The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


19. Everything Is Gonna Be O.k

Sapphire P.o.v

As soon as I closed the door I turned around to see Harry walking toward the kitchen. I honestly don't mind because the longer he takes the longer I don't have to say what the doctor said. As I make my way threw the hallway to the kitchen I had alittle pain in my side. But I didn't mind it didn't that bad . So I didn't mind it. Sapphire you mind if I take this pizza? Harry asked reading the box. Yea I'm not probably going to eat it anyhow.I said sitting down on the stool next to the kitchen island(It's a table in the middle of the kitchen ). Oh do you want any? Harry asked putting the pizza in the oven. No I all I really want is some raisins. I said getting up and looking for the container I just bought. Sapphire that's all your gonna eat? Harry questioned me. Well see the wonderful thing about being pregnant is that you crave absolutely the weirdest things. I told Harry trying to sound like a doctor. Harry laughed and then sat were I was just sitting. Ok what did the doctor say about our little rascal. Harry said rubbing my belly. Well for one our little rascal is over here. I said putting air quotes around "little rascal" then put his hand to were the doctor said the baby was. So how many months are you? When's your due date? Harry asked alittle excited. I laughed at him. Well I'm 9 weeks I didn't asked but I gotta go back next week so I'll ask then. I said. Why do you have to go back? Harry asked. This is why I told you we needed to talk the doctor said the baby is growing faster than normal. I said remembering the events from earlier. It felt tear threatening to come down put I could let that happen. Is that good or bad? Harry asked . I could tell how he was feeling sad,scared,confused. Hell even happy ! I could make out his emotions. Well she said said in some case the baby ends up being fine.But in other cases. I told him not wanted that 5 little word coming out of my mouth. Death it scares me, not knowing what happen after that makes my wonder. Is it painful? Do you really see the light? All these unnecessary question floated my mind. In other cases?  Harry asked me. He brought me back from my train of thought which I can say I honestly didn't mind. In other cases it can lead to death. I said letting the words fall out.Harry didn't respond he just got up and held me. I guess he was expecting me to cry but all my tear I used up earlier. Sapphire I'm coming to the next appointment I wanna know more about this.Harry said . I looked up and I swore I seen a tear in his eye. As Harry was hugging me he removed his hand from around me to the spot the baby was. Your gonna make it. Everything is gonna be o.k. He said looking down to my belly.The timer for the pizza went off and Harry took his hand off of me and took his pizza out the oven. While Harry was taking a slice of the pizza he drop another one. He cursed under his breath. I laughed and ofter him some raisins. He took a handful and eat it with his pizza. After an hour of us just playing around and watching t.v . I was tired again I wasn't the only one because as I went up stairs to change into this [polyvore] because Harry was right behind me. After I got change I offer Harry some of my clothes that are HUGE on me but he said he rather sleep all natural. I gave him a stern look and told him no . After a short discussion about Harry sleeping all natural was not going to happen we came to an agreement to boxers. We stood up talking about anything that came to our minds while cuddling. After an hour of that we both feel asleep in each other arms.

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