join the conversation Kat and my mother . So I really can't wait to go to school with Sapphire this upcoming Fall. Were going to the same college but different majors. Kat said then putting some eggs on her fork and putting it in her mouth. Well Sapphire what are you doing today? My mother asked sipping her coffee.. Well father wanted to speak to me. But before me and Kat are going to the city.But I to speak to about something first. I told my mother before grabbing my juice and sipping it. Well ok do you need money and what is it Sapphire? My mother asked. I looked at Kat and she smiled weakly as if she knows that I was oh so scared . Kat grabbed my hand under the table and smiled at me once more. Yes that would be nice and well I'm dating someone. I said avoiding the real thing. Ok that's wonderful sweetie who is he and are you dating anybody Kat? My mother said raising her eyebrow. Yes I am and he is Sapphire boyfriend best mate. Kat said to my mother as nicely as she could. Oh that's wonderful you guys are best friends and your boyfriend are to how cute! My mother said and smiled at me. Well who are they? My mother said looking dead at me. That's not important right now mom this is.I told her before she ran off to do something. And this is? My mother said raising her eyebrow.Well mom there gonna be an addition to our family. I said looking at the my empty plate. . What do you mean Sapphire ? My mother asked. Mother I'm pregnant. I said looking in her friendly hazel eyes. Sapphire that's wonderful I'm going to be a grandmother! She said hugging me. Is your boyfriend the father? My mother asked. I was taking back for a second of course the father is my lovely boyfriend. Yes mother and his name is Harry. I told her . We talked about the baby and how she is excited and my father should be two. I told her Harry was in One Direction and she worked with them when they did there tour over here and was happy because she liked all of them. When we were finished we ended on a different subject how my mother was telling Kat needed anything she would help out. She proclaimed her self as Kat second mom. She must really like her because she only does that to certain people. My mother gave us the money and the address to where my father was at. My mom told me not o drive let Alex our driver do his job but I wanted to drive. I grab the keys to Ford Figo. I took Kat hand and rushed out the house and got in the car. Instead of going to the passenger side Kat went to the drivers side. When she open the door and notice and blushed from embarrassment . I laughed at her and she hit my arm and told me "Shut Up!" . That made me laugh harder. I got in the car and buckled up and put the key in the ignition . Where to first? I asked Kat. Um how about if we go to your dad then to the city. Kat stated. Sounds like a plan.I told Kat before driving off. Half way there Kat turn the radio on to hear Hi were One Direction ! Kat looked at me and turned it up. I was really paying attention because I was shocked we weren't loss. I haven't driven down here ever but I always knew the way around. We were at a red light and Kat asked me "Sapphire did you hear that?" No Kat what happened? I asked. Listen! She told me eagerly. It was on commercial and it was now a green light so I took off when they came back on. So you guys do you have any girl friends. I know Liam and Louis has one right? The radio person asked. Well I currently is not in a relationship anymore. Louis said. I'm still with my lovely girl friend. Liam said me and Kat awd at his sweetness. I'm currently single to! Zayn said. How about you Harry and Niall? The radio host ask. Well I have a lovely girl that I'm waiting to come home from her trip to the states. Niall said. I parked in the parking lot to the "home". My father was in and looked at Kat who was all smiles. Well we might be in the UK but were broadcasting in the states do you think she listening? The radio host asked Niall. Well I don't know but if she is then I miss you baby come home soon. Niall said by this time the smile on Kats face was so big. It looked like she was mad. That's cute but what about you Harry ? The radio hosted asked once more. Well I also have a lovely lady in my life also. Harry said and If she is listening I miss you see when you come home! Harry said I was smiling and so was Kat after that we left the car to talk to my father.  We were at the front desk and the lady asked "Who are you her for sweetie." I smiled and answered Mr.Brandon Rivera. She gave us the pass and told us visiting hours are over in 30 minutes.We walked to the room and I seen my father laying down looking the worst I ever seen him. I walked in and Kat was right behind me. He looked horrible I never seen him like that. He looked pale and looked dead but his chest was still moving slightly. But before I woke him up I grabbed his hand. He woke up by my touch and smiled at me. Hi father this is Kat. I said pointing to her. Hello you sound different. My father said weakly. I guess I never notice but that's what happens when you are pushed away to another country . I said to him. Listen Sapphire I regret watching you grow up. Sapphire I love you you need to know that. He said before the machine that connect to him started to beep and me and Kat out the room. All nurse started running in the room. After a couple of minutes later the beeping stop and the nurse came out. As they left I walked in to see them put the blanket over his head. I broke alittle bit but I didn't feel no tear to come down. I looked at Kat she looked more sad then I did. We don't have do anything if you want. Kat said to me. No let go this is our last day here anyhow. I told her walking out. We did everything and had a blastI feel that I didn't cry but I didn't feel like my life was pulled to a stop.We are in the car and Kat's on the phone with Niall the whole way back. They talked everyday for hours. It was good because I had time to think about everything in my life. Thank god we leave tomorrow and I can leave this all behind. I just wanna go home . Not here in Bucks but in UK . I gotta have alone time once were there.

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